TwistedBrush runs on all versions of the Windows operating system. The program has more than 5,000 brushes available: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, Adobe compatible plug-in support, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes, etc.[1]

Twistedbrush is compatible with standard graphics tablets.

The programmer Ken Carlino is releasing a new version very often. Twistedbrush is developed with a lot of participation of users in the forum on the web site.[2] The first release of Twistedbrush (1.0) was July 23, 2003. Since then there have been 274 public releases until version 18.17 was released November 14, 2011. The latest version in June 2012 is TwistedBrush Pro Studio 19.00.

Import and export

Even though Twistedbrush is intended mainly as a paint program it can import images in a number of formats for further editing. BMP (*.bmp), EMF (*.emf), Compuserve GIF (*.gif), JPEG (*.jpeg), Photo CD (*.pcd), PCX (*.pcx), PNG (*.png), Photoshop (*.psd), Twistedbrush (*.tbr), Targa (*.tga), TIFF (*.tiff), WAP Bitmap (*.wbmp), WMF (*.wmf). A painting or an edited image can be exported to the same formats.

Particle system and LUA-programming

Twistedbrush is one of the very few paint programs which has a Particle system built into the program like the Dogwaffle Project series of programs, and both Twistedbrush and the Dogwaffle series of programs can use the Lua (programming language). Lua filters can be shared between Project Dogwaffle, GIMP, Pixarra Twistedbrush and ArtWeaver.

The free edition

TwistedBrush Open Studio 17.24 (Free Edition) is available on the download page.[3] The free edition of TwistedBrush has most of the features of TwistedBrush except for brush editing and with a just handful of very fine brushes with the option to buy additional collections of brushes.


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