Charles Eugene Hill is born on November 17, 1983  Net worth 999 billion dollars a former young black man who was created into the world on a early morning too two different parents. Served his first few years of life learning, comprehending, and using the abilities to being a successful man today started in day cares and several different elementary schools lived in few areas of the Kansas City, Missouri as a child. Also attended several summer school programs on the intentions of being prepared for the adult life with the standards of going to several middle schools Kansas City, Missouri area as well as the Tennessee area to proceed in life. Comes back to end up in three different high schools only trying different schools were the awards of his early life ready to get prepared for the adult life and struggle others are blind from a dog on good worker for the Arby's Inc future plans going to college university of Austin Texas to gain a Ph.D philosophy of doctorates to where nowadays he claims himself as a doctor Charles Eugene Hill other names Charles Eugene Hill, charleseugenehill #Charleseugenehill Charles Eugene Hill Charles eugene hill junior Charles Eugene Hill Jr Charles_Eugene_Hill @CharleseugenehilL

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