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To 'Tompsett' (verb) pronounced Thomp-set is to wear a pullover or v-neck sweater over the top of ones work shirt. Common usage in 21st Century would be I see you've go your Tompsett on or I had not time this morning so I've got my Tompsett on.

The fashion was first sighted in 2010 and through to 2012 by one Patrick Tompsett whilst working in Sydney. The young man had the dilemma of living in a share house and not having enough access to a clothes iron. Instead of forking out his hard earned for a dry cleaner he discovered that he could wear his sweater all day and only have to iron the collar.

The move proved a stroke of genius and it was not until his departure to England that his former colleagues worked out his sly tactics. To this day people in Sydney still go to work in their Tompsett's, bringing a wry smile to those who know the true origins of the tactic.


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