Thrillscape 3D is the trading name for Thrillscape Ltd, a UK-based supplier of 3-D and non-3D visual-effects products.[1] They provide high quality 3D glasses, immersive 3D entertainment, and 3D promotions for business and organizations. They deal in large-quantity orders for PR companies, film, video and DVD production studios, amongst others. They are an exclusive provider of patented ColorCode 3-D technology and helped pioneer the introduction of 3D technology to West Africa. Thrillscape offers services globally and has serviced clients in the UK, Ireland, USA, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and Africa. [2]


Thrillscape was established in 2009. It is one of the first companies to bring 3D entertainment to West Africa and is featured in many TV programming in that region.


Thrillscape supplies 3D glasses with plain and printed custom designs or advertisements[3] using ColorCode 3-D and other current technologies. They also supply high-end plastic frames and lenses. Other products carried are promotional items such as Direct Marketing Mailers with 3D Glasses, children’s red filter decoder glasses, and Wobble Vision cards with cartoon character on them.[4]


ColorCode 3-D is a newer, patented stereo viewing system deployed in the 2000s that uses amber and blue filters. Notably, unlike other anaglyph systems, ColorCode 3-D is intended to provide perceived nearly full color viewing (particularly within the RG color space) with existing television and paint mediums.

3D advertising

Thrillscape specializes in 3D product-based advertising such as imprinting ads on 3D glasses and 3D advertising in print media. ThrillScape offers chromatic 3D glasses that allow 3D images to be displaced on LCD/LED screens or any display for live transmission and 3D commercials.[5] Thrillscape also offers 3D print ads, in particular for magazines, that also come with bind-in and coupons that can be torn from the binding and used to view the ads.

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