The Rabbit and the Dog

By:ziad elmadbouh

Chapter 1 The rabbit loves the dog

The rabbit loves the dog so much. They play together every day outside the house. They eat together . They sleep together. They do every thing together.

One day, the rabbit was very sick. And the dog was crying about him because the dog will not play with anyone.but in this day the rabbit go to the hospital.

Then the rabbit die the dog cannot control anything in his brain . The dog cry about him so much . but the man tell the dog I will bring you another dog. The dog said really. The man said yes.

Chapter 2 The dog wants another rabbit

One day, the dog saw a rabbit in the street. He go back to his home and say to the man I found a rabbit in the street. The man said really. The dog said yes. They go to the street and they bring the rabbit to the home. The rabbit when he saw the dog he scared from him. But the man said to him he wants to play with you because the last rabbit he love him and he play with him but the rabbit dead. The rabbit go to the dog and play with him and sleep with him. After 1 month the rabbit wants to kill the dog because the rabbit thinking that the dog will eat him. He want to play with him to eat him. Then the rabbit bring the knife from the kitchen and to kill the dog. But the dog was sleeping while the dog was sleeping the door open. The dog hear door when the door open. The dog saw the rabbit when the dog saw him. The dog go to the living room and tell the man That the rabbit the rabbit will kill him.the man man tell the rabbit to garout his house.

Chapter 3 The dog wants another 3 rabbits

The dog wants another 3 rabbits because when 1 rabbit do any thing the rabbit will garout the house.The man bring him another 3 rabbits to play the dog with them the 3 rabbits was so smart they play with the dog and they know what is wrong with the dog, why the dog is sad. They know everything. After 6 months later, the first rabbit wasn’t die because the man tell the dog that the rabbit dead but the rabbit come home the rabbit was thinking that the dog will play with him. But when the rabbit are in home suddenly he saw another 3 rabbits . When the 3 rabbits saw the first rabbit they make a plan to kill the first rabbit. The plan of the 3 rabbits is one of them open the door,one of them bring the knife and one of them will get of the cover of the rabbit then kill the rabbit that’s it. When the 3 rabbits do that at night the first rabbit Sensation, when the rabbit sensation the first rabbit go to the living room and tell the man what happens. In the next day the man said to the 3 rabbit to gar out the house.

Chapter 4 The rabbit come back to the dog The last chapter

The rabbit come back to the dog. They play together. They eat together . They sleep together. They do every thing together. Again and again. After 2 years the rabbit tell the man to travel from Cincinnati,OH to Chicago. The man said yes they can travel. After 40 years the rabbit and the dog die together. After it by 20 years the man die .

                                            The End

Talk about the author My name is ziad elmadbouh. I’m from Egypt. I came to America 2 times. I’m 10 years old. I love to read and write. I love rabbits so much. I love to write stories. I ‘m happy to write my first story The Rabbit and the Dog. I’m in America now. I live in Cincinnati,OH. Thank you for reading my story

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