The Vaudevillains are a three pieced psychobilly/rockabilly/Jazz band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The band formed in 2006 when members Adrian Whyte (Guitar and Vocals) and Jim Morris (Double Bass and Backup Vocals) met whilst studying Jazz at University.
With Adrian and Jim both being lovers of a broad range of music, they began talking about starting up a fresh new band to explore their growing talents. They recruited Jim's younger brother Mix to play drums and together they have managed to become weird and wonderful fusion of Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Jazz, Punk and Rock.

The band has increased their popularity beyond the region of Melbourne, and as a result of supporting such big acts as The Meteors, Nekromantix, Tiger Army, Zombie Ghost Train and also gaining support for Mad Sin who unfortunately had to cancel their tour down under.

After releasing a demo in mid 2007, The Vaudevillains hit the studio to record their debut EP. On the 26th of January, 2008, The Vaudevillains released their debut EP entitled 'Vaudevillain Nights' to a sold out crowd at the Tote in Collingwood, Melbourne. The EP contains 5 of their original songs; 'Ill Motivation', 'Werecar', 'Trip to the Moon', 'Devil Drives a Valiant' and the title track 'Vaudevillain Nights'. In November 2008, the boys returned to the studio to record their debut album 'Welcome to the Neighbourhood' which is set to be released early January. Their album and EP, as well as merchandise, can be purchased from shows or Missing Link in Melbourne.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

On the 17th of January, 2009, The Vaudevillains released their debut album 'Welcome to the Neighbourhood' to a packed out crowd at the Arthouse in Melbourne. The 10 tracked CD contains songs they have been developing and treating the audience to for the last 6 months, such as 'Reaper', which broke into Triple J's top 30, as well as a re-recorded fan favourite 'Trip to the Moon' and a jazzed up 'Fortune' which was heard on their first demo. The album has been an immediate hit, breaking into Missing Link's top 10 sales within the first few days of its release, as well as being featured on the Gretsch Guitars USAs and its pin-up girl, Kim Falcon's MySpace pages.


The band has a diverse fan base, ranging from old school punks to modern day psychos. They have a dedicated group of fans known as the Classy Crusaders who go to most shows and spread the Vaudevillain word around.


Demo [2007]
Devil Drives a Valiant
Gates of Hell
Ill Motivation
Vaudevillain Nights
Fortune (live)
Ill Motivation (acoustic)

Vaudevillain Nights (EP) [2008]
Vaudevillain Nights
Ill Motivation
Trip to the Moon
Devil Drives a Valiant

Welcome to the Neighbourhood [2009]
Hector Hell - Chapter 1
Shadow in the Sun
Million Miles Away
Close Your Eyes
Dead March
This Time Last Year
Trip to the Moon


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