Trizz, born Arthur “Tre” Lea III, is a self-released rapper based out Los Angeles, Calif. The young rapper became an avid music aficionado at an early age, first picking up a microphone at the tender age of nine. Growing up in the suburbs of the Inland Empire, hip-hop became a way for Trizz and his neighborhood friends to escape boredom and the simplicities of living life on the outskirts. As his writing skills developed, Trizz perfected his lyrical skill and began producing his own beats and mixtapes under the moniker “Young Trizz.” His debut full-length EP, titled Young Trizz, demonstrates the journey of an independent artist looking to lead ahead of the pack.

After dropping the “Young” from his stage name to signify his adulthood, Trizz released New West, a nod to the West Coast pioneers of rap. A steady stream of digital downloads and positive reaction in the virtual world led to the release of his highly anticipated mixtap, Cruel Intentions, chronicling the highs and lows of his relationships with women.

Now at the age of 20, Trizz is indeed poised to become one of the most prolific lyricists of his time, consistently writing rhymes, producing new material and touring across the United States. Trizz recently signed to Brotha Lynch Hung's independent label MadeSicc Muzicc. Trizz is set to appear on 3 tours this year starting May 18th 2012, "Its Tha Made" tour wit MadeSicc Muzicc, "Hostile Takeover" with Tech N9ne and Strange music for 2 shows in California and "Save The Record Stores" tour with D12s Bizarre and Brotha Lynch Hung. The music video for his new single, “666,” has generated buzz among fans and newcomers hungry for his next full-length project to hit the stores, scheduled for late 2012, while his latest project Case 17 is currently available on Amazon and iTunes. For more on Trizz just visit his websites where you can get all of Trizz news along with his new music.

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