John "TotalBiscuit" Bain(born July 8, 1984) is a british US-based game reviewer and critic. He is mostly known for his "WTF is...."-series where he records his first playthrough of parts of a game, his Mailbox series in which he answers questions sent from his fanbase and for commentating several major Starcraft 2 tournaments.

Although he has been a part of the gaming community for a long while in the form of WoW Radio but gained his fame from his in-depth reviews of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta. Following the beta coverage he continued making videos on YouTube in the form of "WTF is...." and Starcraft 2 commentaries. Since then he has also started a collaborative Terraria playthrough series with Jesse Cox and TGS Podcast in which he discusses(or tries to) discuss videogames and related matters with DaArtfulDodger, Jesse Cox and a guest.

Personal Life

John Bain was born in July 1984 in the United Kingdom.

He lived in the United Kingdom for several years due to visa issues which forced him to live away from his wife, Genna Bain. However, the issue was solved during early 2012 and he has since moved to the USA.

External links

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