Characteristics of the changing world cities by geographic location and historical and ethnic characteristics.


  • the Muslim cities in the Middle East - Muslim cities are Built mainly in narrow streets and crowded designed to create shade and shelter from the sun. The town consists of an ancient city built around the market, it leaves a narrow passage to the new shopping center and it crosses the railroad tracks. Between the new city center residential transition zones are where the underclass live near the old city center and high-class at New Town. Edge of the old city are industrial areas.
  • Chinese cities - Chinese cities are built according to the theory of planning "Feng Shui" from north to south when the center are the temples and royal palace surrounded by residential neighborhoods. The city comprehensive high wall and broad water channel environment.


  • Yoruba cities - Yoruba cities are cities in Nigeria and West Africa, located south of the Sahara built on caravan routes and also largely. agricultural


  • Greek cities - Model of a greek city are built "Grid plan" around the temple, open theater "Amphitheater", Governmental Center, "Acropolis", and business center called "Agora".
  • Russian cities - traditional Russian cities are built mostly around Fort regime with built a wall around called "Kremlin".
  • Communist cities in Eastern europe - a cities with large squares with symbols of Communism and buildings style OF "wedding cake" and standard apartments to the working class apartments with a subways.


  • the North American cities - model of a city built in Grid plan with streets names of Latin letters and Numbers coming out of "Capitol Building" located in the city center and the center of Central Avenue, called "front" regime which concentrated buildings or major cultural institutions
  • Native Americans cities - Indian town built around a central square where many temples scattered, on one side industrial area designated employees of the temples and King Palace on the other side. Near the temple area is residential area.

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