The name of Tonga's National Tag Rugby Team is called Laione Hau ("Victorious Lion"). The figurative symbol of The Lion is synonomous to The King of Tonga and historic battles fought and conquered by Tongan kings and warriors. The governing body for Tag Rugby or Flag Football for Tonga is called Tonga Tag. Tag Rugby is the original creation of this growing sport. Around the world, countries choose to either call it Tag Rugby or Flag Football. In most part of The United States and Canada they called it Flag Football or American flag rugby. There is an increasing number of countries that participate in the Sport of Tag Rugby including Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, France, Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji and Tonga. There is an expectancy of many more countries to participate as the sport expands. The International Woman's Flag Football Association also runs a tournament that involes countries like United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Mexico. Tonga Tag plays most variants of Tag Rugby and Flag Football in Tonga with the most predominant played being Tag Rugby.

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms for the National Tag team consists of two golden lions facing each other depicting Loyalty. Between the lions is a shield presenting the Tongan flag with a water mark of a rugby ball. Above the shield and the lions is the royal crown. [1]


'Otua mo Tonga (God and Tonga).


Tag Rugby or tag football/Flag Football is a new sport in Tongatapu but widely played around the world. Tag rugby was developed from the sport Rugby League. Until recently Tag was not widely known or played locally in Tonga. The sport was introduced approximately in 2007 but unfortunately lack of supervision and development throughout the Kingdom of Tonga caused participation in the sport to decline. In October 2011 Tag rugby was reintroduced in Tonga with an innovating difference to cement tag rugby as a bonfire sport and become internationally competitive.

In January 2012, Tonga entered the first official Tag team into the Tag Pacific Cup held and hosted by New Zealand in Auckland. One team was entered, an open mens team. [2] Whether it is called tag rugby, tag football, flag, ripper tag, adult tag, etc. Tag is a bonfire sport on its own. Tag rugby or/and Tag football is becoming a popular sport and reviving great interests from Athletes of Tonga descent to represent their Mother Land. Although Tag is at grass root level in Tonga many athletes residing outside of Tonga play proficiently and represent other developed national teams such as Australia, Ireland, England and New Zealand.

Up coming events

  • Tag Rugby - The International Tag Cup in Gold Coast, Australia
  • Tag Football - Tag World Cup, December, New Zealand.

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Bracknell Rugby Football Club does both contact and tag rugby.®© ؠڹݪݿݠںݥݿڷڸݥڽڽݧݨھػؽؠ

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