The Release is an alternative-rock band from Boston. Their sound combines the raw energy of punk, the musicianship and soul of classic rock and blues, combined with catchy hook-filled songs that mix elements of everything from progressive rock to reggae. They have been compared to The Police, Elvis Costello, No Doubt, 311 and Incubus.


The band started in 2000, under the name 3 Feet Short, based out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, when the members were all in high school. They've shared the stage with other artists like State Radio, Goldfinger, The Beautiful Girls, Badfish, Catch 22, Bayside, Zox, The Pietasters, Nate Wilson Group, and many others, at venues such as The Avalon (Boston, MA), The Palladium (Worcester, MA), The Middle East (Cambridge, MA), The Webster Theater (Hartford, CT), Harpers Ferry (Allston, MA) and The Living Room (Providence, RI). In 2007 the band changed their name to "The Release", and independently put out their first EP under the new name. Their first official full-length album as The Release is due out in the summer of 2012.


  • Kyle Fox - Vocals, Guitar
  • Samm Bahman - Lead Guitar
  • Tom Moorey - Bass
  • Rob Megna - Drums


As 3 Feet Short:

As The Release:

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