'The Pete Collective' was an online phenomenon created by UK based Pete Trainor in 2005 to trap namesakes & inspire 'an unnecessary world record gathering of people called Peter'.

The current world record for 'same name gathering' is held by a group in Dubai who collected 1,600 men called Mohammed in a park to claim the world record from the previous record holders, Maria's in Spain. Discovering these 'same name world records' and inspired by the dumbness of it all a group of Peters from the UK decided to go for the world record.

Under the mantra "Give Pete a chance" they set out on the mission to collect 2000 men, woman & children called Pete/Peter and attempt to gather them in one place, at the same time.

As well as information and updates about the record attempt, the community had also collected the most comprehensive record of information ever gathered on the name Peter.

The Pete Collective also aimed to link up every man woman & child in the world with the name Peter.

Famous Petes on Board

The list of famous Petes pledging support also grew everyday & some of the most notable names who had pledged support for the cause are Pete Burns, Peter Jones[disambiguation needed], Peter Townsend, Pete Knapp & Peter Mayhew to name just a few.

The Pete Collective were also cited as playing a major role in helping Pete Bennett win Big Brother in 2006 by promoting his cause & helping to build the support.

Pete Meets

A by-product of the Pete Collective were 'Pete Meets' which take place across the world. 'Pete Meets' are mini-gatherings of people called Peter. The first UK 'Pete Meet' took place at the end of 2005 in London when 20 men called Peter gathered in London and celebrated sharing the same name. Pete Meets have grown in size & popularity since then.

Pete Meets now occur all over the world. The most notable Pete Meet to date took place in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia) in the summer of 2006.

Through an online competition, finally won by 'ReetPePeteTheFinestPete', it was decided that the collective noun for a group of Peters was a Rockery. Therefore every Pete Meet since October 2006 has been referred to as such.

Press Coverage

The first major press coverage came in September 2005 when 'The Sun' released a story titled 'Mans bid to Pete record'. Articles in The Herald, London Lite, The Guardian (website of the week) and many more followed. Along with various appearances on TV and radio stations across the UK.


In 2006/2007 The Pete Collective sponsored a car taking part in the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge.

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