Top10vacuumcleaners[dot]net is a site that publish information about the vacuum cleaner products to consumers. This information obtained from reviews and consumer reports on several large ecommerce sites like Amazon, wall mart and from the product manufacturers itself. This website was launched in early 2012 and still continuing the development in the future.

Target users of the site are individual who are looking for information about vacuum cleaners. Comprehensive information about the product, about the advantages and disadvantages and other relevant information relating to the products they want to buy.


Top10vacuumcleaners[dot]net origins lie in a "brainstorming session" held by board members of Smart consultant. Dandy introduced the idea of an individual using reviews service to get information about vacuum cleaners and to communicate with a small group of vacuum cleaners user.

Site Content

Each review page will always containing this kind of information:

  • Background story
  • Product Overview
  • Product Feature
  • Product Downside
  • Pricing and discount
  • Product Testimonial
  • Product Tips


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