The Toothaches are a Brooklyn based dance-rock band, formed in Boston. They are known for their multi-part harmonies and frenetic performances, often incorporating costumes and face paint[1]


Following a fortuitous meeting on a street corner, singer Rose Blakelock and guitarist Zimmermann Ayer founded The Toothaches in the summer of 2007. Shortly thereafter they recruited Monica Hubbell to play glockenspiel, tambourine and to contribute to the harmonies of their acoustic three-piece. Original drummer Johnny Jannetty and bassist Andrew Zizik joined the group in September 2007.

In 2008 they toured the East coast with Boston Indie-rock band, You Can Be A Wesley, during which they kept a tour diary later published by Performer Magazine in October, 2008.

They released their first EP, A Month of Sundays in November 2007, followed by the Suckerpunch 7" in February 2009, achieving a measure of success that prompted Ayer, Blakelock and Hubbell to move to Brooklyn, NY in the fall of 2009. Jannetty and Zizik were unable to make the move, so in the year that followed, drummer Kiril Orenstein Bauch and bassist Christopher Alan Rapoza joined the band and The Toothaches resumed performing. Their first full-length album, It's All Downhill from Here, is available gratis at

In April 2011, they revealed on their Facebook page, that the band were in the studio for recording their 3rd album, titled "O! Be Joyful"


  • A Month of Sundays (2007)[2]
  • Suckerpunch (2009)
  • It's All Downhill From Here (2010)
  • O! Be Joyful (2012)


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