The Two Gomers podcast chronicles the adventures of two non-athletes in their quest to become runners. Steven and Anthony, two friends that have known each other since middle school, learn all they can about running from surfing the web, believing suspect hearsay, and simply by trying something they've never done before: running exceedingly far distances that they’re convinced no human should ever run. Each week they discuss how the training from the previous week went, share tips they've either discovered through experience or that they've gleaned off the web, and cover many other topics that come up along the way.[1]


Main Cast

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Anthony Georgeson (Gomer 1)

(April 15, 1979 – present)

Anthony grew up in the Madison area of Wisconsin. He attended Verona Area High School, and continued to pursue studies at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, as well as Juilliard. He works for the Florida Orchestra as a professional bassoonist, and also enjoys the roles of husband and father.

Steven Grahmann (Gomer 2)

(January 19, 1978 – present)

Steven grew up in the Madison area of Wisconsin. He attended Verona Area High School, and continued to pursue studies at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, as well as Northern Arizona University. He works for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a minister, and also enjoys the roles of husband and father.

Special Guests

Special guests have included Anthony's wife Erin, Steven's wife Jessica, Steven's sons Jack and Noah, Steven's brother Alex (Gomer 3), Angie from Marathon Training Academy, trainer Brad Kinnear (a.k.a. "The Brad"), and more.

Inspiring a Nation to Run

It is often that the Two Gomers refer affectionately to their audience as the Gomer Nation. But who are the people that make up the Nation? From seasoned, competitive runners, to non-athletes alike, the Two Gomers have a plethora of followers. Their key demographic tends to ere toward the increased number of slower runners, also referred to as plodders or penguins, who are looking for acceptance among the running community. In an environment when slower runners are often scorned,[2] the Two Gomers offer an open invitation to runners of all speeds, shapes and sizes.

According to, there were a record number of marathon finishers in 2010, totaling in at approximately 503,000 runners. That’s up nearly 37,000 runners from 2009. Also increasing was the number of timed marathons in the United States, tallying in at 483, up from 397.[3] It’s clear that the running community is growing, and pushing themselves to complete longer distances. The Two Gomers offer a positive support system on which people can lean for advice, assistance and inspiration.

Podcast Format

The show is broken down into multiple segments. Recurrent segments include the following:

  • Songs To Run To — Recommended song(s) to run to.
  • TV Chat — Discussion of current and sometime not-so-current television shows.
  • Running In The Media — Top running news is highlighted.
  • Week In Review — Hosts recap their training from the past week.
  • Tips of the Week — Tips on what to do and what not to do when running.
  • Eat & Run — Segment covers what to eat before, during and after training runs.
  • Running With Child — Anthony shares how he’s adjusting to the birth of his first child.
  • Runner’s Corner — Hosts share anecdotal stories.
  • Listener Feedback — Hosts highlight listener feedback.
  • Monday Survey — The Two Gomers ask listeners a question at the end of each episode. In this segment feedback is discussed.
  • Gomers' Favorite Things — During the holidays, the Gomers share their favorite and anti-favorite things.

Podcast Season Synopsises

Season 1 Logo
Race Day 1/18/09

Season 1: Two Gomers Run A Half Marathon

September 6, 2008 - June 15, 2009

Season 1 begins Steven and Anthony’s journey as runners. Starting with their 5K training plan, the two men quickly realize that the road to the finish line of a half marathon will not be an easy one. Throughout their training, they learn about gear, fueling and pace, as well as more seldom discussed gastrointestinal issues.

As the guys take their training from 5K to 10K to half marathon, they continue to run further than ever before. With each training run, they let their bodies overcome what their minds tell them they cannot do, building confidence in their running, as well as themselves. In the end, the Two Gomers successfully cross the finish line of the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon with a finish time of 2:55:13,[4] which includes multiple stops for hugs from family and friends along the way.

Season 2 Logo
Race Day 6/6/10

Season 2: Two Gomers Run A Marathon

September 4, 2009 - October 13, 2010

In Season 2, the Two Gomers train for a full marathon. Throughout the season, Anthony and Steven are continuously plagued by obstacles that could steer them from their quest of completing 26.2 miles, but they overcome them one by one.

With Anthony confessing that he needs more time to train, and Steven coming down with shingles, the Two Gomers must change their race from the Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in January, to the Georgia Marathon in March. Their new plan is quickly derailed when Steven is struck down by a Smart Car, sustaining multiple injuries including fractured ribs. The guys must again reassess their race of choice, finally setting their sites on the Minneapolis Marathon in June to allow Steven adequate time to recover. After many months of training, the Two Gomers are able to cross the finish line of the Minneapolis Marathon in good health, with a triumphant finish time of 5:39:46.[5]

Season 3 Logo
Race Day 6/5/11

Season 3: Two Gomers Run A Marathon — The Sub-5 Strive

November 8, 2010 - September 13, 2011

With one marathon already under their belts, the Two Gomers take their running one step further by setting an aggressive time goal for their next marathon. The goal: to run a sub-5 marathon (finish time of less than 5 hours) at the 2011 Minneapolis Marathon. The training is tough, but the guys persevere, taking their training more seriously than ever in order to hit their time goal.

While the Two Gomers manage to make it successfully to the start line in Minneapolis, their plan of a sub-5 finish quickly takes a turn for the worse when a foot injury Steven sustained only weeks before the race is quickly reaggravated. Although Anthony and Steven are able to finish the race in 5:30:35,[6] beating their previous finish time by over 9 minutes, they are unable to finish in under 5 hours. In the weeks following the race, the guys analyze whether or not they failed, and receive comfort, reassurance and empathy from the Gomer Nation.

File:TG Run For Their Lives LR.jpg

Season 4: Two Gomers Run for Their Lives

September 27, 2011–present

For a change of pace, the Two Gomers mix things up for Season 4. Rather than training for one specific long-distance running event, they instead focus their efforts on increasing their overall fitness, titling the season “Two Gomers Run for Their Lives”. In this season, Anthony and Steven present the Gomer Nation with two challenges. The first for those battling their weight to lose 10 lbs by 2012 (the 10 x 12 Challenge), and secondly for people to set a PR (personal record) in a Thanksgiving Day race (often referred to as a Turkey Trot).

Social Media

With more people than every completing marathons, one has to ask “why?”. The answer just might be social media. As any runner will attest, the key to marathon success is accountability in training. That’s where platforms such as Facebook and Twitter come in. When one shares their journey to the finish line with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of followers, there is more pressure put on them to succeed, all but physically pushing them to the start line. In turn, these followers are motivated by the perseverance of said runner(s), quite possibly to the point where they begin running themselves.[7]

The Two Gomers have openly stated that had it not been for the dedication of their podcast listeners, as well as Facebook and Twitter followers, there is no way they would have taken their running to the level they have. Knowing that people are rooting for you can be all it takes to get you across the finish line. Many followers of the Two Gomers have also commented via Facebook and Twitter that the podcast has inspired them to run. With followers that are non-runners and seasoned-runners alike, it is clear that social media has become critical to the success of the Two Gomers, as well as their followers.




File:Gomer Group Run.jpg

While the all of the races that Anthony and Steven have competed in have been open to the public, the Two Gomers have also organized group runs to help support their fanbase. In 2010 and 2011, they encouraged listeners and non-listeners alike to join them in Madison, WI for a run of approximately 4 miles. Participants met at Movin’ Shoes, a local running store, and journeyed out together. The route traveled around Madison's Monona Bay, with participants stopping at Bittingham Park, and eventually regrouping back at Movin' Shoes. Afterwards, everyone was invited to join the Two Gomers for lunch at Culvers.

The Two Gomers have also organized virtual group runs, allowing people to run in their own communities all on the same day, and post results in a centralized location online (provided by the Two Gomers). It is also common for podcast listeners to connect through the Two Gomer's social media outlets, and meet up at designated races.

Featured on

The Two Gomers podcast has been featured and referenced on many other podcasts, as well as reputable running websites and blogs. They are consistently ranked as a top Health podcast on iTunes, and have also been highlighted under the New & Noteworthy category.[8]


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