The Warped

The Warped (previously known as Pbata), a three-piece funky-rock band from Worcester, was formed in late 2010 and is comprised of Adam Homer (guitar), Harry Dowling (vocals, bass) and Steve Lockie (drums).

The Warped have an uncanny ability for writing tunes that are both entertaining and interesting for the listener. Drawing influence from many different artists and many different genres, their highly evolved sound is versatile and diverse, capably incorporating elements of rock, pop, blues, soul and funk into their repertoire.

Adam Homer said, “We have the ability to write and finish songs fairly quickly. We try not to second-guess ourselves or over-think. The best music is visceral. It comes from the heart rather than the head.”

The Warped are constantly in the process of writing new material and exploring different musical territory, and as a result, the songs are idiosyncratic and unconventional, and make for a compelling listening experience. Harry Dowling added, "A lot of our lyrics seem totally random, but under closer scrutiny they have a much deeper meaning."

Over the past year, The Warped have performed many shows across the Midlands, including the Worcester Music Festival 2011, and their popularity has rapidly increased. Their live shows are dynamic, energetic and full of fervour. The funky bass lines of Harry Dowling, the groovy guitar riffs of Adam Homer and the rock solid drums of Stephen Lockie, all hallmarks of a great band.

Harry Dowling said, "We write songs that people can get up and jump to. When we play live we like to make our set as energetic as we can. That's what live music is all about."

The Warped recorded their first single, “California Stones”, with producer Tom Gittins; a funky psychedelic rock number with plenty of groove and charisma. From the opening guitar notes it shows the band going from strength to strength: mature songwriting, catchy melodies and a magnetic blend of rock and soul. In June 2012, The Warped reccorded thier second singel, "Evacuate!", at The Old Smithy in Kempsey, Worcestershire. It's a fast paced, hard hitting, balls out rock song with with a killer guitar riff.

Steve Lockie added, “We are all good musicians separately and when we join together we create a massive explosion of super-sonic funky awesomeness.”

Band Members

  • Harry Dowling - Lead vocals, bass
  • Adam Homer - Guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Lockie - Drums and percussion


  • This Is Pbata (EP, 2011)
  • California Stones (Single, 2012)
  • Rough Beginnings & Not So Neatly Drawn Outlines (Demo album, 2012)
  • Evacuate! (Single, 2012)
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