Timberline Ski Area & Winter Camp

Timberline is a hometown ski resort that resides in the Pike National Forest just paralleling with the streets of Roxborough State Park, in Roxborough CO. Located at 10561 Raven Run Roxborough Park Co, it was founded on December 5th, 2011, by four young boys who were out for adventure and knew the area well enough, and snow reports well enough, that they could designate some slopes up there.

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History and Background knowledge

The history of the area is, that the runs and slopes run along, and under, a system of power lines that service for the local community. Being in a forest of tall trees, the workers who installed the power lines had cut down the forest underneath the power lines, for convenience of routine active maintenance, also the well being and safety of the power lines.

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The Area of Timberline

The area was well sought out and explored on by the founding members, way before the resort was instituted. Bike rides, hikes, and all manner of expeditions were taken up there before the idea was presented of a ski resort. After a hike to the place during a snowy November day, it was decided that a trial expedition up to the high hills would take place to try and foresee any chance of skiing. On December 5th, that snowy expedition took place. Right at the cul-de-sac of Raven Run up in Roxborough Park just South of Littleton Colorado, The four began up a .75 mile snowy trail leading to small valley that sat below some great power lines. to the left, was where the main run sat that was sought after all day. To the right, a run called Sun Devil Ridge that was later brought into the resort, after more snowy circumstances. After this, followed many Facebook posts, the instituting of the Facebook page and You tube Channel,

Facebook Page You tube Channel

Many videos, pictures, shares, trips, camps, and chances for a good time. All are welcome to visit, it is a grand place.

The original Ski Resort

In all originality of the ski resort, there were only a few runs, not very many acres, and only one face of the surrounding area used. Back in this day, it was only completely satisfactory for the users of Timberline, however, resort engineer, Jon Wolfe, at the surprising age of 16, saw opportunities for expansion. But for the present time of being, he instituted and named the first three runs of timberline. The first and main run,Timber Chute,was a blue, and so were the two tree runs that were put forth thereof. (Tree expedition: 254.47 Ft, and Tree excursion: 95.88 Ft.) A base camp was put in 50 ft. south of the bottom of the main run, Timber chute, where camping, hanging out, and fires, take place.

More original runs

After runs were taken off these three beginning trails, it was brought into focus that a biking trail went through the area and that's what most of the runs were on. However, looking at overhead maps and satellite images, it was brought to attention that the main run of Timberline was not the biking trail. However one went from South/North straight at the top and bottom of the run, so where did it go? the answer was simple. Switch back trails are designed in mountain biking trails so that one may bike up 30° instead of 60°. The main run of timberline, Timber chute, is more of the 60° in this situation, (though in reality it's probably 30° itself), the trail diverts to the left, goes through switch backs, and ends at the bottom of the run, (From the top). The trail was explored, come the second trip, and found to be more of an easy going, smooth, transition/cross-country skiing trail. It's 0.31 miles long, (compared to timber chute which is .07 miles long), you can see the difference in angles here. So this trail was added at the second trip, of December 17th. Right on event of being explored, it was soon found out to have great views of the mountains out west, Turks head peak, and the mountains right by the Platte Canyon Dam. This is what forged its name to become, Vista Bella, meaning beautiful view in Spanish. The resort engineer, Jon Wolfe, Named it this after earlier learning that word in a Spanish class, and wishing to apply it here. Other than views, more intrinsic value to this trail was discovered than they knew about! This was the birth of Timberline's first transition trail, or catwalk as skiers call it, because another run was found that proved a lot of worth off this catwalk. About 1/4th of the way in, off to the left of the trail is a steep, very open area, that is off the back of the main mountain which we call Timberline Ridge. that open area was found to be a back bowl, and Timberline's very first! It was named Black Richard Back Bowl, for unknown reasons, but it stayed, and only was in service about 50 out of the 101 days averagely that Timberline is open.The are is shaped as a bean, also being about 331 ft. down (in length) and 167 feet wide. Not traveled often, however offers a fun view at the bottom, and sight of a gully that was later transformed into a run called Santos Gully, however has never been skied upon.

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The finishing of Timberline Ridge

This section is named as thus because Timberline ridge is one of two ridges at Timberline, and Timberline ridge was the original. After the main run, Timber chute was established, and the following two tree runs short after, Timberline was a great success. The catwalk, Vista Bella, as well as the back bowl, was only icing on the cake. No other additions were presented to this ridge until later, however , it is not considered an original run. With a back bowl that's opened half the time, a main run with two big 'attraction' jumps as well as two tree runs, one being an attraction for the trees that you can hit powder off of while jumping; Timberline Ridge finished, being a startling success. (The ridge was finished with its original adaptations by this time, December 17th 2011).

Sun Devil Ridge

Timberline Ski Area & Winter Camp as a resort set in a valley. If Timberline Ridge is a set of slopes on the south side facing north, then the resort's other ridge, Sun Devil Ridge, is on the north side, facing south.

History of SDR

Sun Devil Ridge is a ridge that only has one run on its main face, named Sun Devil Run, however its name is seldom used. The ridge itself, has always been seen and known to the park founders, even since day one, however, it was used nor explored upon until a later date in travel, December 23rd, 2011. On the first day Timberline opened, on December 5th, the four founders had a clear shot of SDR, and saw its potential, snaking shaped run. It looked very steep, and it was outlined on the hill; for it was south facing, and all the snow had melted, leaving only the dirt on the trail.

File:Sun Devil Ridge.jpg
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