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Original Article

Name:The Bowcat

Whereabouts: Somewhere in Lewisham

interest: Fishing and stuff related to fishing (if u know what i mean)

Early Life

The Bowcat originated somewhere in Nigeria although some asians believe he is of Ghananian descent. At an early age the bowcat caught a nice wiff of the smell of fish in a local bush market, the smell was so appealing he bought some fish and devoured it almost instantaneously. Alas for the The Bowcat he was allergic to fish, his allergy caused him to be inable to ever cut his hair, thus resulting in a massive afro. The Bowcat was devasted after realising he could never eat fish again so he refused to eat any other food causing him too lose weight dramaticly. this caused his parents to send him to england where he could eat fish that was cleaner and less poisonus. But the taste wasnt the same so young Bowcat could only make due with what he had resenting every bight. it wasnt untill the bowcats junior ball where he found the somthing even better.

The rise of the bowcat

The bowcat finally found he's trrue calling when having a muff fest with a 67yr old in the parking lot of his prom

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