Tui Laus (TL) is a new luxury clothing brand. The name comes from the Latin "Tui" - "Your" and "Laus" - "Fame/Glory". It is a symbol of status and taste. It shows that the people using Tui Laus have pride in what they do and are proud of their accomplishments. The high quality of the products can be compared to that of the best of Italian brands. The brand claims that is uses only the finest quality fabrics so that the person wearing the garments can feel like Royalty. Everything is handmade with exceptional attention to detail, because the main goal of the brand is to bring a sense of ultimate satisfaction to the wearer of the clothes.

The brand is very exclusive and makes one new piece of clothing every month, meaning that only twelve new models will be made per year, with addition to different colour combinations of each model. Despite this, the number of the items will only be limited to 10, so that the customers or as Tui Laus calls them "partners" can be sure that they are one of the few in the world to have it. According to their facebook page their core ingredient for inspiration and desire to create are the customers themsleves. To prove that, they will make clothes and accessories that will make everyone feel pleasure and style, sense the passion, with which the items were designed and brought to the individual. Their main colour is the purple, because it is the royal colour and represents high class and status. Another colours that also may be considered as one of their prefered ones are the Gold and Blue.

Their first product is called "Primus" which is latin for "First". It is a dark purple t-shirt with a stitching in a darker hue. It is short sleeved, with "crew neck" and it is "slim fit". The material in which it is made is 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane. As it is said on their facebook page, only 10 of those will be ever made. There is a rumour that their next model will be a long sleved t-shirt, and along with that a different colour variation of the "Primus" will be available. It is most likely to be blue, since the main colours of the brand are Purple, Blue and Gold. The "Primus" t-shirt comes only in two sizes: L and M.

The garments come in luxury packaging. A black box with a navy ribbon, printed in their signature element in gold. All this is stamped with a sealing wax. Inside the box there is an authenticity card, that is different for each new model, so that no fakes are distributed. All this is wraped in a golden tissue paper and placed on a dark fabric lining.

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[1] Official Facebook Page [2] Information about "Primus"

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