Tracey Wingfield is Director of Services for DaChosen Publishing. The Newark, New Jersey native started her roots in the healthcare industry where she progressed to staffing supervisor managing registered and licensed nurses and various other home care staff. While working in healthcare she became an advocate for patient care and employee rights. She began the discussion of "Disparaging Reporting - from patient care technician to doctor". She reviewed, how for lower paid healthcare workers were not able to report directly to doctors responsible for a patient care. She would later write in the G.I.F.T (Giving Information For Thought), a self published newsletter:

-- Reporting practices in the American healthcare system may need some revamping. It is a well known practice for many doctors tending to patients in hospitals and elderly facilities to only take reports from RNs or LPNs, who receive there reports from patient care tech's chart report. This third party reporting system is based on a rigid hierarchy, which leaves many patients ills undiagnosed and untreated. Many facility based patient care technicians report they have been snubbed by doctors and in some cases reprimanded for reporting directly to doctors, even though they provide the most care for their patients. Who will pay for this grave mistake in the future...Medicaid...Medicare...? I vote "the patient" who place their health and lives in our hands. We can do better."--

Tracey Wingfield's discussion brought about changes in health care reporting where individual healthcare facilities in Upstate decided to upgrade their reporting practices. A small discussion that made a big difference.

In 1997 Tracey Wingfield began to work with various organizations in the committed to community development. She performed various workshops about resume and career development. In that same same year she joined DaChosen Publishing as Director of Services, where she would continue her non-profit work. She studied publishing, social ethics, designed community related workshops and continued to publish The G.I.F.T.

In 1999 she was bought DaChosen Publishing and decided to make publishing accessible to everyday people. She set up the 1st Intellectual Property hotline where caller could ask questions about intellectual property, such as copyrights, patents, industrial designs. She relied on a great network of experienced individuals but it allowed her a great education.

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