Top Of The World is a failed song from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up. it will be included on Pink Friday: The Pinkprint


In 2011 the song failed to be on the mixtape Barbie's Back Bitch because it didn't fit the theme of the mixtape. Nicki was crushed when it wasn't released at all, so she remade it. The song will now officially be on Pink Friday: The Pinkprint.

Cover Art

The cover art shows 4 pictures of Minaj. One is an outtake from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. One is a video still from Freedom. One is an outtake for the cover art of Marilyn Monroe. And one is an outtake for the album art of Pink Friday.


Nicki confirmed it's release month but not date it will be released in Febuary.

Live Preformances

Nicki preformed the song in a medaly on her "New Year's 2013" show.


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