UVALLI Web Development Project

The UVALLI Web Development Project is a small organization, who aim to improve the Web through the use of free software and applications. The Organization was established on 8 April 2012. Since its establishment, the Project has created a number of programs with the intention of being freeware.


The UVALLI Web Development Project's history is easily accessible due to a timeline which had been created by the organisation themselves. A link can be found below in references (see When In Time).

Date 8 Apr 2012

  • Website Launched - The UVALLI Web Development Project started first with the website. Later on the programs were added. This website was with the name

Date 9 Apr 2012

  • First Program - The Web Browser was the first program developed and launched by the UVALLI Web Development Project.

Date 10 Apr 2012

  • UVALLI Apps Takeover - With the launch of the UVALLI Web Development Project, mobile apps were on the agenda of software to produce. Previously the team had worked on mobile apps. The UVALLI Mobile App project was then launched. This was launched to assist small organisations and their users. With the dawn of the UVALLI Web Development Project, UVALLI Apps became part of the project. However, this was under the new name UVALLI Mobile APP Project - This was a continuation of UVALLI Apps.

Date 30 Apr 2012

  • New Web Address Launched - Previously the UVALLI Web Development Project was using the free domain. This website is still available, but can also be accessed via

According to a blog post made on UVALLI's Blog (Personal blog of the founder of the UVALLI Web Development Project), the project was established due to a hobby of his/hers to do with 'computers and software'.


The UVALLI Web Development project creates a number of programs. These programs are referred to as 'project'. Some of these projects are:

  • The UVALLI Interface Project
  • The UVALLI Mobile App Project
  • The UVALLI Software Project

The UVALLI Software project has a number of sub-projects. These include the web browser and education project.

The Education Project

The Education Project is regarded by many as the most significant project run by the UVALLI Web Development Project. This is probably because it was this project that inspired the establishment of the UVALLI Web Development Project.

The Mobile App Project

This was one of the first projects run by the UVALLI Web Development Project and was previously known as UVALLI Apps. The first App produced by the UVALLI Web Development Project that is available from their website was a GCSE History Revision application. This shows their aims were to do with education originally, however over time have changed to simply the creation of free software.

It should also be mentioned that the name 'Mobile App Project' is deceptive as the application being produced for iOS is actually a web app. However, it should also be mentioned that for android OS the project's name is not deceptive. Additionally to this, the mobile applications are not available from a traditional store, rather from a third party site.

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