The Thornbury Turf Strokers (TTS) is a cricket club that, as of 2012, is a participating team in the Mercantile Cricket Association (MCA)[1] Sunday League. The Turf Strokers' website[2] states that the club welcomes players of all skills and backgrounds, in addition to promoting enjoyment, personal development and success. The club's home ground is Corben Oval, a facility located in the suburb of Fairfield, Melbourne, Australia. The club rooms appear to resemble an historic castle and the ground has therefore been named "The Castle" by club members. Training is undertaken weekly and takes place at a venue near Corben Oval.


The Thornbury Turf Strokers was formed at the start of the 2009–10 season by a group of cricket-loving friends who entered the team in the MCA C Sunday League. It has since grown into one of the largest clubs within the competition,[citation needed] fielding two teams in the 2011–2012 season: TTS Green and TTS Black.

The club achieved its first premiership success in the 2011–12 season when it won the Premiership of the Sunday C Grade competition,[3] winning against one of the oldest cricket clubs in Australia, the Cargenie Cricket Club (established in 1906).[4]

Values and motto

From the Thornbury Turf Strokers website:[2]

  • The Stroker loves revelry and the friendly sledge, while exhibiting professionalism, responsibility and sportsmanship.
  • The Strokeren wear the Green and Black with pride, honour and passion.
  • The Stroker craves success and knows that it is best achieved and enjoyed by maintaining its equality, inclusiveness and camaraderie.

The club places a great importance on the enjoyment of cricket, represented in its satirical newspaper that contains articles based on team and individual performances.

The club's Latin motto is In Gramen Nos Ictus (approximate English translation is "Along the turf we stroke").

Club tradition

The Strokeren launch each season with a concert performed by club members, whilst the season concludes with a Twenty20-format social match that includes an IPL-style auction for the designation of teams. For the end-of-season game, the traditional cricket "whites" (uniforms) are replaced by costumes according to chosen themes. The themes for 2012 included punks, "crims", pirates and ice cream vendors.


The club's mascot, Johnston Giddings-Gate, can be sighted regularly at Corben Oval, or frequently running across the pitch covers (usually as they are being rolled up).


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