Please Steal it………………

‘THEIF’-who is this man? Who is ready to extend a warm welcome to this man? Is anyone ever willing and prepared to treat him as a special guest? Can you make him stay in your abode? Certainly I am scared to do so. I am definite a majority would not dare to do the same. All of us are keen to shield our properties from thieves. No one would voluntarily invite thieves to their residence and have their possessions stolen. We are frightened of thieves. We don’t allow anyone to steal anything from us.

Nobody likes a thief. Do you love someone who is a thief? A few may answer, “yes, I love my friend who is a thief. I cannot hate him just for the reason that he is a thief.” In that case we feel affection for our friend but we don’t encourage him to steal rather we try different ways to save him and to make him a good man again. What do we realize from this? It means that we love a thief not because he is a thief rather we find a “man” in the ‘thief’. Obviously we hate him because of a ‘thief’ in the ‘man’.

In conclusion, all of us are against stealing and those who steal. We don’t allow anyone to take away anything from us. We would like our assets to be safe and secure. Consequently we keep ourselves away from thieves. Interestingly, on the other hand we always consent to something to be stolen from us. Nobody is dejected when it is stolen. In fact, we are happy and in high spirits when it is stolen. What is that? The novel is an attempt to trace out an answer for this question. It is a journey that converges towards the answer for the above difficulty. It is the theme from which the story springs from.

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