Basic concepts of spacetime and time correction

Spacetime and time correction is a new topic that explains the dilemma of the parameter time. In classical physics, time points often involve measures of t0 (initial time) and tf (final time).Whether Minkowski space time is mentioned is or is not, vectors are possible in any space or time direction.Possibly zig zag may also occur as a vector. A simple harmonic oscillator may allow it to zig zag in time (see figure p 062 [6] ). A zig (-) and a zag (+) while the SHO is space with an eigenfunction [9,28]. However, time according to quantum mechanics, involves a reference of inertial frame stating there is no absolute time. Now there is a new term called time correction that can involve time measures of calculations for energy of special relativity [1] and momentum in terms of time as a parameter. Along with Einstein, who shunned the speed-dependent mass model [10] new proofs suggest from the basic rate law of rate times time = distance is a fundamental equation that can be utilized for further relations shown to explain how time points can prove equations of special relativity and momentum. A reason for inverse relationship of time correction and energy is the duration of time correction vs velocity. Less velocity has higher time correction values from 2π correction.High velocity has less time values from time correction based on the same type of particle. According to Paul Dirac “Some time before the discovery of quantum mechanics people realized that the connection between light waves and photons must be of a statistical character” (Dirac, 1958).If energy vs change in time is compared to time change and energy correction, then there can still be a value for energy x time if Δt ~ tc. When uncertainty relations are possible and energy and time are independent then, and expression of energy is more easily evident for mv2 then energy correction if Δt ~ tc are again independent based on some chance for probability of mass and probability of 2 time correction. If time changes increase to tc occur then only will the process return as quickly to energy correction. :(mD2/tc2) x Δt =mv2 xt :(mD2/tc) =mv2 xt :Research into time correction stemmed from time continuum and the speed of light questions. The controversy of are neutrinos faster than the speed of light [26,38] espoused discussion after scientists at CERN made time measurements. New discussions on dark matter and the nature of particles were much debated. The fundamental properties of dark matter were being analyzed for more characteristics. While the dark matter and energy is found to be more numerous, properties of speed are found to be inversely related to energy of special relativity when followed over time. In Dr. Hecht's paper, he noted Walter Kauffman's observation of e ÷ mass decrease for increase in velocity [10] may support the inference as shown in the Bucherer graph (see figure 2) discussing the variation of mass and velocity of electron [12]. The speed of neutrinos were found to be slower than the speed of light from time correction just slightly [5][6]. The relationships of dark matter and energy are consistent for thermodynamics. This inverse relationship does not violate the first law of thermodynamics; energy is neither created nor destroyed. The scenario of decreasing velocity is displayed by the hyper-geometric series, Agravat series function shows variable z proportionate to speed depicted. This plot supports the possibility of increasing energy trend during hyper-geometric conditions because the speed and function is shown to decrease [3] (see figure 1). For ideally safe conditions the function is proportionate to speed and mass to y.

220px-Graphs of Agravat Series Function and Trend of Speed

Figure 1: Agravat series and decreasing trend


Figure 2: Kaufmann and Bucherer Experiment

The Agravat series derived is based on implicit derivatives [3] which is different from the problem of left sided limits to infinity and the end is not consolidated to make one solution based on parts but is an infinite series an issue with singularity and conservative forces being negative by potential energy. The origin is the inverse of an odds set to a variable a possible confounded over an outcome variable. Five implicit derivatives are done before the outcome and fifth one: (1) can show a descending velocity trend and save energy based on hyper-geometric trend of inverse relation of time and velocity of momentum or energy. (2) can show a tangential velocity prediction of Einstein. (3) can show the Dirac delta function with f(z) and y as mass safely centered as in Bose Einstein Condensate with velocity less than energy as rays. (4) can show relations of uncertainty time :Δtu = √ (m x D2r ÷ E) (5) cannot interfere with time symmetry when time correction is proportional to the square root of velocity correction to conserve time correction an aspect of phase space and effective theorem. For n = 1 to n = infinity

f(z) =∑-(12 ÷ z2) + (16yn ÷ z2) -(16yn+1 ÷ z2)
Polarization of Light non- Contrary to Gravity and Agravat Series
Gordon Baym (1969) in an experiment can show the polarization of light where velocity of the electric field can be equal at 45 degrees for the x and y axis. Another pertinent point to the commutable matrices where the ideal n statistics which is showing Corollaries. When n = 0 and z =y, and three possible conditions, the Agravat series [4] may contribute to time relevant to Light Polarization. The implicit derivatives are hyper-geometric and may involve natural log so calculations are easily done from beta estimates. Agravat series shows that commutative properties do hold for matrices that conflict with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle regarding matrices. The ideal N statistic values are derived by solving the fifth implicit derivative or Agravat series for z and y set equal to each other and set to 0. The result is both z and y will equal 0.25 where one may not disturb. These relations happen in the clouds and ecosystems along with time correction tc and Ec. 1) what exists in one state will not exist in others, when there is equilibrium or motion with regards to commutative properties of momentum and time; 2) that there may be commutative properties of the matrices but the system tend to disorder which may lead to decreases in energy, and order which may lead to increases in energy level without assuming independence in Agravat’s algorithm and distribution; certain phenomenon of nature such as light, e.g. rainbows are transmutable as in the prisms. The author believes that the Agravat series transformation of Dirac and special relativity of Einstein Agravat (2011) is important to gravitation in outer space where gravity is greater in the solar system between planets. Planets within a gravitational field and the time such as estimated time = 0 for events become more important for infinite events. (2) The principle is true for singularity when the limits are shown for infinite mass from energy correction and energy approaches 0. Where electromagnetic and gravitational fields are greater there life may not be supportable. (3) The concept or belief in entropy increasing, such as clouds, is relative to other events and defined as the disorder in a system may involve inelastic process and time inverse subsequently. (4) As the system tends to disorder there is a decrease of energy; and, if going towards order there is increase of energy at fixed points compared to overall system energy. (5) As there is less time there can be more force and negative charge as lightning. (6) As during expanding space, where there is no limitation or assumption of no harm, one may postulate that then new order (disorder) may increase energy Agravat (2011) for large changes in time or distances as a parameter. (7) However, subatomic hypergeometric forces as well as the interaction between dependent and independent may propel some particles faster than light which the author perceives is a medium and may potentially separate such as by refraction that happens in water. Gravitation or motion of particles if time is included and potential energy (mgh) is included, when destruction happens the potential energy may disperse to other particles which may sum to be faster than media such as light, and some energy is propagated as waves at that time. 'This light is described by the electric field vector E~ orthogonal on the direction of propagation. The electric field vector determines the state of light because in the cgs-system (which I use for convenience in this example so that I have as few 0 and µ0 as possible.) the magnetic field is given by B~ = ~ ez ×E~ . Given the electric and magnetic field, Maxwell's equations determine the further time evolution of these fields. In the absence of charges, we know that E~ (~r, t) cannot have a z-component.' The electric field is real valued quantity and the general solution of the free wave equation is given by Ex(~r, t) = E0xcos(kz − ωt + αx) and Ey(~r, t) = E0ycos(kz − ωt + αy) . Here k = 2π/λ is the wave-number, ω = 2πν the frequency, αx and αy are the real phases and E0x and E0y the real valued amplitudes of the field components. The polarization of light waves are described by Ex and Ey. In the general case of complex Ex and Ey we will have elliptically polarized light. 1. Ey = 0: linear polarization along the x-axis. 2. Ex = 0: linear polarization along the y-axis. 3. Ex = Ey: linear polarization along 45 degree -axis. 4. Ey = iEx: Right circularly polarized light. 5. Ey = −iEx: Left circularly polarized light. Experiment I [25>: Let us first consider a plane light wave propagating in z-direction that is falling onto an x-polarizer which allows x-polarized light to pass through (but not y polarized light)The probability p for the photon to pass through the polarizer is obviously the ratio between transmitted and incoming intensities, which is given by p= |Ex|2 / ||Ex|2 + |Ey|2 If we write the state of the light with normalized intensity, then in fact we find that the probability for the photon to pass the x polarizer is just the square of the amplitude in front of the basis vector.


'The new methods for time correction, energy, and momentum, shown in figure 3, depict a right triangle relationship' is discussed. Previously, proper time included that distances perpendicular to the direction of motion are unaffected per Lorentz transformations. Now one may observe that there is evidence of right triangle correction based on time correction. A) The Uncertainty Principle and time correction is certain evidence because energy correction based on time correction and time correction proportional to uncertainty time with total time and velocity of time correction produces a right triangle (figure 4 AJST 2013). B) Weak statistics interaction also had a relationship with the perpendicular direction: sin-1(V2pi/Vmax)+cos-1(V2pi/Vmax ) =90.C) Relativity states that a clock at rest measures proper time T0 which can follow time correction with the power root law in time correction and energy correction. D) In Kaufman's 'Universe' one may read that Lorentz states: L=L0 √( 1-v/c)2) is the direction of motion which shrinks called Fitzgerald contraction. Fitzgerald contraction with ‘proper time’ is insufficient. This is not about Carroll and cosmic invariance. Right triangle correction may be needed for weak statistics. In 'a Small Note on Time Dilation' one can read the extension of the Lorentz contraction as D=D0 / √( 1-v/c)2).One was expected to shrink from the Gamma. If the gamma is bigger based on the relation of velocity to speed of light then, distance will relate accordingly smaller based on the rate law and D=D0 / √( 1-v/c)2) for being close to the speed of light. Proper mass may relate by energy correction: E =mD2/tc2 or m ~ h/v from energy total relation or as in Higgs field as m = h νmin / c2 . ===Baryogenesis and Time correction=== Baryogenesis,[31] is the discussion relating to the antiparticles of CPT. There are three conditions Sakharov discussed. The discussant of CPT symmetry says a particle may have same and equal life time. Time correction may indicate unlikely effects of Baryogenesis based on the inverse relationship of time correction according to the second group. First off all, time correction can have 2pi correction component which works well for time correction and power roots. Time correction max for a neutrino is 0.0153 seconds and for 2pi correction the time is more at 0.096 seconds, hence it is incorrect. Time correction shows that the rate law mechanics will prove there is an inverse relation. Momentum is more when velocity is less or momentum more for less velocity. The prediction is a particle does not have the same mass and life time for example the tau particle. Sakharov's three conditions [7]or violations are 1) Baryon violation B number; 2) CP symmetry violation; 3) interactions out of thermal equilibrium. CP symmetry says there are equal number of particles for left handedness and right handedness not necessarily. Sakharov's commute of the baryon number quantum number is zero [B,H] =BH-HB=0.Here, this may be tangible or non-zero values of B or H.This may be suggestible but inelastic processes exist due to T-symmetry or CP symmetry. Sakharov's out-of-equilibrium decay may be changed to anomalies where the inverse time, velocity and momentum energy may be found. This rate of expansion indicates expansion due to entropy squared [28] possibly in the numerator. The momentum anomaly may suggest as disorder increases then energy increases. This is true because in time energy becomes momentum. Sakharov believed, quarks and antiquarks have positive energy hence the same phase in space time. Certainty and time correction shows that the reports time change can be negative. Einstein formulated complex time with Lorentz. Standard symmetry did not show colors but with average acceleration model there is. Total energy then becomes mv2 -mv. Time uncertainty is also possible here with total energy.Duality of light is conceivable to conserve energy [28] of photons.

Little EDM CP Violation The electric dipole moment described by Lisa Randal,EDM, [28,39]has stated charges may move from negative to positive directions. The Electric field has been described as E=F/q0. Energy can be written as E=nmvq. Hence, q=E/nmv and Electric field is E=mD2/tc2 Q and E=nm2v2/htcT with E=hnu. Subsequently E=1/DQ while the EDM has been stated as P=DQ.Hence the Energy is proportional to E ~1/P. The distance of s= .5D will change the rate law of tc = 2pir/Vc to T=2D/V or the classical pendulum question T= 2L/V. Also from time correction reduced to E=mD/tc or P momentum.If energy changes to momentum here in the electric field, P and E=1/DQ. The magnetic dipole moment between two points is P=DQ or the inverse of momentum. P/P =1 or momentum/EDM=1 and is independent. Hence, inflation is found in terms of E=1/P or m2v3~1. The same inflation term was found in the acceleration of mass model. CP Violation CP violation during the Big Bang may explain why when particles,[7] of matter and antimatter are created and not with the same life times.Time correction adds to the explanation of inverse time relations. CP symmetry was introduced at the time of parity violation in the 1950's to restore itself. If S symmetry occurs with parity, PS symmetry occurs. This can happen through charge conjugation and Hilbert space to restore order. Indirect CP violation, occurs with CPT symmetry due to inverse time relations of time correction. Slow speeds may occurs with momentum for a longer time and vice versa, faster speeds may occur for less momentum time during the duration of time parameter. The Uncertainty principle with momentum change [7] and distance change does not follow for energy change in quantum mechanics. ΔX*mv may show need for thermodynamics change but no parameter change does not require equal or opposite reaction. The alternate of ΔX*mD/tc may result in a slight energy change given ΔX is proportional to the same D of the particle else it will be a little to low energy system. Given some proportional Distance/time in terms of time correction and energy is possible. Light can be conservative. Negative energy is possible as shown from the Uncertainty of time correction. Thermodynamics

1. dying an entropy death. 2. where heat, energy, and mass decreased until nothing left. a. Mass is inelastic 1993 exp can show with 90 degrees vertex in middle; and mass to left of it and glass of 5 shards or about 1/2 distance to wall; or near mass at less velocity and Red shift forced outside the window. b. Duality of particles and wave as light can save photons and hence energy. c. Time dependence and heat Delta E(n) ~ m1v1/n1 -m2v2/n2 ~ positive and is exothermic hence heat is released. d. P(P U R) >> P+R =1 from probability of mutually exclusive events and odds. Summation of odds can be one which can show harm if interaction is 1/10 or less.

Weak Statistics and Baryogenesis Sakharov and his three conditions lead to a fourth scenario of weak statistics for behavior when the [B,H] =0 with B and H are non-zero (with mv2 -mv) and when [B,H] =0 it is mv2 [1]. 1) The ground state of atoms in Schrodinger do not match with 2hnu/n of 2v0~v. 2) The next level matches the ground state of Schrodinger hnu/n2 . 3)Possible spin interaction may occur with 2hnu/n of energy and spin within shells. 4)Among atoms this will interact with spin to yield the square of Schrodinger energy law. 5) The distance of mD2/tc2 is there after Planck law or mv/n proof. 6) If the distance is squared more particles will fit the orbital area and become dense. 7) This will imply equal area available for work in atoms. 8) All atoms do not have the same ionization energy. 9) So no equal number of particles and antiparticles may fit the scheme. 10) Time correction with time squared based on distance relies on a relationship. 11) Distance squared in the numerator means pressure or density = Mass/Volume to not follow ideal gas law PV =nRT. 12) Inflation term has temperature squared in numerator with mv2 13) n=PV/RT and density of Mass/Volume not proportional where n is the number of moles. 14) if B=1/3(PV/RT*Q-PV/RT*\bar{Q}}) then, one may guess that particles are not the same by behavior hence they will be different based on charge and types of spin. 15) There will be temperature dependence. One knows high temperature is needed for antiparticles. Normal temperatures show particles. 16) bigger celestial objects may have more antiparticles than smaller. Smaller planets will have more particles than antiparticles. 17) sin-1 (Vmin/Vmax)+ cos-1 ( Vmin/Vmax) ~ 900 is part of weak interaction 18) The strong interaction is sin(Vmax/Vmin)+cos(Vmax/Vmin)~1.10. The two interactions approach 1 and 90 degrees. 19) nB=1/3(PV/RT*Q-PV/RT* \bar{Q}) 20) time correction will allow time reversal through time dilation. 21) centripetal force has mv2 /radius. The n is not squared is comparable and has more variability supportable by n=2 and n=1 from Schrodinger energy hnu/n2 vs 2hnu/n with regards to shape. Later orbits behave are differently and do not match hnu/n2 . 22) Thermodynamics may show differences from energy in orbit that Δ E ~ m1v1/n1 -m2v2/n2.Interaction points are also observable with regards to probability of mutually exclusive events. 23) The power law tail may occur [35] based on force of time correction occurs to make condensation and negative energy. :dm/dt ~ gamma γ xm =m(t)=m0exp( γ t) : Fc =-mD/tc2. 1)Condensation may occur based on the derivative of force and time correction and a large amount of mass and ambient pressure. Central limit theorem has been stated for mass condensation before with a different distribution. :Fc/d tc =2mD/tc2. 2) Shocks if distance is independent and then the force can change to negative energy. : Fc =-mD/tc2 :E =-mD2/tc2 3) mass and energy can then be possible for stars. Neutral matter interacts non-trivially as a consequence of conservation [55]. Particle symmetry favors matter to antimatter in this respect. CPT and time reversal may hold a production of matter in equal amounts, though energy total mv2 -mv favors a ratio of 2:1 for Baryon number. Weak statistics or spin 0 may be part of such effects where sum of spin may add to 0. Time dilation is also a possibility of a ratio of energy correction divided by force time correction for distances [54]. Points on Conservation of Negative Energy

Shocks if distance is independent and then the force can change to negative energy. Fc =-mD/tc2 Potential energy can be linked to the field equation.The magnetic field can also follow with time correction for force. The negative values for matter as - mv3 which can lead to ion or radical forming states.Magnetism rewritten can be analogous to show there is negative distance produced for the magnetic field. :1) V=FxD/charge a)E=F/q b)F=eV+B c)F=-mD/tc2 =eV +B B=-mD/tc2 -V :2) B=F+Ec/Q Q=F/E(field) :3) -mv3 =Q2 xk/tc2 B=1+mv2 K/ tcsqrt(Q2 x k/tc2 ) :4) Qk= - mv3 k / Q tc B = F/F+(P)D D/Qk B = F/F+(P)D2 Q tc /- mv3 k :5) F/F+(P)D2 Q tc /- mv3 k = F/F +(-PD ) Q tc / - mv3 k2 (P)D2 Q tc /- mv3k = (-PD ) Q tc / - mv3 k2 (P)D2 = (-PD ) D=-1 E =-mD2/tc2 Here there can be negative parameter of distance which can combine with force time correction as a precursor for energy of time correction but negative. Included as a force is the Herz equation. This may explain 'as Speed decreases energy increases (if mass constant) tc increases.' As the vector of speed is less or negative, so can the distance in linear terms be negative or less. This possibility of time correction and Agravat series will allow -D to add to force time correction and make energy as light from hnu or mv/n. Time at zero is also utilized when c ~ D2 ÷ t2 facilitates the transformation of energy correction into the new equation. In addition to other properties, Cosine-1(m × v /n) + Sine-1(m × v /n) ~ is about 90 degrees. When there can be light and time correction or less light after some spaces where there is dark from force time correction and negative distance to form negative energy. Momentum over n or mv/n may then change to with energy proportional to E~mv/n and momentum time correction from modification of –DeBroglie’s equation [5,6] to 2mD2/tc2 *cRc where tc*c is different by a factor of D by rate law. hence, E ~ mv/n may be a product of 2mD/tcRc and still yield E ~mv/n after time correction. The proof of energy as part of F=ma as mathematics may show in time correction is actually a negative process for negative energy. Energy change and time change can also be negative for dark matter based on independence.The probability of mutually exclusive events for two variables can add to one if there is no inverse interaction of the two events. If there is interaction between the two events the probability of outcome may also equal zero.Why can a field energy equation create this scenario of time correction and uncertainty time with Agravat series [18] 'as Mass increases and speed increases tc parameter decreases and energy may increase,' because mass and energy correction can be formulated but also force time correction for negative energy creation from force and the electric fields. (1)P=2m(piAB)2/Rctc~2 (2) P=2m(piAB)2/Rctc~2*c (3) P=2m(piAB)2/Rctc~*D (4) P=2m(piAB)/Rctc~ (5) P=2m(piAB)/tc~ Rc as a form of c or velocity of light is still there and the momentum is there based on 2mD/t*Rc and time correction. Positive force may result as well from momentum if there is time correction in an inverse relationship or presence in collisions. Momentum can be conserved or through collisions and time force can occur by which energy may be made as part of collisions. In some equal and opposite reactions, momentum is conserved where energy is a factor. 2m(D)/tc2

Rate Laws and Time Correction Re-written for Energy

Since the circumference is an important geometric relation of round objects, the equation of 2pir is relevant. :Vc = (D) ÷ (Tc) where D = 2πr. : t = (2πr) ÷ (c) : v2 = (2πr)2 ÷ (t2) : v = (2πr) ÷ (t) : E = m × v2 : Ec = (m × (2πr)2) ÷ (tc2) : Ec = (m × (D)2) ÷ (tc2) The parameters of time and λ by time correction allows the proof of photoelectric effect and De Broglie relation to help demonstrate that proof of time correction subsequently follows the equation of special relativity (potentially not over all time). From (hc) ÷ (λ) and energy correction, one can derive a new relationship of the momentum operator as well as energy with respect to distance. The Kinetic energy operator will also change slightly [28]. : Ec = (m × (2πr)2) ÷ (tc2) : t 2 = (m (2πr) 2) ÷ (E) : t = √ ((htd) ÷ (λ) ÷ (hc) ÷ (λ)) : t2=t2 : h~mc : hc~mc2 :The relationship of time correction existing is depicted with a right triangle for difference of energy correction and maximal velocity. The proof involves features of the photoelectric effect. Time formulation does not violate the special relativity equation, and demands more attention to be paid with caution to high particle physics and time because of cyclical patterns that exist without time correction and newer relations showing time at zero.

Energy and time include several variables: 1. Variables included are time independent T ~ √ (P(z)-c 3 /exp1+c ) 2. P(z)~ 1/z-y/(1-y) 3. E=mv 2 4. Ec=m(2pir)2/tc2 One finds in a plot that mv2 for m and v ranging from 1 to 5 mv 2 goes to 6. Ec goes to the range of 1 to 5 itself. While Ecnew goes full circle nearly except where mv 2 goes likewise for the half circle. In addition, general relativity when not as in the waves formulation and without duality of light and matter is like the fission process. Avoid as danger and precaution. However the ratio of 8 for momentum is about correct with respect to gravitation. E(GR) ~ GmMETuv/C4 Previously, the gravitational waves are from the centripetal effect term of Yank. As shown as probability approaches 1 from Pr(z) energy increases in plots 14 and 15 [2]. Still one may have to wonder is the universe actually contracting or expanding may be unanswered on this view in our solar system is dealing the probability. Likely as there is a decrease in probability there is expansion and vice versa. For increase in probability, there is a contraction.

Limitation of Precision Measurement error is another source of lack of precision [28]and is a constant problem. The problem of Constants such as Planck's constant, Rc or a velocity from rate law to time correction with 2pir as distance due to the curvature of the earth. The Lambda(c) can be measured to 1.03179 E12 from speed of light and Rc as 7.655639761 E10 km/s with 3.581 E-6 seconds from energy or time correction cubed. A momentum can be contrived from Rc to mass and be an approximate of it.The highest precision for speed of neutrinos can be 299,786.584 km/s. However if Lambda(c) is approximated with speed of light as 3 E5 then the speed is less precise such as for frequency of 2.9411 E-6 Hz (1/s). The speed than is c.The frequency is from Lambda(c) and Rc or c. The resultant estimate then can be a lambda(c) of 3,371,336.996 km with Rc. Speed of light will give 1.025472994 E 11 km.Versus speed of light as 299,792.458 and the frequency from Lambda(c) is 2.923455 E-6 HZ.Lambda(c), Nu(c) gives a speed of 299,791.58 Km/s. The point is on precision utilized The Lambda is from De Broglies wave fro Lambda(p) and Rc and is estimated at 31,706,855.31 km. The Frequency is then 2414 Hz.Hence the energy from Herz law is hnu and 1.60 E-27 J. Time squared is first for the method to be utilized for a rough estimate for why Time correction can be made.5.99 E8 seconds is then found to be the time estimate to be used for to compare to Rc and time observed. Once the velocity is obtained, time correction is obtained with 2pir distance from the rate law. SCHWARZSCHILD RADIUS

The calculation of Schwarzschild radius or velocity shows for kinetic energy the velocity is the speed of light c from the question of escape velocity (KE=PE). The calculation is from a black hole named Messier 82 about 200,000 solar masses. :VK.E.=√2GM/r :VS.R.=√GM/r r=2GM/c2 The Schwarzschild radius without time dilation, based on centripetal force, is 5.89 E 14 km. The Similarity of time dilation energy comparison is higher for lower velocity in comparison with special relativity not higher velocity. The derivative of the radius divided by the radius is approximately -1.54 E 17 km and the dr/dt =-8GMtc/( 2pir)2.Singularity issues arise about radius and energy.Time dilation is different by negative -1/tc2. The time correction of Schwarzschild radius is close to time correction of the other method for the radius from kinetic energy. :mv2 ≠ -mD2/tc4 :r = -2GMtc4/( 2pi r)2 : rs(tc) =2GMtc2/( 2pir)2 The kinetic energy relation of Schwarzchild radius is having a ratio to time dilation energy of black-hole of the near the Bohr velocity 1/10,0000,000.The time dilation of Messier 82 has energy of about -1.04 E-34 J/s2. The special relativity velocity of Schwarzchild radius is greater than escape velocity and is approaching time dilation 1/10,000,000 fraction of reciprocal force for black-holes. This is an exothermic process.


According to NASA in a publication [44], the velocity of an object in circular orbit can be v=2πr/T the T is the period. While this is similar to time correction, the method can work very easily as discussed for Kepler and planetary motion though the force equation is a=v2/r and F=ma. Plus Schwarzchild radius calculations include velocity for Schwarzchild velocity based on escape velocity for a circular orbit can be set equal.The justification is there for the time correction method to be compared for problems of circular orbits.Then the r or Schwarzchild radius distance can be solved with this velocity. The difference between T as period and tc of time correction vc=(2πr)/tc is relevant and can be made to solve problems of velocity as well as time correction. The added benefit of time correction is in the applications to many different problems in physics.The elliptical orbit can be made through vec = (πAB)/tec as distance in the velocity formula.
Singularity Finite or Type I has flaws in conceptual form to be a problem of force. Someone used force and showed a positive but it is negative from potential energy derivative to show relativity but this is not appropriate based on force 1) For f(c-) and f(c+) do exist and is both true. This assumption may be false. For two events to be both true requires independence not mutually exclusive based on probability proof Agravat (2012). 2) For f(c-) and f(c+) are not equal a still approach limits of zero from and negative side which is false to approach negative infinity.The concept of 0/0 as infinite also falls under the same restriction of arguments of the answer provided by Ramanujan.Left sided limits are not the same as classical right sided limits during derivatives like limits from the negative side.0/0 may also lead to the precarious non solution set.Open ended solutions can be restricted for the reasons of the flaws mentioned. An example of the limits problem with negative number from positive is the zeta function of Ramanujan where 1+2+3+4+...=-1/12 [40]. Gravitational time dilation of Schwarzchild radius is incorrect based on the linear rate law. The rate equivalent is near Radius squared proportionate to R2 ~ D2 x T2 / 2 of Agravat series [28] and uncertainty time tu. Alternate I of (R x 2 / T) = D is possible for spin of fermions or bosons and rate law change R = DT / 2 and (mv / t) − (4mv / t2c) and energy of threshold vs 2mv2. Alternate II or square of I is (R x 2 / T) = D is possible for spin of fermions or bosons and rate law change R2 = (DT)2 / 4 and (mv / t) − (4mv / t2c) and energy of threshold vs 2mv2 .Stern Gerlach show an approach of energy at Max Planck constant h / 2 and possibly tu. The outcome is R2 ~ R2 / 2. In certain scenario such as 30, 60, 90 degree right triangle, there is time dilation based on difference of isosceles right triangle when comparing at 60 degrees and the simple harmonic oscillator. Emissivity of is 60 degrees vs a change based on square root of 2 or an isosceles right triangle X w(t) = 60 cos(2 pi tc) -X w(t) = 30 sqrt (2) cos(2 pi tc) 17.55 if seconds then time dilation by hypotenuse axiom method and time correction,and maximal velocity of dark matter. Time dilation not realized means cancer.


Kinetic energy results in a time of 65.3 s and checked with tc and tc2π of 1.93 s.65.3 s divided by 1.93 s is about 33.83. The ratio of time does not yield clear results. 1.93x 0.096 is 0.185 s2.1.93 x 0.0153 has an inverse of 33.86. :Ts/T = √ (1-rs/r) The comparison of the radius of the rk.e. for radius -1.37 E 11 km and time dilation with tc as time can be shown.The Schwarzchild radius in the time dilation yields a time of 65.30 s which can be synonymous with momentum time dilation. Kinetic energy results in a time of 1.93 s and checked with for tc2π the ratio of time does not yield clear results which does not resemble a time dilation point. The special relativity method yields a time of 0.707 s for time dilation like 1/√2. Relativity energy is less distance but kinetic energy is more speed and more distance than the radius ratio is about for 2π correction.

Mass effects

The question of mass effect [34] in time dilation is examined next. The principles once looked at are about singularity. Condition one is if mv2 can be approaching 0 or from infinite of mass. The Condition two is if energy correction goes to zero from infinite time. The next condition number three is about the principle of least action. One method to observe is through Schwartzchild radius. An equilibrium reaction is possible. Independence is a possibility. I. mD2/t2c>mD4< II. mD2/t2c2>mD2 III. mD4/t2c<>D2 IV. mDtc∗mDtc∗D2<>D2 V. mDtc<>1/mDtc VI. (mDtc)2<>1 VII. mD/t2c∗mD3<>D2 VIII. F<>1/mD IX. 1<>m2D2/t2c X. (mD/tc)2<>1 XI. P2<>1 XII. M∗mD2/t2c<>1 XIII. Mass<>1/∗mD2/t2c XIV. IfM∗mD2/t2c<>1 XV. M2<>t2c/D2 XVI. Mass<>tc/D V≈D/T hence 1/mv≈T/mD which shows the inverse relation of momentum from momentum and mass effects.
Time and Light

In 'A small note on time dilation', Lorentz length contraction was shown. A unit of velocity can change the numerator to distance.If mass is independent with this form of distance, then inverse a form of mass effects occurs. What is likely to occur then is momentum if light time correction and inverse occurs. The change of Lorentz length contraction will magnify the momentum. Yet the mass effect with new a energy form 2Fc/dv/dt will save light but mass moves and maybe in time parameter or portals. If darkness comes, light will come from this mass. If velocity were an independent factor at this point, energy can be made and amplified. If the sun is out, the light is out and dark in otherwise. In addition through force and mass effects, effective field theory [28] helps show energy better.


TAU PARTICLES A tau is a negative particle with negative charge and spin 1/2. A Tau is a fermionic lepton. Tau is an anti-particle with equal mass, opposite charge and spin -1/2. Tau particle has half - life of 2.9 E-13 s and a mass of 1776.82 MeV/c2. vs 0.511 for electrons. A tau is a heavier version of electron and interactions. Tau particles do not emit as much bremsstrahlung radiation as electrons; consequently they are potentially highly penetrating, much more so than electrons ,"braking radiation" or "deceleration radiation", is electromagnetic radiation produced by the deceleration of a charged particle when deflected by another charged particle, typically an electron by an atomic nucleus. The moving particle loses kinetic energy, which is converted into a photon, thus satisfying the law of conservation of energy. The change of energy and time for energy correction is for tau particle is Ec ~ m(D)2 ÷ tc2 or about 2.31 E-22 Joules from mass 3.16 E-27 kg and radius 1.25 E-11 km with time 2.9E-13 s. To set the equivalence for average lifetime to time correction for fermions to mv2 shows velocity is about 6.83 E-11 km/s indirectly. Directly mv2 is 1.47 E-47 Joules whose square root is 3.84 E-24 Joules. Energy correction based on radius is about 5.80 E -23 Joules. The Tc x Vc / 4 ~ D results in a distance of 0.776 km from time correction of 1.14 s and velocity of 270 km/s a method when time dilation is possible from indirect energy and velocity for microscopic velocity. HIGG'S GAUGE BOSON Energy correction can estimate other types of boson energy too. A certain boson, the God Particle, with Length 2 E-22 km and mass 1.63 E-25 kg, and average lifetime of 1.56 E-22 seconds can have energy 1.46 E-14 J. The change in Energy per change in average predicted life time of Higgs Boson, or uncertainty, is about 2.285 E-36 J s. The momentum is about 4.88 E- 20 kg km/s. :λ(p) =h/8mcπ2 =1.7179 E-13 km :Nu=c/λ =1.743 E18 Hz :V= λ x Nu =299,773.55 km/s. The energy is then 1.46 E-14 J from velocity 299,773 km/s. Time correction [5] can be from the energy with 2pir model back is 2.09 E-24 s. Uncertainty from time correction and energy change yields 3.05 E -38 J s. :Tc =(2πr)/v :=(2π1E-3km)/299773 km/s =2.095E-8 s With the data of Higgs experiment 5 [43], one has seen the length of 1 m and energy correction of the 2 π r method, one can ascertain the same energy with time correction about 2.09 E-8 s and speed 299,773.55 km/s of 1.464 E-14 J. :Tiso =D2 / √2v The time correction parameter in this case is 5.098 E-8 s from the isosceles triangle method. This time parameter is close to the estimate of energy of hnu of the Herz equation. [21,25].1 km and 299773 km/s is the distance and speed. :Tiso =D2 / √2c :Tiso =1/ Nu : h/Tiso ~ Ec : h νt-iso ~ Ec In the case of Higgs Boson the energy is 1.29 E-23 Joules which is less possibly due to the splitting of the Higgs Boson not fully explained by the Higgs mechanism. Higgs mechanism explains there is loss of momentum in Bosons. Neutrinos with speed 299,778 km/s with the distance of 730.085 km moved yields a Tiso of 3.679 E-6 Hz from inverse time. The Herz equation then gives 2.44 E-35 J for neutrinos. With this mechanism, there is no involvement of double slit experiment or Michelson Morley experiment to show loss of momentum. Positrons show no conservation of mass based on an experiment from JD Franson yet Ek=mv2 for positrons and gravitational potential energy. :[1]d/dvP(m)*m =-mv2 :[2]d/dvP(z=1-z)=-mv Hence one finds there is negative energy and negative momentum in the 'Importance of Conservation of Momentum' [51]. The question is why does the following scenario also happen which is negative energy total or Etot=mv2-mv or -Etot? :[3]d/dvP(m=1-m)=mv-mv2 The possibility can include the effect of gravity on matter versus anti-gravity on matter possibly.In the absence of strong forces such as gravity, matter formation can be different. In the presence of gravity, there can be stronger fields that create or destroy matter. The simple harmonic oscillator can allow for negative time parameters which with independence and energy correction can allow for energy total to come from momentum squared [28]. However, P(m-1) allows for mv2-mv ~ m2-1+c2+mc. There is conservation of mass and momentum for such a possibility which allows for energy total which is a way to show momentum when there is gain of momentum. :P(m-1)~mv2-mv ~ m2-1+c2+mc :√ (mv2)2+(mv)2 Energy total allows mv2~-1 which can come from d/dv(Pm)*m [6]. This is the relation whose square root is the Dirac Relativistic equation of energy without the inflation term and potentially related to negative energy. :√((mv2)2+(mv)2)~ √ d/dvP(m)*m :λc subsequently joined with νc = c ÷ λc and E = h × νc will yield the velocity when λc solves for νc[5]. Time correction can be calculated of Ec = (m × (2πr)2) ÷ )(tc2) with energy. The rate correction is obtained from the rate law Rate = Distance ÷ timec where time is Δ time. The velocity based on λc will yield tc as well as the slower velocity based on 2π correction. The rate law with Δt is utilized to calculate the rate correction for tc which yields the rate correction utilized for the velocity of particles. : (v1 × tc) ~ (v2 × tc2π) : v2 = (v 1 − (tc2π) ÷ (tc) × (πAB)2 ÷ v1) × (tc) ÷ (tc2π) :The velocity equations are good examples of equations that can allow inferences which can be similar in chemistry as well as physics where questions off thermodynamics are of concern. The maximum velocity and the v2 based on 2pi correction values are roughly proportional to each other. Velocity2, or the lower 2pi correction measure, can be calculated with the equation. The 2pi transformation shows consist approximate values.


Figure 3: ANGULAR ENERGY 2pir COS plot of energy conservation

Proof of Classical Momentum in Time Correction

Eec = (m × (πAB)2) ÷ (tec2)
Eec = mv2
P= (E) ÷ (v)

For both energy of special relativity and momentum, there is an inverse relationship with velocity of time correction. With momentum, there is an inverse relationship of velocity with time correction. As time is followed, the momentum will be less if 2pi correction is done which is an 'anomaly' for dark matter neutrino particles with a lower velocity and follows the first law of thermodynamics for momentum. The relationship of momentum and special relativity energy both have this property for neutrinos of lower values for time correction and may result in important possible interactions with visible matter. A new Newtons' first law and relationship (Table 6) [6] with negative time squared shows for velocity of correction force is about -2.67 E-42 N and -6.78 E-44 N for time two pi correction. Elliptical correction is about -1.07 E-41 N and -2.71 E-43 N. Force is less negative and more for the elliptical correction. The prediction where an object at rest in motion will continue to be in motion until acted upon, Newton's first law, can be related to exertion and super-luminal velocity where the singularity discussion happens where for less time there is more force which is an inverse relation for time parameter and force. Inelastic momentum may occur afterwards both from elliptical correction. The parameter of space a dancing ball under the effect of inelastic collisions is described by the simple harmonic oscillator. The 2 D map is used. Dissipation destroys the phase space described by the momentum anomaly. Time inverse may also occur near 60 degrees. Similarly at 45 degrees of simple harmonic oscillator will depict correct behavior. The commute described by by (x,y) = -(y,x) can function by the velocity for :Vw(t) = - e (2pi/T)sin(2pi/T tc) of the simple harmonic oscillator and x or displacement by :Xw(t) = e cos(2pi/T tc). The omega equals 2pi/T (t is the period) and can be from the simple harmonic oscillator of Niels Bohr. The behavior follows the 2pi correction method of velocity correction for dark matter and neutrinos. For period T (s) as (1,2,3,4) the Vw(t) is ( -0.632, -0.158, -0.088,-0.012) and the velocity displaced as in y commutes for emissivity at 60 degrees. For the another step and emmisivity at 45 degrees, and T (s) of (1,2,3,4) is Vw(t) is -0.474,-0.118,-0.066,-0.029).Subsequently the commutes for bosons -(x1,y1) ≈ (y2,x1), (x,y) ≈ --(y,x), (x,y) ≈ -(x,-y) and (x,y) ≈ -(x,-y) for the spin statistics and weak statistics at 45 degrees are relevant to bosons, electro magnetic dynamics, spin statistics and weak statistics which will also be observable in relation to energy correction and principle of least action or E0. The contribution may be toward QCD or part of it for the weak statistics interaction. The three types of matter Bosons, neutrinos, and electrons involve an aspect of QCD. Bosons exhibit strong interaction first then weak interaction and neutrinos are weak forces while electrons are electro- magnetic to create weak statistics [24] interaction. One may have to survey like commute (x,y) ≈−(x,y) or (x,y) ≈−(x,−y). The velocity of the correction closely to the 2pi or power root method for time correction like the ratio of 1/2pi or 1/6.28 and 0.159. The time is considered to be time correction or tc in the simple harmonic oscillator model with the output negative for velocity and x constant or nearly less than the original emmisivity. The results are the negative of the 2pi proportions. ===Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and Time Correction=== :Δtu = √ (m x D2r ÷ E) :The energy correction solution for time correction in is an approximate for velocity correction and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle's Δt solution where the approximation of the time is equivalent to h ÷ (4π × ΔE) for a velocity known such as 2π which represents a correction of 2π (division factor) or vmax and the speed of light. The results are approximately similar to Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle's Δt calculations, for example in the case of electrons. The time component substituted back into the equation will yield the change in energy value for Uncertainty principle [8] that approximately with d proportional to the radius of the particle. :Vmax and time correction displays a right triangle relationship with elliptical correction for energy. This relationship can approximate the legs. Vmax and the uncertainty principle, calculated with time correction parameters with total time, will show a right triangle relationship. The slower velocities show a thinner right triangle pattern which may be part of the range where the assumption of low rest mass velocity is considered.

COMPLEX UNCERTAINTY Max Born and Jordan worked on matrix operations to show complex variables as part of the commute. The Baryogeneisis CP commute of Sakharov is second order and is similar but not enough for time correction at times. [B, H] = BH - HB = 0 which is associative. [p,q] = pq – qp = ih. There are three main possibilities for this type of odds. The possibility is a question of commutative properties. There is a complex variable. From a relation of uncertainty, Ec x Δt ~ Esr x t. Δt x t ~ mD2/Esr . Δt x t ~ m1D12 tc2 / m1D22 . : ΔEc1 ~ Δ Ec2 Δ t. : Esr Δ t ~ mD2 / t : Esr Δ t ~ P * D : Δ Esr Δ t ~ Δ P * Δ D : Δ Esr Δ t ~ Δ P * Δ X If Δ t ~ 1. Independence of time is the assumption. Time correction is a dependent relation. Complex variables of time are possible. The importance of Conservation of momentum shows Energy total as part of change can be the square root of 2 (mv2)2 +2 (mv)2 (1-v) . The interaction term m2v3 is there. CPT symmetry requires T symmetry of time inversion. Inverse time can produce inverse energy as in Light time correction where 1/mv2 < > 1/v. In addition, mv2 ≠ -mD2/tc4 is possible hence the inverse of energy relation is also possible from reciprocal force. If both Mass and speed are independent then the possibility of energy is possible from the inverse or direct square root of mass. T can be ~ -t. In certain conditions (x, -y, z,-t) is espoused hence time reversal is possible when y/t as a factor both negative -y/-t is part of Effective Field theory [28]. The complex uncertainty is also shown with three possibilities from Max Born and Jordan: :[1] BHi = HBi :[2] BiH = HiB :[3] iBH = iHB BHi - HBi =0; BiH- HiB =0; and iBH – iHB =0. i([B,H])=0 can be the commute and can be distributive for i. 1/√m≈1/√m. 1/√(m) c≈1/√(m)D/t. 1/mc2≈1/mv2. Six more possibilities are there:[4] BHi = HiB; [5] BHi = iHB; [6] iBH = HBi; [7] iBH = HiB; [8] BiH = HBi; and [9] BiH =iHB. COLOR Color charge can be shown by complex uncertainty [7] with i([B,H])=0. Color is a property of quarks and gluons with relations to strong interactions in QCD. Particles with antiparticles have a red, green and blue charge as well as for antiparticles. Baryons are composed of three quarks.The creation and annihilation of particles and antiparticles make color which is a colorless white with net charge of 0. Free particles have color charge of 0.


Weak statistics also show parallel addition of like charges to make 0 charge. Equal number of spin states are possible so the addition or sum can add to 0 by 1/2, 1/2 and -1/2, and -1/2. The spin within a shell for a composite Boson is -nmv/4 -- nmv/4 =0. The charge will be 0 from particles and antiparticles. Strong interaction can occur [34]. FRACTALS A concept of time and energy can be shown here. :mD2/tc2 x tc ~ mv2 x time change. This possibility can be developed into fractals of Ramanujan. It is a relationship where energy is not the change but time is the change. Either energy correction or energy with time is involved mv2 x t. Fractals can be described by Ramanujan as P(n) for number of ways to combine numbers for a number [37]. It involves a recursive formula. Energy fractals can be E5=E2+E3. For speed 10 km/s and masses 2 or 3 kg the sum will be the same as E5 or 1638 J. If speed is impacted by a super-luminal velocity, like 1.81 again the energy will still be additive but e.g factor 3.27 times more. MODEL FOR MOMENTUM (1) Etott== mv2 - mv (2) P =h/ λ (3) P c =hc/ λ (4) if speed is independent with momentum only then hc/ λ=mc2 (5) if speed is not independent with momentum, then no photoelectric from this model. (6) if speed is independent of probability of mass and mass –mv2 from P(m)*m derivative with speed for change. (7) If both momentum and energy will occur with speed with momentum, then this is negative energy. A possibility exists for and hc/ λ=mc2/λ [28] with λ independent.


Flux=I/A=I/D2 :S=mv3 If velocity is the factor then the flux definition [54] works. :I ≈ mD2/tc2 * D3/tc :I /D2 ≈ Ec However if time is the factor, then I/V3 ≈ mD2 which involves mass effects. Mass effects can be negative as well. Mass<>tc/D and V≈D/T hence 1/mv≈T/mD. Since momentum squared also results and is independent here. :F<>1/mD Force and time can occur. :Ft<>t/mD or Ft ≈ 1/mD/t ≈ Ft or 1/mv. :mt/v ≈ 1/mv3 :mt<>1/(mv)2 :P2 ≈ 1/mt and not mass effects.Mass effects cancels from flux.Momentum squared is an important source of energy total.This is important to know when the energy total is cancelled. Velociity can be independent for the flux definition but not time correction. This can explain the assertion of the model that show that if Δt ~ (1- P(m)) ÷(2) as long as tu is greater than Δt of Heisenberg uncertainty principle's method for change in time; hence time and probability are not interchangeable dynamically in uncertainty as explained based on mutually exclusive events. Conservation of energy may not hold. 2 × tu is not on a 1:1 level with P(m) and tup ~ (1 - P(m)) ÷ (2).The factor 2 makes the P(y) like a binomial event hence P(X U Y)=1. :P (X U Y) = 1 :P(Y) = 2 × tu :If P(X) = P(m) :tu ~ (1 - P(m)) ÷ (2) :P(m) +1-P(m)=1 If mt<>1/(mv)2 and time can be uncertain vs fixed. The momentum model can be applied here as long as velocity is independent to avoid the force of the photoelectric effect from occurring from flux and behaves mutually exclusive.However the term flux can be described as a sate of matter associated with anti-matter.Matter where ionization potential exists or free radical creation (discussed later in De Broglie waves and Time correction).Once scientists derived energy related to flux.

Time, Energy, and Discussion of Statistic Methods

1)t ~ D ÷ √ (c)[9]
Eec → mc
2)t ~ D2 ÷ √(2 × c)
Eec → 4 × m × c2 ÷ D2
3)t ~ 1 ÷ √(v)
E ~ (mv2 × D) ÷ √ (v)
The energy change when time is of time 0 results in change of energy to momentum. The energy change when the velocity is the hypotenuse, an intermediate of uncertainty time, yields: 4 × m × c2 ÷ D2 a form of energy. Hence time methods prove to be important. The alternate is time correction. The time zero method is derived in comparing special relativity and energy correction based on time correction [9]. According to velocity estimate as the hypotenuse, there will be a right isosceles triangle with C ~ D ÷ (2 √ 2 × c), different from the tradition, where time is t ~ D ÷ √ 2 in the right triangle. The new method shows that energy may transform to 2 × m × c ÷ t and alternate with 4 × m × c2 ÷ D2 where the 2π relationship yields a value lower by less than 2π for the first relation. There may also be a hyper-geometric relationship where there is a right isosceles triangle with legs ~ 1 ÷ √ (2) and hypotenuse ~ 1. The energy relations of Planck's equation, λc, energy correction, and derivation demonstrates a new time relation relationship. Time ~ √(2) × v, however if c = (d2) ÷ (√ 2t), time related to right triangle of velocity hypotenuse is utilized, then energy of special relativity and time correction will transform into momentum mv and no time correction parameter at the point in time though time correction may potentially happen with momentum. Energy correction, and time correction with time proportional to the inverse of square root of velocity yields a formulation of energy, when P(m) is zero, E ~ (mv2 × D) ÷ √ (v) involving a parameter of D ÷ √ (v) different than special relativity when P(m) (versus P(c)) is changed in the time formulation from a probability algorithm when probability P(m) approaches 0. The new method will reflect an increase in energy of about 1/3 for neutrinos. The new relation E ~ (mv2 × D) ÷ √ (v) is proportionate to potential energy difference or work energy where energy has once been believed to be derived from force. If E = mv2 ~ Eec based on elliptical correction as distance, Planck's law, Herz's law, Einsteins' photoelectric effect, and λc correction, the time correction changes to tλce=D ÷ (π √ (2c)). However, the 2pir correction based on circular circumference yields a time correction similar to the rate law in classical physics tc=D ÷ (v √ (2)). The elliptical correction is similar to the velocity as hypotenuse relationship (t ~ D2 ÷ √ 2c). Time based on velocity as hypotenuse is proportional to the square of elliptical λc correction and π2 where tv = (tλce)2 ÷ π2. Time and energy correction methods for the elliptical methods vs energy of special relativity demonstrates from the elliptical correction method that the ratio compared to special relativity for neutrinos is about 150,306 less in kgkm/s2 or about 1/2 less than the speed of light when time correction is followed [9]. Einstein also predicts Brownian motion of black holes similar to the behavior low and high atomic number atoms where bosons at low temperature collapse into the condensate. [13]. In addition, certain black holes have been discovered to spin at 1/2 the speed of light [18] by Reis, Reynolds, Miller, and Walton. The conclusion about the right triangle and time correction is that [9]. 1) As mass approaches infinity Δt2+1 approaches infinity and energy approaches 0 2) If energy approaches 0, and Δt2+1 then E~ (mD2)+1/ tc2 approaches 0. This situation is possible when there are systems that have infinite mass and infinite time resulting in proofs of limits that gives E going to 0 and possibly time going to infinity if a constant such as 1 is added to the term Δt squared plus 1, a constant, for energy of time dilation for mass approaching infinity. This scenario may not be practical on earth because mass is not infinite on earth where limitations may be more. The infinite time may be found in black holes with regards to infinite space time as defined by the Δt2+1 proof regarding gravitational singularity where no rotation is found that may be an analogue of the limit of time approaching infinity.

Discussion of Weak Statistics and Spin Statistics

Previously before the talk of the spin statistics or concurrently was the discovery and the use of the [55] cyclotron by Ernest Lawrence. He was given a Nobel for the discovery of antiprotons through it about the same time as spin statistics. The very bad error is with respect to breaking down time first and force complex time of Einstein and Lorentz which may be beyond all particles to manage and make hap-hazard waste of energy [19]. 'In the non-relativistic theory, this product annihilates two particles at x and -x, and has zero expectation value in any state. In order to have a nonzero matrix element, this operator product must be between states with two more particles on the right than on the left: $ \langle 0| \phi(-x) \phi(x) |\psi\rangle $ Performing the rotation, all that we learn is that rotating the 2-particle state $ |\psi\rangle $ gives the same sign as changing the operator order. This gives no additional information, so this argument does not prove anything.' If a particle exists, one may not destroy it by necessity which may make anti particles. To consider spin statistic relativistic then does not follow where QED is the expectation of a single electron particle. Once this next phase occurs to the problem of momentum based on time correction does occur and is from energy and time dependence. Time correction is a method which shows energy depends on time can also change to momentum and follow the definition of conservation of Energy E=mc2 at times as long as total energy is model of Etot== mc2 - imvo . The possibility of small amounts of energy and mass can involve spin. The weak statistic can show the electron spin of 0 or explained in a new way as proposed by Feynman as the 0 spin electron. The formula of probability of mass is shown and involves independence. P(m) =1/m-c/(1-c) The P(m) is utilized for various techniques the possibility of effect on spin is conceivable based on independence of mass and probability of mass. weak statistic measure comes from the outcome of P(m)*m = 1 is shown for Composite Bosons which involve force which by time correction is negative and inverse. The relationship of velocity may be different for particles as well as mass and velocity. For example, a Composite Boson may have V ~ -1/4v~ -1/4c P(m) =1/m--1/4c/(1--1/4c) and P(m)*m = 1 With the V2v method and Velocity ~ hv/nm , the change is for Composite Boson hv ~ -nmv/4. The according to the calculation of energy and new method, the result may be closer to the following. The spin within shell Composite Boson is -nmv/4 - -nmv/4 =0 The spin for different shell 2 and 1 is proportionate to for Composite Boson -2nmv/4 --nmv/4 = -1/4 . Possibly another Boson may have speed proportional to v ~ 1/4v. Hence the weak statistics [33] for small masses will allow P(nm)*m=1.The spin will be proportional to ¼ or n2/4 . The change of energy then is 2mv/4- mv/4~ ¼ mv from orbitals n=2 or n=1.The resulting transitions are (1/4,4/4,9/4,16/4,25/4) for energy and nmv/4. Spin and strong interaction approaches 0. Weak interaction and this spin of weak statistics approaches 90 based on plots. Spin zero of negative 1/4v vs spin of this positive ¼ v approaches 0 in a plot.Comparing Bosons with a positive spin of same magnitude v~1/4v will result in a sum of spin 0. These Bosons may be affected by M String theory forces.

Weak Statistics Some changes can involve the weak statistic where characteristics involve weak interaction or strong interaction [33]. (1) Strong interaction and time correction involves Strong Interaction comprises of Sin(V1/V2)+Cos(V1/V2)≈1.10.This interaction is similar to 90 degrees and 1. (2) Weak interaction and time correction involves Sin-1(V2/V1)+Cos-1(V2/V1)≈900. Part of spin statistic at work implies even at absolute zero, the system still has a significant amount of energy. As a result, a fermionic system exerts an outward pressure. Even at non-zero temperatures, such a pressure can exist. This degeneracy pressure is responsible for keeping certain massive stars from collapsing due to gravity. In relativity, there are no local fields that are pure creation operators or annihilation operators. Every local field both creates particles and annihilates the corresponding antiparticle. Julian Schwinger and relativity shows the product of the free real spin-0 field has a nonzero vacuum expectation value, because in addition to creating particles and annihilating particles, it also includes a part that creates and then annihilates a particle. Outward pressure and non zero non vacuum state from the same pressure prevent stars from collapsing may create wormholes if there is no weak and strong interaction from time correction. Just as black-holes collide during Brownian motion, wormholes may form through randomness and negative energy [11].'Wormholes pop into and out of existence' and are in the range of 10 E-33 cm.Wormholes are at zero energy.The low rest mass assumption may work during time correction. In the quantum field theory, plates make more pressure outward than between plates.

Space without Time

Operators separated in space with imaginary association for time will not differ yet differ. One cannot create space and separate space and create order to separate space by a phase. The argument of spin statistic fixes the phase to be −1 or 1 according to the spin is seems to be about the 180 degrees polarization and rotate the space-like separated polarization independently by local perturbations. The phase should not depend on the polarization in a appropriately chosen field coordinates. ' This possibility necessitates space to exist without time. The time parameter may be possible based on low rest mass assumption of Einstein but, the question of time dependence is part of this possibility which will not follow and create negative thermodynamic consequence of inertia and axis frame of time proposed then. However, the phase of -1 to 1 is not matching the phase predicting the half integer spin based on the slope and random points. Based on slopes corresponds to phase of fermions because there is a representation of swap of symmetry of waves corresponds to bosons where there is no swap of waves (3) Other reason may who why waves occur based on total energy and and Planck's law or Herz's law with lambda(p) which can be defined by Huygens law and the idea of light from Newton. Spin Statistic and be non-commutable with matrices with bigger velocity squared and a gap showing more energy difference for the negative value association and smaller velocity squared gap has less energy difference. Bosons don't swap wave yet Fermions swap waves which is senseless. Fermions swap waves Bosons don't swap because of negative force already Spin statistic depend on linear time hence, R xT = D. Bosons which may have negative spin of -1/4 don't swap and have negative slope for change in position are possible for weak statistics as shown previously. Fermions which swap are independent are positive for position change are for spin statistic. Uncertainty implies, A) it is a reflexive property for a fermion. B) it is a reflexive property for a Boson. Based Spin statistics the uncertainty principle shows positive result of uncertainty for momentum and position multiplication not otherwise. Commuting fields follow $\phi(x)\phi(y)=\phi(y)\phi(x) $ then only the symmetric part of \psi contributes, so that $\psi(x,y) $=$ \psi(y,x) $, and the field will create bosonic particles. On the other hand, if the fields anti-commute, meaning that \phi has the property that $\phi(x)\phi(y) $=$-\phi(y)\phi(x) $, then only the anti-symmetric part of \psi contributes, so that $\psi(x,y) $= $-\psi(y,x) $, and the particles will be fermionic. Non-commute of matrices is relevant to negative matrices and the the two-field operator product. $R(\pi)\phi(x) \phi(-x) $ R is the matrix that rotates the spin polarization of the field by 180 degrees when one does a 180-degree rotation around some particular axis. The components of \phi are not shown in this notation, \phi has many components, and the matrix R mixes them up with one another. In a non-relativistic theory, this product can be interpreted as annihilating two particles which are similar at positions x and -x with polarization that are rotated by \pi relative to each other and configure $\pi $ around the origin. Under this rotation, the two points x and -x switch places, and the two field polarization are additionally rotated by a $ \pi$.

Weak Statistics Added

- Weak statistics is the n=0 rule with parallel summation. - Weak Statistics is the Cos-1(V2pi/Vmax)+Sin-1(V2pi/Vmax)=90 (weak Interaction) - Interaction of Weak statistics and Strong statistics is similar to 90 degrees.Sin(V1/V2)+Cos(V1/V2)≈1.10.This interaction is similar to 90 degrees and 1. - Weak Statistics is much less than the speed of light.
Spin Statistics
Spin statistic depends on linear time hence, R xT = D. (D1,D2) = (D2,D1) slope =(D1,D2)/ (D2,D1) = 1. (D1,D2) = (D2,D1) slope = (D1,D2)/ (D2,D1) = 1 [33] and a bigger velocity squared gap shows more energy difference for the negative value association and a smaller velocity squared gap has less energy difference. (D1,D2) =-- (D2,D1) slope = (D1,D2)/ (D2,D1) = -1 .Hence there is negative mass. For uncertainty implies, A) Delta P x Delta x(x,y) ~ = (y,x). Delta P x Delta x ~ m x dx/dt x Delta x. Delta P x Delta x ~ m x dx/dt x Delta x is a reflexive property for fermions. B) Delta P x Delta x(x,y) ~ = (y,x). Delta P x Delta x ~ m x dx/dt x Delta x. is a reflexive property for Bosons too. Based on spin statistics the uncertainty principle shows positive results of uncertainty for momentum and position multiplication not otherwise. This may not be quantum mechanics based on no energy change [7].Far towards the sun,EtdxΔt≈Esrxt.

Spin Statistic for Time Correction

A Minor Point on Spin Statistic is done for linear statistic of time correction. Additionally, the assumption (known as micro-causality) that space like separated fields either commute or anti commute can be made only for relativistic theories with a time direction. Otherwise, the notion of being space like is meaningless. On commutablility, the possibility from time correction may allow the slow velocity based on 2pi correction and different time for neutrinos. 8.65 E29 J ~ 8.65E­29 J If the same time correction is applied then commute rule does not work hence not work conditionally for Pauli Exclusion Principle ' Only one fermion can occupy a given quantum state at any time, while the number of bosons that can occupy a quantum state is not restricted '. The spin statistic normally does not directly apply and 4.37E­29 J ~ 1.37E­29 J. 'The Y MASS Polarization involves a few concepts [47][28] : ' Einstein believes the dependent on mass of an object depends on its speed as long as conservation of momentum holds and mass must increase with speed. A new figure shows that for the Y mass transformation method there was in increase as long as speed parameter increases in the figure of 'Mass Increase' and is obtuse not a right triangle geometry. Without Y mass transformation , the time tends to complex values. ' In addition, a general drawing of a right triangle does not come from two legs of mv2. Energy total and mv2 does form a right triangle in general. One may want to avoid infinite velocity. The maximum velocity can be c like Einstein assumed for his work no superlumninal or something like Y Polarization issued maybe possible.' Effective Field Theorem Spin statistics theorem is made by Swiss physicist Markus Fiery during 1939. The Wolfgang Pauli during 1940 stated the integer spin for Fermions to be 1/2 and Bosons to be 1. However time correction and commutes show Bosons behave different. Weak Statistics describe more about Boson particles. Bosons do commute and then described with spins potential from 1/2 and -1/2. Singularity issues will change it for Bosons to 1/4 and -1/4 due to spin polarization. Quarks will have Up, Up, and Down states are W Bosons and Tau particles. Qaurks can also be Down, Up, and Down now possibly Z Bosons with Pions. Spin Statistics [27] assumed not to have x = y and there is space like separation. Effective theory [21] believes this is due to Phases where [P(m)*m] = 1 or [P(m)*-m]=-1. Weak statistics described the first part of the theory for small masses. The space condition can be due to x not equal to y and velocity proportional to 2/T to equal distance alternate I. These will alternate [28] with a square like a wave function with probability between 0 and 1 alternate II. If the particle is negative with spin negative mass may behave as negative. :P(m) = 1/m -v/ (1-v) Spin theorem states (x,y) = (y,x) and spin theorem states (x,y) = -(y,x) naively nothing to do the spin describing rotation and exchange. Such small or tiny masses may occur in genomes or natural flora. Effective theory or spin statistics can involve exchange properties. The bogus claims may include 'So exchanging the order of two appropriately polarized operator insertions into the vacuum can be done by a rotation, at the cost of a sign in the half-integer case.' This occurs and then the alternate I and alternate II may occur for Bosons. Finally, the method will happen like Length contraction. The Wilson chamber is also relevant for dark matter for 68 degrees as the limit for dark matter.

Time ~ 4x Distance/ Vc

Problem Warnings of Wormholes and Dr Kaku

This means that in relativity, the product of the free real spin-0 field has a nonzero vacuum expectation value is a characteristic of worm holes which may be time dependent and random according to the Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku described in an 'Article on Borrowed' Time by J R Minkel. This process which may occur more often in outer space then what about the inner space of life force. Time correction is possible and complex interaction may conserve time. 'Michio Kaku, who claims to be an expert on everything, allowing him to cover up inter alia the documented fact that AIDS is Biowarfare by the U.S. Government Against Blacks and Gays primarily. Assuming the mantle of false authority, Kaku also tries to confuse his trusting, credulous, duped and even fawning listeners (including CCNY students!) on innumerable other issues. Kaku appears regularly on the BBC, Network TV “News” and elsewhere to push the new “scientific” fiction while steering false propaganda on astronomical events or physics research, the latter of which is largely controlled by the falsely labeled U.S. “intelligence community.” 'The basic building blocks of matter such as protons, neutrons, and electrons are fermions. Particles such as the photon, which mediate forces between matter particles, are bosons.' The intentional mix up of wrong phases such as -1 and 1 of fermion and boson will result in a long run wasting away of biological process equivalent to HIV. Muscles will deteriorate, not rebuilding of energy blocks, maintain immunology or biological molecules necessary to make energy to live and maintain. Slopes of random points show fermions (1) require a positive slope and Boson negative slope (-1) and to mix up the negative force known to exist of a boson is wrong intentionally and a violation of health standards. This may not follow and may not explain why Bosons don't commute or rationalize. Spin statistics may be safer at 45 degrees or less like elliptical correction at 45 degrees and less due to singularity discussion.

A small note on M String Theory Forces On the question of certain forces, there can be some light for the string theory [41]. The types of forces known as A) gravity B) Strong forces C) weak forces D) electro magnetism can be shown here. Gravity and Dirac space-time may be appropriate. Followed by Einstein and general relativity. Where one fails the other will be more. Why because the limitation is time dilation. 30, 60, 90 degree right triangles show there can be time dilation. This is a limitation which needs to be kept. Strong forces can involve the properties of time correction and weak statistics. Particles here are W and Z Bosons plus Pions. (1) Sin−1(V2/V1)+Cos−1(V2/V1)≈90 This interaction is called by Alternate II involving (2R/T). (2) Interaction of Weak interaction with strong interaction can be for the square of Alternate II which is of (2R/T)2 . Sin(V1/V2)+Cos(V1/V2)≈1.10.This interaction is similar to 90 degrees and 1. Weak forces deal with time correction or elliptical time correction [28] and may show inverse relationships of velocity with momentum. Time correction and energy correction shows that energy does become momentum. The example of such particles are neutrinos where speed is less than the speed of light or about 0.99995c. The view of singularity and inverse relationship of time, velocity with energy may allow one to group electro magnetism with gravity or weak gravity. Gordon Baym and Light polarization can be grouped in this area where vectors may be set for 45 degrees. Agravat series can be also set for 45 degrees and for time correction there are properties which may conserve time correction.For Time3 ~ Distance, time uncertainty changes to Time ~ 1/V2 and then [28] which is a decreasing series if substituted for uncertainty time. Duality The nature of light as a particle and wave can be seen here. One aspect is duality. To conserve the ether is more with respect to the heavens. 'The remarkable feature about these equations is that they remain the same if we interchange the magnetic B and electric fields E and also switch the electric charge e with the magnetic charge g of a magnetic “monopole”: E <–> B and e <–> g (In fact, the product eg is a constant.) This has important implications.' The 2v~ m is about the momentum [28]which can be momentum if the momentum is conserved or not. Perhaps based on time symmetry and its implications. The number 8 is a ratio of momentum with respect to gravity and times time correction and time elliptical. Evolving backwards is not possible though people dream it. This does not mean be deterministic. According to Vafa, who was looking for super membranes. Then where will he see it without the quantum field theory of everything? :ΔE≈4π(4mv2)≈n(hν−ΔE)/2≈hν :ΔE≈(16πmv2)/n≈(hν−ΔE)/2≈hν/n The idea of Newton of light as a beam is closer to the next part of the total energy equation but first the Huygens theory of light.Waves occur to Christiaan Huygens (1642-1727),as pulses travel through and small elastic balls in contact with each-other which can happen in the double slit experiment.Low photon energies can converge with the duality of light and particles based on total energy (Effective Field Theory) to conserve photons energy.Perturbation is then not under Kepler ellipse because of the competition of the moon and the earth. Non relativistic gravity is elliptical when two bodies compete more or the sun apply to general relativity and Newton’s second law F=ma. The example is ground state energy of the vacuum state as degeneracy occurs. ===Momentum, λp,and Wave Nature=== The λp[5] transformation a precursor to λc which includes time correction as a principle shows the wave transformation supports the inverse relationship of time and velocity for momentum and energy. This relationship of time correction as a parameter in the discussion as following the particle and wave nature of matter adds to this discussion with its support. Wave transformation and time as a parameter may be a manner by which relativity energy behaves with an inverse relationship for time, velocity, momentum, and energy. As shown, for Herz's law, the wavelength transformation proves the relationship for energy, energy correction, velocity of time correction shown for energy, and the change the E= mc2 equation to momentum a component of the total energy equation mv2-imv0. :1) a decrease of time and velocity shows momentum will increase short term :2) an increase of time and velocity shows momentum decrease short term :3) a decrease of time and velocity shows an increase in energy of special relativity with regards to 2π correction :4) an increase of time and velocity shows less energy though by a fraction less than 1/3 In addition, λp[5] shows an inverted cup shape (in figure 11) as predicted for dark matter.

Time Correction and New Formulation for Energy and Principal Quantum Number

A proof of special relativity based on wavelength based momentum λc and Energy correction Eec involving the principal quantum number(related to the distance from origin D ~ n can be transformed with Planck's relation and λc momentum (of time correction [5]) to produce a new formulation E ~ m × v ÷ n. The energy of electrons may be calculated by the new formulation involving n, the principal quantum number, time correction, λc, Eec , and modification of Planck's relation demonstrating an inverse relationship for n or distance from center for electrons with energy based on time correction methods (see figure 4). Time at zero is also utilized when c ~ D2 ÷ t2 facilitates the transformation of energy correction into the new equation [9]. In addition to other properties, Cosine-1(m × v ÷n)+Sine-1(m × v ÷ n)~90 degrees.[9]
220px-Sine of Orbits and Velocity of Energy Equation

Figure 4: Time correction of Orbits with Sine

λc is a parameter for wavelength calculation through time correction to calculate momentum based time correction.[5] Λp or lambda involves the wavelength parameter when momentum is calculated and λc velocity is calculated. When time and wavelength, a measure of length is defined, space is implicitly involved for knowing the existence of a particle and distance at space in time and is involved in proofs of energy which include the low rest mass velocity equation
E=h × ν :λc= h ÷ (8mcπ2)
Eec= m × D2 ÷ tc2
E=8 m × c × π2
c ~ D2 ÷ tc2
E ~ m × v ÷ D
E = m × D2 ÷ tc2 ~ m × v2

Time, Probability, Energy, and Dynamics

If and only if mass is ~ z and if speed (c) ~ y then P(m)= ((1 ÷ m) − c ) ÷ (1 − c); then as time approaches 0, P(m) times mass, if mass is independent of probability with the derivative next with respect to velocity, will approach special relativity[9]. When time correction increases energy increases over time and vice versa. Einstein stated E = mc2 as long as energy of mass point is at rest.[10]. The relationship of probability of mass and mass shows when the derivative with respect to velocity is performed why energy mass conversion may be explained. Sean Carroll states and in my experience, there’s energy in the gravitational field, but it’s negative, so it exactly cancels the energy you think is being gained in the matter fields. [6] For total time and Heisenberg Uncertainty principle with maximal velocity, there may be negative energy changes with time change. Time as a parameter further describes the energy relations with time as a measure.[17] The question of energy in time correction also allows for values which increase with the range of energy with the parameters for time and energy correction whether there are increases in energy from hyper-geometric relationships and decreasing velocity, or positive values of energy change for relativity without time as a parameter.[6] Decreasing velocity is shown in the Agravat series or hyper-geometric function. : If and only if mass is ~ y and if speed (c) ~ z then velocity is shown to decrease. :1) if time correction is the case, energy will increase over time . :2) Plus mass will approach zero if speed is independent and multiplied to P(c). As Einstein noted, as long as mass moves slowly, mass the proof of special relativity from F = ma follows.[10] ::A) as Speed decreases energy increases (if mass constant) tc increases. ::B) as Speed increases energy decreases (if mass constant) tc decreases. ::C) as Mass increases and speed decreases tc increases and energy may increase. ::D) as Mass decreases and speed increases tc increases, energy and tc decreases. Michio Kaku suggests that about Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, the problem of a particle's position and momentum is measured, the less one can know with more precision is mis-understood. The more precisely one measures one parameter does not mean the other may not necessarily be measured. Since precision and technology takes science ahead into the future and makes the question of determinism controversial [11]. Dr. Michio Kaku states freewill is more his belief than determinism. The question on uncertainty in statistics and probability is related to mutually exclusive events. Traditionally, Bayes taught the probability is 0. The new proof shows:
P(X) = X ÷ (1 + X).
P(Y) ~ Q = 1 − P
Q = 1 − (X ÷ (1+ X))
Q = 1 ÷ (1 + X)
P(X U Y) = X ÷ (1 + X) + 1 ÷ (1 + X)
P(X U Y) = 1

Hence, this probability is 1 [4] for mutually exclusive events. If it were 0 then one might suggest uncertainty is a mutually exclusive relationship. Two possibilities can't be the same because the probability may be 0. The possibility based on the new probability definition can be one. The relationship between the two objects may help determine the measurement possibilities based on the scale measured. This new probability suggests that uncertainty related to mutually exclusive events is one if there were two objects, if there is no interaction. When particles have interaction, the rule of probability will be different than one. :Based on the explanation of probability of mutually exclusive events and Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, time correction and energy correction espouses an important point. If time correction and tu are equivalent, then the new relationships support the probability of mutually exclusives as evidence of the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. However, the assertion of the model shows that if Δt ~ (1- P(m)) ÷(2) as long as tu is greater than Δt of Heisenberg uncertainty principle's method for change in time [8]; hence time and probability are not interchangeable dynamically in uncertainty as explained.

1) tc2 = (m (2πr) 2) ÷ (E)
2) tu = (d2) ÷ ( √ (3c))
3) P (X U Y) = 1
4) If P(X) = P(m)
5) P(m) = ((1 ÷ m) − c ) ÷ (1 − c)
6) If tc is proportional to tu
7) tup ~ (1 - P(m)) ÷ (2)
8) P(Y) = 2 × tu
9) P(m) + 1- P(m) = 1
10) t = √((P(z) − c3) ÷ (exp1+c))
Researcher Sean Carroll stipulates the concern for whether energy conservation law always demonstrates conservation due to time translational Lorenz in-variance [17] stating energy is not conserved. Under the independent-time method's assumption and support for Bayes proof of independence ( t = √((P(z) − c3) ÷ (exp1+c)) {4] and a probability algorithm P(n|i) for time formulation (in tables 3 and 4 [15]), the time parameter does not translate into equal proportions of energy meaning energy may show conservation properties based on time as a parameter. The Probability, P(z) or P(c) where 1-P(c) is proportionate to speed of light, shows the more extreme the values for probability and time the lower the magnitude of energy by absolute value. Plus the complex parameters of time produces higher magnitudes of energy according to absolute values with lower probability. :Regarding probability, P(c) = ((1 ÷ c) − m ) ÷ (1 − m), where 1-P(c) is proportionate to speed of light c :1) if parameters for c (speed of light), and mass both are not equal to 0, P(c) exists :2) if mass parameter equals or approaches 0, statements of expressions may not be appropriate to be set, because they may lead to infinity inappropriately [3]. For P(m) = ((1 ÷ m) − c ) ÷ (1 − c) and t = √((P(m) − c3) ÷ (exp1+c)), the proof indicates probability then approaches 1 for very small masses hence and time is proportional to inverse of square root of c (t = 1 ÷ √ (c)) which supports symmetry of dark matter and time ( figure 5 [6]) .
Energy and Probability

First as stated P(m) times mass and derivative with respect to velocity results in special relativity. Next, for infinite mass energy can be formulated as mv2-imv0 where i and o approach from 1 to infinity [5] results in the product of P(m) times mass and change or derivative with respect to velocity in negative momentum and energy of special relativity in the form of mv2 for no time correction from a hyper-geometric relationship. However in the case that energy approaches 1 a constant, infinite mass integrated with respect to velocity results in the second part of the energy equation for not time correction or imvo. The first state change for i and o as 1 shows mass relationship when integrated for velocity as well as subsequently. Hence, for infinite mass there is positive energy, and for infinitive small mass, the more likely based on probability [15] integrated for velocity, and infinite mass results in the second term of the energy equation without time correction. If P(m) is zero then the energy equation with time correction is mv2 × D ÷ √ (v).

Dirac Relativistic Equation, Time, Bose-Einstein Condensate,Photoelectric Effect, and Energy
As Paul Dirac worked out, Per the Hamiltonian equation another energy equation can be formed. It can be the sum of mv2 and three iteration sum of the energy equation.  With the total energy equation, as positive from mv2-mv the new equation for a Hamiltonian [54] can be: A)   H = √ (mv2 + 3 mv2 +mv +3 mv3) However, the derivative with respect to velocity for the sum of the latter term is the velocity itself (AJST 2013). The relation with energy total for the Hamiltonian will be if independent equation B else equation C. B)   H = √ (mv2 )2 -2m2v3 +(mv)2) C)   H = √ (mv2 )2 -m2v3 +(mv)2) Hyper parabolic shapes of elliptical momentum where elliptical relativity of lambda of Agravat shows a hyper-parabolic plot (in figure 1 [9]) compared to degenerate energy levels [14] compared to parabolic density of energy states. 3-D energy configurations of infinite potential well demonstrates Ex1x2x3 ~hf (x1+x2+x3+3/2) ~ hf (x1+x2+x3) [14] which is parabolic. However all energy configurations that are less than or equal to E [14] can be graphed in Hilbert space of x1, x2, x3 shown inside a tetrahedron ([14] figure 5).The reference is to the 60 degrees and emissivity [21] or possible time dilation at 90, 60, 30 degrees right triangle of isosceles. [14] Equilateral triangles can be in the vertex with energy Ex1x2x3 where X1+X2+X3 ~X~ E/hν. An equilateral relationship also exists in the plot of lambda, time correction, and velocity correction (in figure 5 [9]).The interaction term missed by Dirac is m2v3 within the radicand of the relativistic energy equation of Dirac as an inflation term is a point of QED. The m2v3 term is partly an antimatter inflation term which can be part of the Dirac sea except extra mass if mass is independent. Proofs of Herz’ s law can be drawn on this relationship for photons from De Broglie’s equation for known momentum and wavelength and the inverse of E/hv relationship and the Hilbert space. Traditionally the De Broglie wavelength is shown as: :λ=(hc)÷(pc) :λ=(h)÷(p) :λ=(h)÷(mv) :P=(h)÷(λ) However this new relationship derived demonstrates a relationship for E=hv and E~mc2 where the ratio of Planck equation to Einstein’s special relativity is done. :E= hv :E= mc2 :If mc2~hv :C = vλ :(v)÷(c)~(1)÷(λ) :(hv)÷(mc2) :(h)÷(mcλ) :The energy ratio of Planck's equation and Einstein's special relativity allows an added relation to energy correction. The analogous relationship can follow the same principle. :hν ÷ mD2 ÷ tc2 :hν ÷ mc2 :(Eh)÷(Esr)~(h)÷(mcλ) : hvλ ÷ mc2= h ÷ mc : hvλ ÷ mc2= h ÷ P : hvλ ÷ mc2= h ÷ mc : vλ ÷(c)=1 : c=vλ :The relationship is a correct measure of Herz’s law, De Broglie, and Planck’s equation with special relativity as well as Bose-Einstein condensate and inverse of E/hv ([14]). However for Ep time dilation is possible from Bohr velocity and a method showing TcxVc/4. hv/mc2 has been shown to have relationships for energy, the λc transformation of E=hv and follows special relativity as well and energy correction Eec~ (mD2)/tc2 ([15]). From The relationship of energy as hnu with energy correction and mv2, one can go further to show the photoelectric effect. The Herz relation also helps to solve the relationship.In addition, mc2 / λ ~ hnu hence hc ~ mc2 an energy term. The momentum model may be relevant.Momentum may explain some of it. :hnu/mc2 ~1 :hnu ~ mv2 :hc/λ ~mv2 From further analysis of 'time correction of energy and momentum' there is new relations from proofs of wavelengths. Hence there is support for time correction. : hν≈hc/λ : hνc≈hvc/λp : λc≈vc/νc : λc x νc≈Vc : λc/νc≈(2πr)/tc :A new relativistic Dirac Equation modified proof demonstrates the energy to be similar to the D or hypotenuse method for Schrodinger equation estimate for energy of electrons by principal quantum number for energies of about 4.33 E-24 J vs 4.35E-24 J for hydrogen atom electrons and the method demonstrated. For electrons which are more in center of atoms than further away may have more energy (tables 1a, b [14]), explains why electron are more easily pulled away with respect to lower ionization energy that may be lower for certain elements and lower ionization energies may exist for electrons that may be far from the center or having higher principal quantum numbers.
1) α=(V)÷(Zc)
2) (1) ÷ (Z)2 =(V)÷(ZC)
3) (1) ÷ (Z)=(V)÷(C)
4) Z=(C)÷(V)
5) Then E~(mc)2 ÷(√(1-Z2×(α)2))
6) E~ (mc)2 ÷(√(1-(c2÷v2 × α2)))
7) E~ (mc)2 ÷(√(1-(1)÷(Z)2))
8) E~ (mc)2 ÷(√(1-(v)2 ÷(c)2))

As Paul Dirac worked out, per the Hamiltonian equation another energy equation can be formed. It can be the sum of mv2 and a three iteration sum of the energy or energy total equation. However, with the total energy equation, as positive from mv2 - mv the new equation for a can be but different from (Agravat 2017): E = √( (mv2 )2 -2m2v3 +(mv)2 ) if independence of energy total is there or less one term of inflation if not [3].

Researchers in Rome and Portsmouth shows dark matter is slowly being erased as well as expansion occurring. There was no proposed mechanism to show why in the Standard Model to explain the interactions according to Prof David Wands [47]. WIMPS are destroying each other which are matter and antimatter. This process in black holes may destroy stars [48]. This may possibly include dark energy.


This process may be appear like matter [54] eating matter due to the principal of quantum numbers being different with attractive forces, however, after energy comes from force but is negative of the photoelectric effect and subsequently even momentum may be erased. The negative energy comes from force time correction and independence of distance to create bonding which can possibly include dark energy. The sum of h and -h can add to 0 which can lead some to time inverse. If energy is negative, Michio Kaku and ‘An Interview with Borrowed Time’ (JR Minkel), and time correction is random with a zero vacuum expectation like h+-h =0 ,0 can help create wormholes. The sum of this type of energy is 2 times greater than Stern Gerlach spin or energy for electrons. Within a shell this may sum to zero like weak statistics. Force time correction and energy correction can also combine to make energy throughout the stars. Time inverse may happen within to make rings within rings with probability and negative space with repulsive forces. These are likely how negative energy and forces act.In addition, time dilation occurs [54]. : Fc =-mD/tc2 :E =-mD2/tc2 :t ~ 1/√vc Negative energy,randomness, and zero momentum may result, stated by Michio Kaku, as in micro worm holes if vacuum expectation is 0 with time inverse ~ 1/√vc from the sum of h and -h.

Non-Normal Probability

Non-Normal probability(Shapiro Willk's P Value of P <0.0018) is [21] part of the discussion and explain the energy sum to 0 and the phases of non-superluminal velocity and superluminal phases [49]velocity for Cooper Pairs. The Herz law and equations summing to 0 do show the problem associated with Cooper pairs. Condensation may also occur of mass through the force derivation and Independence of mass to energy correction for negative energy.Momentum can also sum to 0 for h and -h with energy correction and P * λ. This probability can then effect mass condensation which can occur.λec2 ~ 1/2mπ4 is statistically normal with P value P < 0.1457 in the end after going through independence.
Fc/d tc =2mD/tc2*tc
Λec=~ h/2mcπ2
E(GR) ~32GMnmv/tc 4c4
h ~mvr ~hnu ~ mv2
E~ mvr/2π
h~ mv2
λec ~ h/2mcπ2
λec2 ~ h2/4(mc)π4
λec2 ~ mv2/4(mc) 2π4 –mv/ 4(mc) 2π4
λec2 ~ 1/4(m)π4 –1/ 4(mc)π4
λec2 -0.5 λec= 1/4(m)π4
2(λec2 -0.5 λec)= 1/2mπ4
2 λec2 -λec= 1/2mπ4

The process λec[28] shown can help show the pairing of mass along with Boltzman uncertainty h/√3kmT, then λec again with the time independent Schrodinger wave equation with less redshift, non-superluminal, for energy. :Psi(x,t) ~ Psi(x) Ae-iEt/h The photo-response experiment [46] with 70.6 um laser and 4.25 THz makes energy correction accurately. The frequency of 4.25 THz and Planck constant with hnu is 2.83 E-18 J. :Ec = mD2/tc2 is about 2.81 E-18 J: tc2 ~ mD2/E is about 2.522 E-13 s. The time correction comes from the solution of energy correction [5] with Herz equation for energy ~ E. The photoelectric effect yields 6.45 E-18 J.

De Broglie Waves and Energy Correction

A new challenge must now be met to understand energy [54]and the concept of waves. This method comes from the proofs of the Herz law and De Broglie wave. First the De Broglie waves which is fundamentally independent. Energy is not the same as the energy here with distance. Energy and distance produces the Joules or energy based on independence.
P= h/ λ : mv=h/λ
h =mvλ
E = hnu/ λ (N)
E * λ = hnu (J) The next part is the proof of wavelength based on energy correction.
mD2 / tc2 = hnu/λ
λ = hnu tc2 / mD2
λ =hc tc2 / mD2 λ
λ = tc/D *(√ hc/m)
: λ = tc/D *(√ hv/m)
: λ ~ 1

The power root of the expressions for light -time correction [5] are there for energy and distance too. :2π√(hnu/ λ)/ 2π :2π√(mv2)/2π These are roughly equivalent. :hnu/λ changes to hnumD/tc √nu from the wavelength relation of λ = tc/D *(√ hv/m).The Herz equation for energy vs nmv or energy of orbital is next to be considered. An inflation term results such as m2v3/√nu. The short distance method of 2 v0 ~ V can be compared to result in an extra factor of 2 to show inflation as two times more 2m2v3/√nu. Energy compared to mv2λ has a distance parameter with it. What about the ratio to normal inflation which is also 2:1 vs velocity? This comparison produces independent energy also 2:1 when 2hu / mv2 is there. Another inflation term results in mv3 or also 2mv3 which may be antimatter where the short distance can relate to. A right triangle with 2mv3 and mv2 shows energy squared where eventually 0=0 ad infinitum, and independent velocity a variable in the momentum model where the photoelectric effect may occur to possibly produce radicals through ionizing radiation [50] and secondary beta particles and ejection of electrons. This is different from the inelastic mean free path. A prism of light is possible through ionizing radiation and streams of electrons or possibly superluminal velocity associated with radiation. A coefficient of 1/4 is produced from 2m2v3 . There can be lesser energy as seen in ionizing radiation of mv2/4. Composite bosons which are having mass and speed fractions of 1/4.Weak statistics are [33]then possible as P(m)* approaches 1 for low mass particles and hnu ~ nmv/4 for energy of particles in orbit. Particles can sum to spin 0 if like spins combine which are negatively paired to positive spin states. Z bosons have mass 1.61 E-25 kg and radius 1 E-20 km. The energy correction and lambda(p) with c yields 1.737E-13 km. Lambda(c) and Nuc (103031.30 Hz) results in a speed of 299,777.30 km/s . Time correction gives a time of 9.65 E-20 seconds with energy correction of 6.82 E-32 J. Energy lambda (De Broglie)is 1.06 E-34 .mv2 is about 1.446 E-14 N. Inflation Statistics can involve the sum of three iteration of energy [6] total yields 3mv2+mv+3mv3. The derivative with respect to velocity of this equation is velocity with 3mv3 as 3m*P(m) because derivative of P(m)*m is -mv2. However the right triangle relationship of two energy total terms is energy squared - 2 inflation terms plus momentum squared. The relativistic equation of Dirac will differ slightly perhaps. Epi = √ ((mv2)2-2m2v3+(mv)2) The baryon number [7] equation will give for the first scenario of sum of three energy iterations vs energy total independence. B=1/3(q-q(hat)) is 0 for sum of three energy sum. Doing the independence of three energy total iterations is different then. The natural log of the equation can be done. : 2ln(E)-2lnI+2lnP Substituted into the Baryon equation for weak statistics to be done . : nB=1/3(nq-nq(hat)) :nBi= 1/3(2q-2q(hat)) where n=2 and again the Baryon number is even with inflation term as antimatter which is wrong per iteration of energy total including momentum. The number of inflation terms given is 1)2m2v3 ;2) 2m2v3/√ nu energy from De Broglie Waves and energy correction; 3) mv3 antimatter energy correction (De Broglie waves) and hnu/λ not photoelectric effect or mD3/v3; 4) 2m2v3 b 2/ π 2; 5) 2m2v3 from Little EDM and CP violation. Antimatter from mv3 can be applied to the Baryon number problem. Q as the number of particles can reflect the sum based on group of matter and antimatter. There are 4 inflation terms to 1 antimatter term produced. The energy total iteration of 2ln(E)-2lnI+2lnP can include 1/2 for antimatter based on ratios. :nBi= 1/3(2q-q(hat)) [54] A revolution of 1 cycle can thus result in positive matter from energy than antimatter in a 2: 1 ratio from weak statistics for Baryon number and energy total and independence. This can imply there needs to be safety measures for x-rays and radiation. In addition to antimatter, non- aligned pion particles means there is more risk than know based on particles, phase space [21], and ' the importance of conservation of momentum' [51]when x-ray exposure is the case. : mv2 λ (dv/dt) : mv2 tc/D √ hv/m (dv/dt) : mv2 /D √ hv/m A right triangle relationship with mv2 λ yields some antimatter intermediate when independent. : m2 v3 /D2 hv/m : mv3 /D2 hv :mv4 /D2 h if h ~ mv then, there is a new term, m2v5 /D2 where there is some energy squared where v/d can be independent. A new relationship is possible if exponential is done. : m2v5 /D2 : m2v3 / t2c : em2v3 / t2c : eh/i(P2)*v/tc2 : eh/i(P2)*v/D2 : e(mv/t)(mh/it) : e(mv/t)(mh/it) ~ e(mv/t)(P2/it) : e(mv/tc)(P2/itc) ~ e(mv/tc)(mv2-mv/itc) This derivation is of a time dependent inflation equation which is part Newton's and energy total. m2v3 / t2c is another inflation term (6).The equation is different when the exponential is done there is a centripetal effect term of Newton's. Energy correction of momentum is the part making the form of equation new. A time correction substitution, tc ~ (2πr)i2/h further enhances the equation change. The square term and a right triangle relationship with energy gives v ~ (D)2i/h vs h/2πr to yield time correction. v ~ (2πr)2i/h . Energy correction changes if tc ~ 2πr i / h to Schwarzschild mass relationship and possible mass effects shown based on force time correction.

Electric Fields and Energy

In general a field is the Force divided by charge. The discussion here is the electric field for time correction inverse. The possibility of antimatter arises from either ionization or negative energy. The short rod ,[53] is the example for the charge discussion. :E=F/Q :E=kQ/D2 :E=-mD/tc2 Q Th electric field of a charge on a short rod is kQ/D2 :E=kQ/D2 From time correction the electric field is stated as -mD/ Q tc2. :E= -mD/ Q tc2 :Q ~ √- mD3/ktc2 : kQ2 =-mvD2 From the rate law the Q the point charge is then new or in terms of time correction also expressed next. :Q=D√- mv/k :Q ~ √(-mD 3/k)(tc2) However, charge can also involve antimatter a form of matter which can form free radicals for ionization. If tc is ~ to inverse time correction or 1/√v and if independent, one may dissipate negative energy forms into temperature. :Q=tc√-mv3/k Negative anti-matter can involve time correction also in terms of charge squared and Boltzman constant. here there will be current, Joules per temperature of K. :-mv3 ~ Q2k/tc2 In terms of physics of force F=C/A which is flux. So the electric field is E= -mD/Qtc2.Squaring the electric field and solving from time correction yields a new relation without Q or point charge but the Boltzmann constant k which is like the Joules squared per Kelvin but negative. If time correction is inverse here, then the negative of the momentum is in an orbit and not force and becomes energy or mvn divided by squared root of distance resulting in a shorter orbit or perhaps kick out of particles which is different from Schrodinger's energy hnu/n2 similar to the short distance 2v0~ m [33]. :E ~ 1/tc(√-mk/D) :E ~ (√-kmv/D) : E ~ mvn/√D ~ mvn/√n : E ~ hnu/√D ~ hnu/√n

Proof of Electric Field and Magnetic Field

:a)E= -mD/Qtc2 and D~-1.
b)F= E*q
c) F= = -mD/Qtc2*q == -mD/t c2
d)B = F/q*v
e) B = F/q*v =-mD/tc2 *(1/qv) ==-mD/qvtc2 ~ Electric field/v
f) B = Electric field/v
g) E/B ~ v = mD/Qv tc2 / -mD/Qv tc2= 1/v
Here there is proof [54] that the new Electric field of time correction works. :1)E= -mD/Qtc2 :2) B = F/q*v =-mD/tc2 *(1/qv) :3)-mD/qvtc2 ~ Electric field/v :4) E/B ~ v = mD/Qv tc2 / -mD/Qv tc2= 1/v == Problem of Relativity Energy == The discussion of the Wigner distribution function is complex [21].There is a relationship for distance and momentum but not energy with time. The solution of the density function and the distance and momentum is feasible, but the principal quantum number is an interval variable. The problem is one cannot have energy from momentum in 'n' the orbit and the possibility of change will be harmful. The relationship for velocity and radius or distance can be a possibility the total energy equation. (1)  v ~ 1/r (2) (mv2 -mv) ~ 1/r (3) dx/dt ~ v (4) mv 2 ~ mD 2 / tc2 (5) mv ~ Etc3 (6) m * dx/dt ~ [1/(v2 -v)] dt (7) m * dx/dt  ~ [D2/tc2 -D/tc ] -1  (dt) (8) m * dx/dt  ~ [D/tc2 -4D/tc3] (9) (mv2 -mv)Etot(r)   (10) [mD/tc2 -4mD/tc3 ] (11) Etot(r)  mv/t - 4mv/tc2 This energy Etot(r)  mv/t - 4mv/tc2 is known as centripetal effect energy. The solution from energy and time independent method for energy is scary about 3.65 E-65 J for velocity of uncertainty versus speed of light and far different from the non - time dependence to one of 8.20 E-20 J and mv2 . The ratio is about 4.45 E-45 with Ep in the denominator. The solution of uncertainty principle the ratio is 8.32 E-12. The practical solution of Ep as √(2mv2) is then compared 4.04 E-10 J. The factor is about is too close to the uncertainty problem to be less. The ratio of 8.32 E-12  with uncertainty and 4.04 E-10 J is 48.64.. From the equation  the final answer and radius relationship with velocity uncertainty of 1.43 E-10 km/s and time uncertainty for electron 0.000358 seconds, is 3.63 E-37 kg km/s2  (In terms of Newtons about 3.63 E-40 N) and less of 2.96 E-30 kg km/ss ( in N/s about 2.96E-33 N/s). With the speed of light 3 E+5 km/s time is 1.70 E-19 s. The result then compares to 1.60 E-6 kg km/s2  or 1.60 E-9 N and 3.77 E +13 Kg Km/s3 or 3.77 E + 10 N/s. Possibility of speed of light as the velocity may not be acceptable based on measures of known energy of electron is  0.511 MeV. This relationship is different from energy of pair or threshold for 2mv2 where Ep can be the square root of 2mv2  for Ep. The first term may show a different rate law mv/t  vs 2mv/t  and the next part R x 2/T = D which is false for Bosons or not appropriate  mv/t - 4mv/tc2  and energy of threshold. The orientation of left side vs right side may be affected such as in cis vs trans shapes of configurations showing unstable cis forces vs trans forces and configuration such as carbohydrates molecules of fat vs unsaturated fat or types of bonds.  

Centripetal Effect and General Relativity

The consideration of centripetal effect is about the energy or momentum of two iterations of the total energy equation of can come and produce for dark matter 2mv2 -2mv conditional on time. The condition of time or period T is now the probability of time squared if P(t)2 where tc is proportional to square root of (vc) where time symmetry can be seen with waves. The excited energy 2mv2 is then part of the left over of two iterations of total energy 2mv2. The general relativity is also part of the problem here. General relativity for gravity Guv ~ - 8 π G Tmv/C4 divided by the yanks term or 4mv/tc2 is roughly equivalent to - 2 π G mD2 /(4). This term is like a force equation and the universal gravitation constant of Newton where alternate II or square of it is (R x 2 / T) squared D2 ~ 4V2 /(tc2) to T2 ~ 4V2 / (D2) of Tuv. Momentum correction based on time Pc ~ Etc3 and tc can be proportional to Tuv of general relativity or T2 ~ 4V2 / (D2). Newton's gravitational force is easily part of the realization. The equation of the energy will be supported by and argument in Guilini paper [32] about gravity and energy "Principle: All energies including that of the gravitational field itself, shall gravitate according to E=mc2. In addition after 1907, Einstein and gravity work, to deduce the relationship between inertia and gravitational redshift of mass and the deflection of light by the gravitational field of massive bodies. The redshift will result in active geometrical mass which resulting in geometric upper bounds. The latter homogeneity requirement, justified the gravitational potential as the local velocity of light which is only determined up to constant rescalings of the timescale." However, the 1905 paper shown his method to result in Energy = mD/T which is equivalent to momentum [28].Here energy can be proportional to Ec or mD2/tc2. The time parameter can still be present in GR energy. Another option is energy related to force times distance or mv2/(dv/dt) which is acceleration and energy. Gravitational waves can be seen as well. :E (Gmv) ~ -8 π(Gm TmvE / (V4) The linear rate law con occur with the 0.5C transformed [28] of T=2L/V the 0.5C ( in place of c) factor can more than double GR. :Gmv=128 π GmTmv/c4

Time Dilation and Simple Harmonic Oscillator ' The simple harmonic oscillator [34] may be modified to work with time correction. The γ will be 1 from the slow or negative speed of -6.57 E-6 km/s enough to do shocks with time dilation of Einstein-Lorentz. The tω is still 9.54 E-6 seconds. This may feed the Power law -tail [35].The small gravitons may occur then. The Vω is -6.57 E-6 km/s. The an issue of TxD/2 as alternate I and (TxD)/(2)2 as alternate II may occurs to find the distance D with Vω. D1=Tωx2 /Vω and D2=(Tωx2/Vω)2.Polarization of the graviton is done at 45 degrees [3,6] on the (x,y) axes. The time dilation method here can be meant for the Method (5) in 'Small Gravitons' for time parameters with simple harmonic oscillator (S.H.O.). D1=RxT is 6.57E−6x9.54E−6= −6.26E−11km;D2=RxT is 2.34E−14x2.09E−29= 4.89E−43km. The faster speed of -6.57 E-6 km/s (S.H.O) in negative results in -6.26 E-11 km. The slower speed of 2.34 E-14 km/s gives a distance of 4.89 E-43 km. The faster speed has more distance though negative from the rate law. The slower speed has less absolute value distance. The slopes are for D1 / R=T of 9.52 E-6 s and the D2 /R=T of 2.08 E-29 s. However the simple harmonic oscillator is described with a different outcome. Cos(2pi∗9.54E−6) =1 ; Cos(2pi∗2.09E−29)=1. Hence, the distance is compared to be the same but not for the simple harmonic oscillator. The negative speed has negative distance hence less than the positive distance which is greater by sign but not by absolute. The relation of distance and time dilation is shown by the question of 90 degrees. D1/ D2 works with the S.H.O. model. D2/D1 works with the ordinary but indiscreet inference of velocity from energy and energy correction. :ΔT(S.H.O.)=tω / (√1−(Vω / c))2 :Sin−1(D1 / D2)+Cos−1(D1/ D2) > 900 :Sin-1(D2 / D1)+Cos-1(D2 / D1) > 900 . Minkowski Diagram Speed multiplied to time dilation will yield [34] more momentum. When this scenario speed of time dilation and time difference may look similar. It is comparable to Minkowski diagram. Part of the diagram is possibly is due to non-substation of speed and light. This relation of proper time is from Minkowski or Einstein where the accelerating clock has less time than stationary clock from the Doppler Effect or twin paradox.

C*ti =V2 *ti +V3 *ti
C*ti ` =V2 *ti ` +V3 *ti `
C*ti `` =V2 *ti `` +V3 *ti ``

Centripetal Effect

The collisions may be observed from the total energy equation and changes. Equation (A) contains the term Newtons and yank. Equation (B) is the error term of energy relevant to total energy and centripetal velocity relevant to the centripetal effect. (A) mv/t - 4mv/tc2 (B) 2mv2 Term (A) has a part can be associated with red shift. Part (B) is associated with White shift.Part (A) and red shift like and weak statistics. One may have to note and avoid the ignorance of superluminal velocity. White shift is a term associated with momentum change in between blue shift and red shift. The additional example of this relationship of the force of newtons and yanks in the centripetal velocity may occur about smoking or tobacco. The first term and time can be relevant to dead time uncertainty or dead time correction :Δtu = √ (m x D2r ÷ E) and is with respect to speed of light and uncertainty velocity 3 E+5 km/s and 1.43 E-10 km/s. The second term about dark matter as constant. One can alternate the first term for the velocity of 'c' and uncertainty which may occur with red potatoes shit and be worse in winter like HIV a silent effect not seen. The centripetal effect is long term and may relate to dead time correction and pathology of smoking relevant to Δtu. The thermodynamic effect of smoking can be seen like emphysema. There is also a gray black lung problem relationship like emissivity constant when ε can equal to 1 Etot(r) and ε equals 1 when the Stefan Boltzamn law is seen with perfect black-body. Etot(r) and ε < 1 when grey. [21] may also occur from the Etot(r). The problem of smoking can be related to diabetes and weight gain as well as obesity. The smoking problem can be possibly relevant to red shift and centripetal effect in winter. A smaller example is a lotus in the morning, where red shift may also occur in a pink flower. Do not touch the Lotus Flower in the morning. YANK and GR Energy correction in the form of mv2t2c is what can happen like a yank. Ec≈mD2t2c and when time is effected by the centripetal effect and force. One can have Etot(r)≈mv/t−4mv/t2c . The energy of general relativity which can follow occurs. E(G(mv))≈ 8pimGTuvE / V4 This form of energy can independently be effected in place with the yanks −4mv/t2c . The result can be through substitution. E(Gmv)≈−32piTmv(Gm)2E / v4 t2c This type of general relativity can occur in cosmic inflation nearly as suggested by Dr Alan Guth [28,42]. Alexander Friedman suggested and expanding universe through singularity in 1922. Further study indicates a negative vacuum from a false vacuum.Time correction can also be followed for the vacuum though different from the one expected. :tc≈ √−32piTmv(Gm)2E /v2 :t≈√3c2/ 8πGu .

Light as Particle and Wave

(1) Waves ([21]) occur to Christiaan Huygens (1642-1727) where pulses travel through and small elastic balls in contact with each-other. (2) The idea of Newton of light as a beam is closer to the next part of the total energy equation. (3) If it is interwoven, then it makes a string like a fabric of the cosmos.  (4) The process is to use average acceleration for two separate parts A and B. (1) Tf≈2πrVc (2) νf≈VΛ (3) ΛPf≈h/8mcπ2 (4) T0≈√m/√Ec*(2πr) (5) ν≈Vλ (6) Λ≈h/mv The B process is the alternation of waves. aavg≈ Vf−V0 / tf−t0 aavg≈ Λpf−Λ0 / tf−t0   Such an occurrence may occur like snowballs in the ocean. An example is the Arctic ocean. This can happen in the case, when time has an increase of temperature.

Dielectric Field and changes

A  general phenomenon known as material dispersion: a frequency-dependent response of a medium for wave propagation. When the frequency becomes higher: dipolar polarization can no longer follow the oscillations of the electric field, [28] in the microwave region around 1010 Hz; Ionic polarization and molecular distortion polarization can no longer track the electric field past the infrared or far-infrared region around 1013 Hz;electronic polarization loses its response in the ultraviolet region around 1015 Hz. In the frequency region above ultraviolet, permittivity approaches the constant ε0 in every substance, where ε0 is the permittivity of the free space. Because permittivity indicates the strength of the relation between an electric field and polarization, if a polarization process loses its response, permittivity decreases. Phase velocity can be an intermediate to the veloctiy of lambda and Wien's law and becomes acceleration. When combined, the velocity ~ h/λ(Wien) * m. Temperature changes to acceleration from time dependence because T is the period occurs though temperature can occur and be relevant. λp :velocity ~ h/λ(Wien) * m :mv2 :m*VWien2 :Eexp ~ m*(h/λ(Wien) * m)2 :Acc(m) ~ h T / (λ(Wien)*m)  :Acc(m) ~ mv2 * T2 :Accm ~ m2v3b2/ π2 Based on a new Wien's velocity VWien ~ h / (λ(Wien)*m) the energy of expansion and momentum dependence changes [28] to mv2 from momentum squared and velocity Wien. As the universe expands, dark matter may be eaten as energy. There is a simple empty space or vacuum. Astronomers believe there is gravitational attraction as seen as mv2 from the expansion Acc(m) where temperature dependence is an intermediate Acc(m) ~ h T / (λ(Wien)*m). Accm ~ m2v3b2/ π2 results from the temperature relation of T ~ b/(λ(Wien)*π2). The interaction term of matter is due to temperature change is present m2v3. The question [28] of expansion is a point of the standard model for the Big Bang which is inflation. The period increase will show for increase in period by unit of 10 and mass increase for 1/10 of the period the acceleration produced with respect to material dispersion increases. The velocity of Wien and lambda is periodic with changes. The combination of the two is like a rainbow which light must happen to. These changes are with respect to the dielectric field which can happen and occur in Chernekov radiation [30]. This is like the rainbow effect. This sine inverse of (acceleration) is about 7.04 E-22 for the first term. The cosine inverse of the acceleration is 90 degrees. This relation happens also for light - time - correction, but the sine inverse term is the square of the initial if light -time correction for time dilation. The sine inverse of V(Wien) is 7.04 E-23 more than the acceleration. The cosine inverse of the initial velocity(Wien) in also 90 degrees. The isosceles symmetry based on the distance hypotenuse method for 2mv/tc can change to 2mV(Wien)/T . The first data is then producing 2.46 E-25 for the first row. The 4mV(Wien)2 results in 6.05 E-46. The square root of 6.05 E-46 results in 2.46 E-23 which is 1/10 different plus roughly gravity 10 km/s2 estimate than the first part term of 2mV(Wien)/T and can be about the propagation of light through a vacuum.

The problem of a particle's position and momentum is measured, the less one can know with more precision is mis-understood. The more precisely one measures one parameter does not mean the other may not necessarily be measured.


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