Threadbare Rag was a Subgenius publication using photocopies as the means of producing content. It was published by the SubGenius Church of hyperCRAVEia and PARAPSITEology AKA the Immaculate Deception of the Latter Day Snits in Seattle, Washington between 1984 and 1993. Publishing editor was(soon to be) Prince (of pieces) AKA hyp3rcrav3 It was known for publishing unedited submissions and for printing without censorship.

For seven months, between June 1986 and February 1987 the publishing editor was Rev. Dr. Slink Flange Patterhozen who dramatically changed the tone of the 'ragazine'.

Prince (of pieces) resumed publication with the seventh issue which had a famous but apparently lost cover of a ragged J. R. "Bob" Dobbs running toward the viewer. The back cover is the same Bob with the bottom of his pants ripped out running away from the viewer

Threadbare Rag is also the name of a production company produced by Prince (of pieces)that performed stage shows labelled "Revulvals" which were a combination performance piece and proselytizing tool. There were seven Revulvals produced over a ten year span

Threadbare Rag currently has a website in development.

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