The SCP Foundation is a collection of fictional files used to describe paranormal phenomena that are kept in the "Foundation" itself.[1] All the "files" can be found on the website and the site's official wiki.[2] Even though the site's creator made the most known SCP on the site, users of the site are able to create them on their own but after completion, the file must be looked at and approved for installation.[3] The SCP Foundation has gotten internet fame and became a candidate for horror stories online like other sites such as Creepypasta. Social network and news websites, Reddit and Tumblr, have also spread SCP on many posts along with Creepypasta and "No Sleep" stories.[4][5] Know Your Meme, along with other websites such as Io9 and Something Awful, covered The SCP Foundation in an explanation page giving details about the origins and "famous" SCP as well.[6][7][8]


All "subjects" of the files are referred to as "SCP" followed by a number. SCP stands for "Secure, Contain, Protect" in which the facility the SCP is located is assigned to do. The SCP must be contained and basic rules are given in the files as well as important information, accidents, items/clones associated with the SCP and the class too. The class refers to the nature of the SCP based on three different classes; "Safe", "Euclid" and "Keter". "Neutralized" Is not considered to be a class because it comes after the normal class-name (e.g. Safe (Neutralized)). The following list describes each class meaning:[9]

  • "Safe": Any SCP object classed as Safe is usually little more than a curiosity to the research teams, but is still anomalous enough to warrant containment in some form or another. Any SCP object classified as Safe can be interacted with by any member of staff, regardless of security clearance.
  • "Euclid": Euclid classification is generally applied to objects whose properties are not currently understood. Unlike Safe class objects, there are no reliable containment procedures on Euclid class objects: this may be because the object either does not obey known laws of nature and physics, or because its response to stimuli constantly changes.
  • "Keter": The strictest object class, Keter-class objects can only be handled by Class D personnel (see Security Clearance Levels) except in special circumstances. Keter objects are naturally inimical to life and pose great difficulties in keeping them controlled, hence the use of Class D personnel in their maintenance. Keter objects fall into one of two categories: those that are of immense strategic value once controlled, or those that have been deemed impossible to destroy due to the nature of the artifact. In either case, the artifact is to be kept until its use has been ascertained and replicated in a more controlled environment, or until a method of ensuring the objects' permanent destruction is determined.
  • "Neutralized": The designation "Neutralized" is assigned to any object that has in someway had its usual properties removed, normally by destruction, death or removal from our continuum of reference. Although often decommissioned, this isn't always the case and they may still be listed in the SCP wiki.

Security Clearance Levels

Standard Security Clearance Levels

  • LEVEL 0: Standard operating personnel. Personnel at this level are not permitted any contact with an SCP object.
  • LEVEL 1: Standard security clearance level for staff involved in the maintenance of an SCP object. Level 1 clearance is usually appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for (e.g. 1/173).
  • LEVEL 2: Clearance level for staff involved in overseeing an SCP object. Appended with the SCP object the personnel have clearance for, separated by a dash for those with clearance for multiple SCP objects (e.g. 2/173-847-423).
  • LEVEL 3: All general security staff for Site-19 or any other site housing an SCP object are required to have this level of clearance and are permitted access to all non-Keter level SCP objects.
  • LEVEL 4: Command-level personnel; permitted access to all non-Keter level SCP objects.
  • LEVEL 5: Highest ranking Senior Staff; most personnel at this clearance level are Overseers.

Non-Standard Security Clearance Levels

  • D: Class D personnel are designated staff used to handle the Keter-level objects. Class D personnel are recruited from prison inmates. All Class D personnel are to be "terminated" at the end of their first month, and a new staff must be ready to replace them.
  • E: Temporarily affixed to the start of a security clearance (e.g. E1), this is used when a new SCP object has been discovered but is still in an unsecured or uncontrolled state. E-clearance personnel are tasked with bringing the SCP into effect and maintaining it. Once the SCP are in place and the object is secure, the E is removed and the personnel are given the appropriate number on the end of their clearance.
  • O5-x: Overseer-level clearance is given only to the directors of the SCP Foundation. The x indicates their number, ranging from 1 to 13 (e.g. O5-7). O5 personnel are permitted to access any and all data related to the SCP objects. However, due to the sensitive nature of their position, O5 personnel are not permitted to have any direct contact with an SCP object, nor may they enter any site housing an SCP object under any circumstances.

SCP Foundation

The site takes itself real for fictional and horror reasons. The basic foundation refers to facilities that contain the SCP's along with personnel hired to watch over, cater, capture or destroy the SCP's at the site. Personnel range from doctors, soldiers and criminals, each having a special job associated with the SCP assigned to them. The soldiers of the foundation are referred to as task forces and are listed in different categories depending on the specialty of their mission types.[10][11] Researchers and Doctors have jobs in the facility in which they test SCP's using various methods either for simple testing, terminating or securing the subject and are conveniently recorded in the files along with the SCP. The SCP Foundation is consisted of designated sites in which the subjects are held in. Each site is different and used for multiple reasons considering the types of tests and SCP's that stay there.[12]


The SCP Foundation has gained a considerable amount of attention on the internet and has also acquired a large fan base. Fans of the site created tributes but the most known are cartoons and downloadable video games on the internet. Here is a list of some adaptations of SCP on the net:

  • "The Sculpture": A web cartoon based on the file of "SCP-173"; a paranormal sculpture that kills people by cracking at the base of their neck but cannot attack or move when the person has straight eye contact with it.[13][14]
  • "SCP-087-B": A first person horror video game available for free download online.[15]
  • "SCP: Containment Breach": The spiritual successor to SCP-087-B and made by the same people. This game focuses on a personnel who tries to either escape or investigate when a containment breach of SCP-173 and two other SCP's occurs. According to the creators, the game is currently in the "alpha" stage of development but available for download.[16]


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