The Truth About Forever is Sarah Dessen's sixth novel. It was published in hardcover on May 11, 2004 and in paperback on April 6, 2006.

Plot Summary

Macy is just recovering from the shock of her father's sudden death, who she was very close to. They used to run every day in the morning and that was when he died. So Macy gives up running. She keeps her feelings to herself and is not able comfort her mother. Her "perfect" boyfriend Jason is at Brain Camp. She meets the Wish Catering at her mom's party. Macy emails Jason about her replacement work at the info-desk in the library where she is ignored by her co-workers. She ends the mail with an "I love you, Macy". Jason replies to this saying that Macy is distracting him from his goals and wants to put their relationship on a break till he returns from Brain Camp in August.

Macy is heart-broken at this goes for a ride where she sees the Wish Catering van. She goes there for a job. Macy enjoys the chaos at her new job and makes friends with the crew-Delia, Kristy, Monica, Bert and Wes. Later on another occasion, she finds out Wes lost his mother from Delia, who is her sister. Wes is an artist and makes sculptures from metal junk. He learned it at a reform school he attended after being busted breaking into someone's house.

In the mean while, Macy's elder sister convinces Macy and her mom about renovating their dad's beach house, in spite of their reluctance. Macy accompanies Kristy,Monica, Bert and Wes to a party where they come to know of her dad's demise and her on-hold relationship with Jason. Kristy advises Macy against it and explains her to enjoy her life because forever keeps changing. Thus Macy develops a bond with Kristy.

Caroline meets Wes and buys some of his sculptures. Later on the way to a party, Macy and Wes get stuck up in the van because the gas exhausts. On their way in search of a gas station, they involve in a Truth game where Macy opens up about her father's demise and herself for the first time to Wes. They continue the game later during work as well. She comes to know a lot about Wes in return, about how he too is in an on-hold relationship with a girl,Betty. Thus they come closer to each other through the common things they share.

Her mother finds out about this and advises her against this friendship and the job. Later, Macy gets grounded and has to help her mother for an upcoming party. When Macy decides to confess her feelings to Wes, she sees him with Betty and is heart-broken again.The day of the party arrives and she and her mom realize its heading toward a crisis. In the end, with the help of Wish, they settle it up.Macy succeeds in comforting her mother on advise of Delia. Kristy tells Macy that Wes was actually breaking up with Betty at the World of Waffles where she saw him. Monica speaks a whole sentence for the first time encouraging Macy to take the opportunity.Realizing her mistake, she faces Wes and they kiss each other passionately in front of everyone of Wish,her mom,sister and Jason.

The book ends with Macy, Wes, her mom and sister spending their weekend at the beach cottage. Macy has resumed running with Wes.


Macy Queen — Macy is the protagonist of this book. She is 16-17 years old and recently coping with the death of her father, whom she was very close to. She used to love to run with her father but stopped after he died of a heart attack. She hate the pity party that she gets because of this and is very surprised but appreciative when the wish team do not judge her after they find out about her dad's death. Macy started to strive for perfection and is always studying on her weekends. During the book, Macy works at the library and takes up a second job catering for Wish Catering which her mother is very much against. Her boyfriend at the beginning of the book is Jason Talbot, but he broke up with her because she said she loved him in an email.[1] All her mom ever really wanted for her as to do things that would enhance her acceptance to college like working in the library in a job where her colleagues completely hate her. She continues to endure her job in the library while working with wish. While in Wish, she begins to make friends who love her for who she is and never judge her. One day when she is working in the library she decides to do something spontaneous when Wes comes to get her from work. She does this by quitting her job at the library, jumping over the desk and leaving them stunned. This obviously automatically gets her fired but she does not tell Jason her ex boyfriend. She thinks that wish has given her another meaning to the world but at the beginning she is very much against their lifestyle but later joins it by the end. She wishes that her mom and her could talk more openly about the death of her father and resents her mother for keeping her away from her friends and locking away the pain of the death. At the end of the book she finally falls in love with Wes against her mom's wishes.

Deborah Queen — Deborah is the mother of Macy and her sister Caroline. She owns the building company Queen Homes who built this big suburb called Wildflower Ridge. Deborah is constantly working and also strives to be perfect. She struggles with the death of her husband but doesn't show it. She disapproves of Macy's new friends.[1]

Caroline Thurber — Macy's sister, married to Wally Thurber who is ten years her senior. During high school, she was a rebellious teen who was always sneaking out to parties. She married her husband Wally right after her finishing college and her dad's death. During the book, Caroline embarks on a mission to renovate her father's beach house in Colby. This is so that they can all be a family again.[1]

Delia — Delia is the owner of Wish Catering and aunt of Wes and Bert, she is pregnant with her 2nd child and is constantly singing to her baby. that caters Deborah's party. She is pregnant and during the book, goes into labor and has a baby girl named Avery. Delia also has a 4-year-old called Lucy. She usually loses, forgets or misplaces items when going to parties that need catering. She is very unsure of her self and believes that if they do not have disaster in a job, then something is wrong. She is very loving towards all her employees and treats them as if they were her own just like when she reassures Macy that her mother still loves her. She does not like change and refuses to repair the hole that is leading to their house.[1]

Kristy — Kristy is one of the servers for Wish Catering. When she was younger, she was in a car accident and has scars all over her face as a result. She usually dresses up in flamboyant outfits and has curly blonde hair. This is because she thinks that it will take people's attention away from her face and give them something else to look at. She believes that the ideal boyfriend is out there and is on a mission to find him. She finds him by the end of the book. She admits that she and Monica had feelings for Wes when they first came to live with Stella but they cannot date him because he is too much like family. She makes friends very easily with Macy and teaches her the basics of catering but she can be very aggressive sometimes and needs Delia or Wes to make things right for her. She lives in a trailer with her grandmother Stella.[1]

Monica (Monotone) — Kristy's less flamboyant sister, an accident-prone server for Wish Catering. She usually has three phrases that are drawled out – "Mmmmmm," "Donneven" and "Bettaquit." She smokes a lot more than her sister and thinks that she is one of the reasons for Kristy's scars because she had chicken pox on the day that the accident happened. According to Kristy, she loves reading and swimming. Monica also lives with Stella. She is very quiet and you never notice when she is around, she is one of the first to know about Macy's feeling for Wes but doesn't judge when Macy tries to defend herself. She even says a whole sentence to Macy towards the end of the book about not letting opportunities slip away.[1]

Wesley "Wes" Baker — Delia's older nephew, who also works for Wish Catering and handles the bar. He went to a reform school after breaking into a house after his parents got divorced. Reform school was where he learned how to sculpt and after reform school, he became a changed person. He lost his mother to an illness. The loss of his mother is what first connects him to Macy. He does not understand his talent and tries to keep his feelings for Macy on the down low. He is one of the few people who does not judge Macy based on her father's death. Wes has a tattoo of a heart in a hand, which is a symbol his mother used to draw for him. He welds metal into artwork and Macy's sister Caroline is a big fan. He plays 'GOTCHA!' with Bert, his brother. He and Macy are good friends in the story and play a game called Truth. At the end of the novel him and Macy eventually start dating. He also helps her to start running again after the death of her father.[1]

Bert Baker — Wes's 16-year-old younger brother. He is described as having a "home-cut hairstyle" and is a big fan in the end-of-the-world stuff. He plays a "GOTCHA!" game with Wes that continues throughout the book. He is known to have a loud voice and pushes doors too hard. He is very quick to accept Macy into the team and he chose an ambulance which he loves so much as his first car but he drives really slow which makes everyone want to go crazy. He can get anything i.e stain out of the carpet and he is into the Armageddon scene. He is the reason that the wish team had to get introduces to Macy's mother who is very judgmental of them. By the end of the book, he meets a girl who is described as "the female Bert".[1]

Jason Talbot — Macy's ex-boyfriend of more than a year. At the beginning of the book, he goes to a Brain Camp for the summer and works at the library information desk, which Macy agrees to fill in for him while he is away. When Macy tells him that she loves him in an email, he broke off their relationship as she got a little "clingy" and it "distracted him from his goals." His parents are professors and he strives to be perfect in all areas of his life. One thing he seems to lack, however, is the ability to appreciate romantic and social relationships, as his overwhelming goals make him unable to be "human" or be anything but perfect. He never kisses Macy in public and is the ideal crowd that Macy's Mother thinks is best for Macy.[1]

References to other work

-Jason reapears in Along for the Ride, and What Happened to Goodbye in which he seems to be a different person.

-When Macy is trying to find Delia's home, she gets directions from a lady who was reading The Choice by Barbara Starr who is Remy's mom in This Lullaby.


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