Was born on March 25th 1981 to unknown, European-descent, gypsy parents whilst crossing the Siberian wastelands. He was separated from them at the age of 5 when the parents were attacked and killed by a wandering horde of Mongolian tribesmen. Luckily he was taken in by the horde and raised as a servant until he escaped in 1988 and travelled via unknown means to arrive in Tibet. According to some reports he spent a few months working in opium dens in china cleaning pipes to make money to travel. Here he was adopted by a group of Tibetan monks, living high in the Himalayas, due to one of the Lamas having a dream of Truth in the image of a unicorn. The first few years of his new life were hindered by his dreams to be a mountain climber suffering many broken bones and other injuries. Out of desperation of not being able to climb he began to search for other ways of maintaining his god-like physique. Outside the gates of the monastery he met an old blind Indian yogi who inspired him to learn the mystical arts of Yoga.

In 1998 a group of Austrian climbers came through the Monastery and introduced Truth to Western culture. After spending some time with them he begged the head Lama to let him follow the climbers back to Austria to get to know his culture. During this time the climbers gave him a western name, Robinson because he was like Robinson Crusoe lost in the sea of Asia. His was also given the name Truth, because the climbers could see their honest reflections within the young man’s presence. At the airport in Lhasa he got separated from his Austrian carers whilst going to the toilet and found his way onto a plane to Australia by mistake due to his inability to read.

Upon arriving in Sydney he made his money busking on the streets by signing Tibetan folk songs and would sometimes strip in the Kings Cross red light district. He became very popular in Kings Cross due to his contortionist abilities and grew close to the local Sydney mafia operating out of the area. The young man became close to the leader and began to teach him Yoga and the secrets of the orient for many years, until the year 2000 when the whole gang renounced their life of crime to become catholic priests to do God’s work.

After this Truth found work on cruise ships teaching yoga and sailed the seven seas until his return to India. From the years 2002 to 2010 he disappeared and not much is known apart from the fact that he contracted AIDS from nursing sick monkeys in the Himalayas. Miraculously he has managed to cure himself of AIDS and is the only known person to have achieved this. It was proposed but later rejected by Truth himself that he has the power to heal the sick like Jesus.

He then returned to Sydney to teach Yoga and study Chinese medicine to better understand his healing abilities. He is currently residing in Manly, NSW, Australia.

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