The Tumblers are an indie rock band from Perth, Australia, founded in 2007. The band released their first single, "Gentleman," in November of 2011, and released their self-titled EP shortly after.[1] The Tumblers have supported Australian bands such as The Novocaines, Sonpsilo Circus,[2] and Australian pub rock group The Angels.[3]


The original members of the band first met at Aquinas College, Perth in Western Australia. Aquinas is a boarding school for ages seven to twelve. In the winter of 2007, Tim Gordon he asked Dan Harrison from the school jazz band to join him on drums, with Gordon himself on vocals. They started as a New Order cover band and learned songs by The Raconteurs and Beck.[2] Gordon has stated their garage band was inspired also by Muse and The White Stripes.[4]

They then recruited friends and fellow Aquinas students Lee Napper to play guitar and Andrew Campbell to play bass. For approximately two years The Tumblers began the process of writing original music and performing at small pubs and music venues throughout Australia, particularly Perth.[2][5] They soon added Will Langdale, also a student at Aquinas,[1] on organ and keys.[2] The band drew its compositions from a variety of styles and genres, including Fryderyk Chopin, Tobacco, mathcore, and video game soundtracks.[4]


The Tumbler's first official single, "Gentleman," was recorded at Ampersonic Studios along with Corey Marriot, who is lead singer of fellow Perth band The Novocaines.[2] It was released in late summer of 2011.[4] By November 2011, "Gentleman" was on rotation on the Western Australian radio station RTRFM 92.1.[6]

By December 201 the band had performed support slots for groups such as Sugar Amy, The Novocaines, and Sonpsilo Circus.[2] In November 2011[1] they supported The Angels on their West Australian tour.[3] They also opened for The Novocaines during the other band's EP launch on 4 November 2011 at the Amplifier Bar.[1]

The Tumblers EP

The band finished their self-titled debut EP in late 2011. Like their previous single, it was recorded at Ampersonic Studios with Corey Marriott.[7] They launched the EP with a live performance on 17 December 2011 at the Norfolk Basement.[1] According to a live review, "An energetic five-piece, they Tumbled through a collection of beefed up blues and pop-tinged rock, their head howler’s voice powerful enough to knock a viking off his feet."[2][3] The official release of their EP has been slated for early 2012.[2]


  • Tim Gordon - vocals
  • Dan Harrison - drums
  • Lee Napper - guitar
  • Andrew Campbell - bass



  • "Gentleman" (2011)


  • The Tumblers (2012)


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