Car Detailing is the process of a complete makeover of your several years old car. It helps in restoring your vehicle’s beauty and safeguards your most precious lifetime investment. This whole renovation process is done using a variety of treatments such as engine’s refurbishment, wheels total care, car’s interior and exterior reconditioning, etc. At the end of this meticulous activity, the whole new look is achieved out of the vehicle.

Why Vehicle Detailing Is Your Car’s Lifeline?

The top reason to consider auto detailing is to protect and recover your vehicle from the damages which it has been met in the past. It includes giving your vehicle a layer of protection from the external damaging elements. Most owners are living in a misconception that the car’s clear coat is sufficient to protect the shine and aesthetics of the outer body while this is not true. In reality, regular wax coating is dearly required to safeguard the original shine of the vehicle and shielding against the oxidation and dust at the same time. Remember, the extra layer of protection which you might have got at the time of purchase is not a lifetime solution.

Before you hit these service stations, you must be aware of the vehicle detailing process. Below you will find the whole process in steps. Scroll down for more.

'1.       'Exterior Detailing To Achieve Glossy Look!

The Car Detailing is highly focused on the exteriors to achieve a glossy and refreshed look out of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be subjected to various treatments such as washing, waxing and polishing. The whole purpose of these techniques is to achieve the highest level of shine possible. The car’s body is finally cleaned using some special kinds of towels which are gentle on the freshly waxed surface.

The Car Service professionals are equipped with certain types of certified waxes and polishes which are gently applied on the vehicle surface. These specially formulated chemicals help regain the original glow and shine of the automobile. Scratch removal and rigorous cleaning of headlamps, windows, tail lights and bumpers are the crucial part of this renovating activity. All stain issues are treated using modern surface techniques, so that your car achieves the best look ever.

'2.       'Interior Detailing To Revamp Your Car Interiors!

This part of the vehicle detailing incorporates the complete cleaning of the interiors. The process constitutes shampooing of the car seats, foot mats dust cleaning and carpet thorough cleaning, etc., which are the vital parts of the interior detailing. To clean the cabins, the dry cleaning is mostly preferred. Stains are handled with the utmost care using some special purpose brushes and equipments ideal for carrying out this activity.

'3.       'Paint Protection To Preserve Finishing For A Long Time!

Paints are really a delicate finishing of a vehicle which is heavily affected by atmospheric conditions. The car owners who live in industrial cities are likely to find a dull look of their vehicles. It has been seen that pollution in the air can fade away the charm of your lifetime investment. This is where paint protection is needed to overcome from all these conditions.


Car Detailing can turn your old dull-looking car into a charming beauty. Without it, you will find it difficult to resell your car at a good price as no one likes to invest in a shabby car. With a renovated look, the chances of buying your vehicle are tremendously optimised. All you need is to get it done from a renowned car service centre, so that your automobile gets the care it actually needs.

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Description: Car Detailing is a serious renovation no vehicle owner can afford to miss. Let’s find out why vehicle detailing is a lifeline for your car? Read on!

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