Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar

Nagarathar villages has been divided into 6 Vattagai such as Therkku Vattagai, Mela Vattagai, Keela pathoor Vattagai, Keela Vattagai, Mela pathoor Vattagai & Pathinaru Vattagai with respect to geographical positions of the Nagarathar Villages. Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar's were part of the Main Nagarathar Community before they form separate Vattagai(Uruthikottai).

Formation of Uruthikottai Vattagai

In those days, Nagarathars used to conduct "Nagara Koottam" நகரக் கூட்டம்(Meeting) in order to take decisions or discuss about certain issues/matters. A "Nagara Koottam" was held in 1823 A.D [Tamil Chithirabanu Year Aani Month 29th Date - கி.பி.1823 சித்திரபானு வருடம் ஆனி மாதம் 29ம் தேதி] in Unjanai Village. Kakkai Vellaiyan Chettiar was one of the attendees and came late to the Meeting.While he was coming, his horse crossed the Nagarathar people sitting in the meeting & the dust from the horse foot fell on the crowd. The Nagarathars who were sitting got irritated & they wanted an apology from Kakkai Vellaiyan Chettiar. But, Kakkai Vellayan Chettiar replied that since it is Aadi(Tamil Month) dust obviously will fly due to the usual wind storm. But Nagarathar did not accept this reply and made it very clear that if Kakkai Vellaiyan Chattiar is not making his apology, he will be sentenced out of the community.

Kakkai Vellaiyan Chettiar did not make any apology & got out of the meeting with his relatives & those who had marriage alliances with him & his relatives[சொந்தம் & சம்மந்தப்புரம்].In this conflict Kakkai Vellaiyan Chettiar came out with 104 pulli from Four Kovils.Those four kovils were Pillaiyar Patti,Mathur,Ilayatrankudi,Vairavan Kovil.These four kovil people formed a vattagai for them & that is how Uruthikottai Vattagai formed. After this incident Kovil Malai & Santhanam which will be issued by the respective temples to nagarathars at the time of marriage, stopped for Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathars.

Cultural Behaviors of Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar

Though Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar separated from the main community, they are still following all the formalities, rules, methods, and culture of Nagarathars. It is very hard to find differences between Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar and Nagarathars in their Nagarathar cultural behaviors.

Joining with the Main Community

Uruthikottai Vattagai Nagarathar were trying many times & in many occasions to come out of this separation and to get Malai & santhanam. Since they were a small group & not very powerful economically, they were unable to come of this block. Most of them were agents to many Nagarathar people in those days.


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