The Pact:Three young men make a promise and fulfill a dream (simply known as The Pact) is an American autobiography aimed at young adults written by The Three Doctors. It was published in May 23, 2002 and became their debut novel. It was a #1 New York Times non-fiction bestseller.

The Novel is about a group of three young adults living in a community of violence, ignorance, and failure. They go through their lives with racism of African-Americans. Ones that they prove to be correct as the days go by.

The three soon make a promise to each other that they will graduate from college and become doctors.They soon get accepted into Seton Hall University (a private Roman Catholic university in South Orange, New Jersey) through a scholarship program that paid for their courses.

The three of them get into trouble, have negative relationships with other races, and go through painful experiences. They often yield into mediocrity, incertitude, and trepidation. Though try very hard to avoid getting into trouble but they usually fail. They often felt like giving up. But after a while of thinking and talking to Carla Dickson-the school's college counselor, they decide to face the obstacle in more adequate ways.

After they graduate from college, Rameck Hunt and Sampson Davis attend medical school. George Jenkins, on the other hand, attends dental school.

At the end of the book, all three of them pass and earn their medical degrees at their schools.


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