Popular Smiley

There are over a dozen smileys made of letters & #s. Most of them look like this

 :) & :-) 

They use it because on Microsoft Word if you type :) in you get a real smile. How to do that is SHIFT semi-colin (right to the letter l)SHIFT 0(above the letters o & p).

  Crying and Sunglasses                                                              

The crying smiley is on it's side, it looks like this

 :'( \ :')                                                      

The tear is the apostrophe. How to make that is SHIFT semi-colin apostrophe (next to semi-colin)SHIFT 9 or 0.

Sunglasses one looks like this

8) B) 8( B(

how to do that is SHIFT b or 8(not shift and above the letters u and i)then SHIFT 9 or 0.

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