These Brittle Bones is the stage name of Chris Jones, a Welsh singer-songwriter based in Singapore.[1] His debut single "Hollow" was released on April 13, 2012, followed by his Debut EP "Leaving The Woods" released April 21.[2] He is currently working on his debut full length album. His musical style has been described as indie and Art Rock and shows the influence of current alternative trends.[3]

Early Life

Jones was born in London, to Welsh parents. He was raised in Swansea in Wales and Hertfordshire in England. Jones stated that the biggest influence on his music was listening to records like MGMT and Florence + The Machine whilst growing up.


Leaving The Woods- 2011 to 2012


Leaving The Woods was the Debut EP from the Singer/Songwriter, and was written between late 2011 and early 2012, and recorded from early 2012.[4] The whole EP was written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by Brittle Bones in his house.[5] The EP has three tracks, Drowning Bliss, Hollow, and Ghosts.[6] The EP is available free to let fans see if they like the established sound before a full length album is released.

Critical Reception

Chris Jones's voice was called Doleful, whilst the EP being infectious and haunting by Dingusonmusic. This review later helped with an increase in downloads of the EP, also promoting the artist.

First Studio Full Length Album


Chris Jones announced via Twitter that he has begun to work on his first full length album.[7] On May 26, 2012, he announced it will be called, Anchor Bleed.[8]

These Brittle Bones - Blood Snow

These Brittle Bones - Blood Snow

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