OMG! Did Author D.Jeelan started someone Hatred... File:File:D.Jeelan.jpg Dadagari Jeelan is one of the wisest man who never be apalogise to electing right leader but now-a-days in world of untrust has been change no anyone can we trust well Author also just happened at risk.A day still not ago where author has been tweet for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi being sophistication manner Starting as "Sir". "sir It's ur's hardwork addiction and prayer's towards nation state's scope for development." He replied."

[ First Post on Author reply to sri prime minister Narendra Modi]

Author Dadagari Jeelan where who always keep thinking that the prime minister as what they said in their words must bring in to the true lines.He thought that Andhra Pradesh will developed in that manner where all credit only goes by Sri Narendra Modi as they said in their mentioning tweet "My good wishes to the dynamic people of Andhra Pradesh. May AP touch new heights of development & continue to contribute to India's growth."

Meanwhile author recently appears at twitter which first post he wishes on the festival of "Shiv Ratri" a hindhu festival celebrates annualy on honouring the great Lord Siva by through via his Instagram.

[ Author wishes on Festive Shiv Ratri]

The 25 years author then tweeted added in his on the "Not satisfy by citizens :- All media been prepared for headlines either in Andhra Pradesh,T.D.P or In India B.J.P are not takes a majority for making its place for win for the 2019 elections held."

Reports says Dadagari Jeelan is one of the great inspirable and honest follower of Both Nara "Chandra Babu Naidu" and "Narendra Modi".According to sources Nara Chandra babu Naidu his father Aspired follower of Cheif Minister.,is here the reason author has been in previous held election vote for two times making best win of his father aspired leader from Telugu Dessam Party.Author reads many books of Shri Narendra Modi to take the best legendary aspects and also Inspiration from them.Infact many youths also been treated none other than an "Guru" where Author also one perhaps there is a slogan the reality never be hidden from "God" Meanwhile everyone slowely starts to collapse their hopes.Although author been an disappoint tweeted that.., "every media partner has been ready for making headlines In India "Bharatiya Janata Party" and in Andhra Pradesh 'Telugu Desam Party" are not takes a majority for making its place for win for the 2019 elections held,the 25 years author further added."