A civil engineer who became an Author,Environmentalist, Educationist and a Motivational Speaker, US Moinuddin is considered as the Guru of Motivation and a man with multiple talents. But when people call him talented he just smiles and says, “What you call talent is the result of hard work over the years."

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US Moinuddin, Environmentalist, Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker

His book Dreams, Action and Success has attracted appreciation from the young and the old. It contains inspiring stories of achievers such as Soichiro Honda of Honda Corporation, Nelson Mandela, Colonel Sanders of KFC, Narayan Murthy of Infosys to name a few. Eventually it provides strategies of becoming successful in life. His second book Great Thoughts, where the reader can experience a journey of self-search is a captivating and entertaining book. It provides hundreds of ideas to lead a happy and productive life beyond our limitations and everyday problems. A must read for everyone. His soon to be released book Revelations from a Cave is an adventure in Africa . It is filled with powerful messages on every page. The concept of OneTree by One Person which he initiated in the year 2002 is now a global movement, attracting a large number of followers in many countries.  Moinuddin believes in the message of love and universal brotherhood. He hopes that someday people will overcome the differences about race, nationality and religion and live as a single unified human race.


The only child born after eighteen years of marriage to N. Syed Umar and Rasheeda Begum, US Moinuddin used to exhibited views that were considered rather mature for a child of his age. Named after the Sufi saint Moinuddin Chisti, he was born shortly after his parents visit to the saint’s shrine in Ajmer .  His father Syed Umar worked as the under secretary to the government at Vidhana Soudha. Subsequently, he became a land developer and a social server with a concern to provide housing plots to the needy.  Syed Umar had created a name for himself by his simplicity and generosity.

                      As a child Moinuddin was introduced to the world of comics by his father. Strangely, this had a deep, lasting and profound effect on his career. Adventures of Phantom, Mandrake and Tarzan, the magnificent characters created by Lee Falk and Edgar Rice Burroughs and war sequences from the Commando series inspired his creativity and reading habits to evolve. Eventually fantasy became his obsession. This usually landed him in trouble with his school teachers. When his teacher was busy delivering a lecture on mathematical equations, he would be lost thinking about the lives of Pygmies in Africa or the flora and fauna of the rain forests. Once out of the school he developed a liking towards understanding the problems people faced in their day-to-day life and also a love towards conserving trees and forests became very strong.

               Being brought up in a rather conservative Muslim environment, he would often suggest people to overcome pettiness and lead productive lives. He would also advocate the message of love and universal brotherhood. As a civil engineering student at DSCE Bangalore, he was associated with a human rights organization. He would emphasize on the upliftment of the backward classes and the minorities. After graduation he worked as a civil engineer and an interior designer. But, his real passion was education.In the year 2001, he established Magnifique English School in Minhajnagar, Bangalore. Subsequently, in the year 2005 he established Magnifique Public School, also in Bangalore. He also established an organization called Dreams Foundation through which he conducts training programmes for students and professionals, to generate successful results in their lives.  

   His secular and progressive ideas attracted the young and the old towards him. A strong combination of voracious reading, observing and thinking enlighten his mind with strategies that would help people lead a happy and productive life.  He delivered lectures, and conducted seminars across various colleges, firms, and other venues. His ideas are largely accepted by the young and the old. 


One Tree by One Person, a revolutionary movement to make India and the World greener was introduced by US Moinuddin in the year 2002. The agenda of this movement is to encourage the planting of trees and educate the masses about the role of trees in our ecosystem.

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US Moinuddin, the Founder of ONE TREE BY ONE PERSON

People love trees, but most of them do not make an effort to plant them as they get engrossed in their day-to-day activities. To make tree planting more realistic and easier, U.S. Moinuddin began to promote the idea of “One Tree by One person,” according to which, a person is required to plant at least one sapling during their lifetime and take care of it. As of 2015 the population of Bangalore is 1Crore, if every resident takes an initiative of planting one sapling, then the city will have 1 Crore trees in addition to the trees that already exist. If every Indian takes an initiative of planting a sapling, then there would be 124 crore trees. Likewise, if every person across the earth plants a sapling, then there will be 7.2 billion trees in addition to the trees that already exist.                                                                   

In an overcrowded city like Bangalore, how does one plant so many trees? That is the usual question asked by many. “Nature gives us varieties of trees. Where there is more space you can plant Rain trees, Melia Dubia, Matti, Gulmohar, Mango, Tamarind and other big trees, where there is less space you can plant Silver Oak, Honge, Singapore cherry and other small and medium size trees.” Moinuddin answers.

This movement is attracting people of all age groups. Students across schools and colleges, office employees, housewives, factory workers and others have sworn to plant trees and make our environment healthy and beautiful. U.S. Moinuddin has been constantly meeting people and encouraging them to support this campaign where one can witness a Greener India and a Greener Earth. To create awareness about the cause he had directed a drama that took place on trees in the Magnifique Public School, One Tree by One Person campus on Kanakapura Main Road, during the 2011 World Environment Day. He also takes out rallies and distributes saplings for free.

One Tree by One Person is also inspiring people in Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bahrain, Poland, Russia, New Zealand and America.

“Global Warming is a serious problem; the Earth is becoming warmer and warmer as a result of the toxic gases generated from the vehicles, forest fires, factories and deforestation. As a result, the Polar ice caps can melt, rising the sea levels. When the sea levels rise, islands such as Lakshadweep, Maldives, and hundreds of other islands including the Southern part of India, which is a Peninsula can get submerged under water. Planting trees can slow down the global warming process to a very large extent.” Moinuddin further states.

With the concept of One Tree by One Person, the deserts can become green, the barren lands can become productive, the temperature in the cities will decrease, and the trees will attract rain replenishing the decreasing water table. This is one campaign that will truly make the Earth a greener place to live in.

US Moinuddin continues his journey promoting education, inspiring people, writing books and saving the environment.
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