Thor Bjorn Thorlei Aackerlund (born January 4, 1977) was one of the winners from the 1990 NWC (Nintendo World Championships).[1][2][3] He holds a Mario trophy from the competition.[1][2]

1990 NWC (Nintendo World Championships)

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The competition included the most popular games of the time, which were Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris.[1][2][3] The best players from around the United States were selected to play in the competition.[1][3] One of the items the winners obtained was a gray cartridge from the specially-made NWC game cartridges.[1][2][3] 116 special carts were made, 90 of them were gray cartridges.[2][3]

Guidelines to Win

  1. Collect 50 coins in Super Mario Bros. (Once finished, x1 to scored points in objective)
  2. Finish level 1 of Rad Racer (Once finished, x10 to scored points in objective)
  3. Play Tetris for the remainder of the time (Once finished, x25 to scored points in objective)


Top-Scorer Scores

  1. Thor Aackerlund[2] -- 2,800,000 points
  2. Rich Ambler -- 2,700,000 points
  3. Robin Mihara -- 2,500,000 points
  4. Jeff Falco -- 2,300,000 points
  • Scores approximate



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After the competition, Camerica, a producer of unlicensed Nintendo Entertainment System/NES games, quickly obtained Aackerlund and made him the official spokesman for their games.[2]


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