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   Dadagari Jeelan the last Article “The Poor Children’s Life” has been makes a remarkable life about the below Poverty in which the life how it’s become the Difficult to say.Recently Author who appears in to twitter adress about the new Article “Trust Lies Betrayal”.25 years author added ” “Trust lies Betrayal”,Article were going to publish 15th August 2018. “The Article is all about Politics.two characters name Ruhina jinya and Sagar Parishat two Graduate college students been blindly done big mistake to electing right person results to faces many circumstances.”

Author who always passionate for publish his every article at republic day and Independence day where the recent article “The Poor Childrens Life” Published on 26th Republic Day 2017,the lastest article author decided to published as on 15th August on Independence Day 2018.

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Author recent tweet on latest article

Well talking about the Article according to sources the article which emphased about a Girl name Ruhina jinya and youth boy Sagar parishat two graduate college students who trusting the Man name “Raghavendaya reddy” who has been made many promises for students to fulfil their all desires and Scoiety fulfledge development.Hence the two brave youth graduate students makes every thing their best for making win to him finaly after wining elections He betray to Ruhina and Sagar.The article revolves around the How the both life becomes wrost and disguise to exists or suistaining the life.