Tim Gordon is a singer-songwriter from Perth, Australia. As of 2007, he has been frontman for Perth-based indie rock band The Tumblers. The band released their first single, "Gentleman," in November 2011, and released their self-titled EP shortly after.[1]

In 2011 Gordon began actively performing as a solo artist, largely in the region of Perth. His debut solo EP, Burn the Clouds, will be released in June 2012. Gordon's solo music encompasses the genres of blues, world, folk,[2][3][not in citation given] and indie.[4]

Solo career

Tim Gordon began actively writing solo material while with Australian band The Tumblers,[5] and in 2011 began recording and performing as a solo artist.[6] He has cited Beck, Jeff Buckley, Kurt Vile, and Bon Iver as influences, and his genres encompass blues, world, folk,[2] and indie.[2][4] He has most notably shared the stage with Ruby Boots [4]

According to one live review, "Gordon, who also fronts local band The Tumblers, manages to set aside the brash style of his band and transforms into a Buckley-esque acoustic musician with well-formed tunes."[6]

His debut solo EP Burn the Clouds will be released in June 2012. It was recorded at Fat Shan Studios in collaboration with a number of Perth musicians, including Liam Young of The Novocaines, Ben McDonald of Sonpsilo Circus, Andrew Campbell of The Tumblers, Jake Chaloner of The James Teague Band, and a duet with Rebecca Chilcott of Ruby Boots.[2]



  • "Dance With Me (feat Bex Chilcott)" by Tim Gordon (2011)


  • Burn the Clouds (2012)


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