Author posed at proddatur

Dadagari Jeelan born on 24th march 1992 at "Ramnavami" Festival marks occasion of Hindhu Religion.He born at Proddatur,Andhra Pradesh.The Birthday is so long but his crazy fans started in advances.According to sources in his Social Media Google plus he wons many followers currently the followers margins reached at the 1,960.The Articles for changing and developing human psycology has been made many followers to follow author articles,the articles which highly contrasts and highlights about moral,lessons.

According to sources author recent birthday celebrations sharing on 

Instagram posting a pic further added "a Birthday full of sunshine,Rainbow,Love and Laughter.[Dadagari recent shared in his instagram].

The 25 years author also shared in his official Facebook :-

"Party complete full of enjoyment finaly tired just procedding for sleep good night all"

[recnt shared in his official Facebook Page].

D.jeelan at facebook

Jeelan author recent celebrations posting his picture at facebook

Well Author Birthday has been no longer days but his crazy fans started for reminscing him about is Birthday See pics which made by his fans at Twitter.

[Fan's potrait pics Watch]

Author currently busy professional works and in his new article   "Trust lies betrayal which were going to published as on 15th uagust 2018".