The Violinist is the first full-length studio solo album released by the classically trained fusion violinist Katarzyna Chruscicka. The album is comprised entirely of popular pieces, featuring Kate as the solo violinist, and was recorded soundworks studio, Leeds. It was released in December 2009.


Kate began work on the album "The Violinist" in 2008-2009 while still studying for her degree at the University of Leeds. The album was initially intended to be a musical diary of personal work in the attempt for Kate to achieve a particular sound. However, upon achieving this sound Kate wished to make these pieces into her first album. The album is predominantly composed of popular music with all Violin arrangements done by Kate herself by ear. The album blends numerous styles, and also uses multiple classical techniques. However the main focus of the album was to deliver violin music in a more approachable way to everyday violin lovers.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Libertango"   2:49
2. "Scarborough Fair"   3:14
3. "Wonderwall"   4:02
4. "Conquest Of Paradise"   4:28
5. "Eleanor Rigby"   2:20
6. "Hallelujah"   4:39
7. "James Bond Theme"   2:47
8. "Night Flight"   3:20
9. "Requiem For A Dream"   3:05
10. "Pachelbel Canon"   3:19
11. "Summertime"   3:24
12. "Lambada"   2:42

Music videos

List of music videos, showing year released and director
Title Year Director(s) Notes
"Requiem For A Dream" 2010 Dan Roberts
"Night Flight" Dan Roberts
"Libertango"" Dan Roberts
"Lambada" Dan Roberts  


  • Produced & Mixed By Will Jackson
  • Engineers: Paul Brown
  • Mastering: Will Jackson

Editing and Mixing: Katarzyna Chruscicka with the help of Will Jackson, and Paul Brown.

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