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His name can not only in India but World knows and only Seven English alphabets are needed to describe him — D.Jeelan.As someone who finds himself in news week after week (in today’s digital age hour after hour), there is very little one doesn’t know about Dadagari. On the couple weeks of his 26th birthday, we list out a few unknown facts about Author.

Jetu chopra 1

Author recent instagram shared on 2018 New year celebrations

1.Dadagari Jeelan less known for his name as “Jetu Chopra” is name which is entitle on Valentince Day by his beloved who has been no more :-

Author Dadagari Jeelan less known of his Love story in the year 2009 which has been become first and last Love of Author.

2.Author is a great Sports Man but Switch to Profession only for kepting his Father dream :-

Dadagari won his best performance award in the year 2007 were reason behind been best on participates “Kabadi Game Sport”.the great sources from recent personal interview Author father Dadagari Mahaboob basha always expect for their elder brother dream as to see him as a Professional Business Man but when its fails after Author promises and give trust he will become a best profession man will everyone know him that much about feel to proud that author is son of them.


D Jeelan Father

Author father Dadagari Jeelan

3.Best Friends Mother and Father :-

Articles like ” The Rope and Well ” and “Mothers Love” whenever readers like to read in feed back always found to assumps definitely makes feel that How much Author loves to his Parents.These enough to prove that How much author attached with his parents even been exists or even not.

4.Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil best favourate Show ever all times of Author :-

Kis desh mein hai mera first theme promo

Author been part of his rest time passionate on watching T.V shows likely News,sports,etc..but in recent personal interview when asked about his favourate best ever show then author answered “Kis desh mein hai mera Dil” starring “Harshad Chopra “and ” “Additi Gupta which recently aired in star plus year starts from 3 march 2008.According to sources author has been never split any episodes also still encouraging by made profile Display on his Social Networks.

5.Time Spent with Childrens :-

Author shared portrait picture on his official Instagram

Author articles and poems for more example “Kings Daughters and Mangoes”,”The Moon and Sea”, and some more been visibilty to show off naughtiness,escapade even cantrip.In many recent in his official twitter and Instagram Author sharing best stories sharing with Nephew and nieces which show-off about his doting engagement with kids.

6.Titanic Best ever Film remains to him:-

Oscar wining “Titanic” movie first poster theme

Recent reports author shares about 10 times watched movie “Titanic” and he were never been tired for even more watching.

7.Sharing Good Messages :-

Author who recently thankful for twitter C.E.O for been greatest opportunity for sharing good messages via these platform.Author has been made many cherish-able things to making good sense of change flow of his own way in Society.When Author asked in recent personal Interview He says “Oh, a lot of things need to change in the Indian society. But most importantly, the people have to be willing to change. We forget that WE make the society and not the other way around. The change always starts from us. Change will happen gradually but surely. At first, we need to stop focusing on trying to change the adults who have passed the age that their mindset can be changed at this point of time. We need to shift our focus to ourselves, the younger people who can assess things rationally and are willing to be more open minded. We must also focus on the younger generation as they are the future of the society, and their minds are still impressionable, so it’s easier to teach them. We can start by changing the following things about ourselves: — Dadagari Says.

8.Shah rukh khan and Salman khan were Two Favourate Stars :-

Still Pic from Author recent visit at tirupati when flying Kite

D.Jeelan author recnt shared in his official twitter Srk raees Song

Dadagari Jeelan is a huge big fan of the two Biggest ever Bollywood Stars none other Shah rukh khan and Salman Khan.According sources In recent visit on his elder brother Marriage at Tirupati Dadagari on his way of kite fly shared in his tweet the song from starrer “Shah rukh khan” and “Mahira khan” directed by“Rahul dholakia” “Raees” Movie “Udi Udi Jaye” Song.Dadagari according to his personal profile he shared the Shah rukh khan quote from “Baadsha” a 1999 Movie,the best most popular one of King Dialogue,

“Wadon se apne mukarta nahi Marne se mein khabhi Darta nahi”.

9.To Against or Oppose whoever Find Breaking Law :-

Author most and important quality hidden that is to take a stand or raising voice whenever Justice will cross line.Recent interview Author Dadagari Jeelan loss his best opportunity been from job at Mumbai but when he asked about reason his mother answers “Dadagari is my first and last son after leave my elder son been married,He is my everything and never been seen from away at all.Author mother Answered.The next same question when ask to author,author replies “The Cities Environment is not suitable for Me,because will not accept situation were whatever the injustice takes place,hence these one cause quiet that author has been never crossing border of his Native Place.

10.Prayer’s and Worship :-

Author recent shared in his twitter timeline quote

Author is been profoundly found for his popular Articles which show-off or set forth about the only Worship.readers often find in these type of articles which were consumes inspiration,aspiration and motivational lessons.

According to sources the most passion able habit of author is praying his 5 times salat .author also show-off his high interest to visiting often shrine or Sufi with his family.

11.3 times at day meet Dadagari Foodie:-

Author most of like for drinking Tea

Less known fact about author is drinking tea.Author like to drink tea at least three-four times at a day.

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