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The show took place on Tues 11th - Fri 14th December 2012, and was performed in our BRAND NEW BUILDING on Cherry Tree Hill

Doors at 7pm Doors at 2pm for the Friday Matinee - Half-price tickets for freshers

Q&A THURSDAY NIGHT with actors, director, producer, and production team!*

£4 Members, £5 Students & Concessions, £8 public Please bring your membership and student cards with you.

For the final show of the season we bring you McDonagh's masterfully written, darkly comic thriller.

A writer, living in a totalitarian police state, has been arrested because the content of his short stories bears a striking resemblance to a recent series of gruesome child murders. Though he denies any involvement, the two detectives holding him are determined to get a confession by any means necessary...

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File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg
File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg
File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg
File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg
File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg
File:Pillowman Cast Photo 1.jpg


Leftlion review "The Pillowman"
‎"The Pillowman is simply and undeniably outstanding. So outstanding that it almost immediately forces one to use such awful, over-hyphenated, hack journo terms as ‘spell-binding’, ‘mind-blowing’, and ‘out-of-this-world’. It really is that good though, honestly...New Theatre’s current production of McDonagh’s The Pillowman is an undeniable achievement from an already impressive production company. "

IMPACT review "The Pillowman"
"Go to see The Pillowman: it will push the boundaries of what you thought was acceptable humour, encourage you not to take anything you thought you knew about theatre for granted and challenge your mental arithmetic if you even dare to take on the challenge of counting the ‘f’ word. Expect the unexpected."

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