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Thunder Snakes are "Mythical Creatures" Also Called (feroz tormenta) Thunder Snakes Claims to have special powers, They are new to the "Mythology" As recurchers have covered. Thunder Snakes have Thunder and lightning in there tail and stored in there mouth. There is a storm connection between the tail, That releses a Electric Shock to enemeys, And the mouth releses a holler of thunder. It has been told that Thunder Snakes live in Storm Clouds to have all the power of storm, But we arent declaired there location. The're Personalty is not a bit friendly only to the call by a secret form. The Form they speak in is unkown, But they make patterens of hissing, We beleve they hiss in diffrent patterens each time (none are the same). There Hissing and yelling is very loud and can be heard from a mile (Miles) away. You must learn the form to see one, but we are not sure how to proccess the screeching (hissing) to make out words. We cannot tell if a thunder snake can be noticed as a female. We are looking for more infermation.

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