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=================================================== TRA ========================================================================

TRA or know as The Robloxian Army is an Roblox group owned by an user called Tonitoni, it has over 47000 users. It has defeated John's Cobra (an Roblox group) with other groups(they are all in the GSC), they had more than 30 victories in one day making this the biggest Military Operation in Roblox History, it is also the biggest victory with more than 90 wins.

====================================== Operation Snake Eater ===================================================================
     Operation Snake Eater started on 1st January 2013. The GSC pushed half of their forces in to Fort Fang, while half of the forces waited back at their Headquarters, at 18:00 Central Time, 17:00 British Time, 12:00 New York Time and at 09:00 Pacific time, the invasion started! GSC troops stormed John's Cobra Fort Fang, in results winning raid after raid.
     The aftermath of more than 30 victories in one day lead to massive group leave. The Robloxian Army now guards their HQ to make sure no more John's Cobra will raid them.
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