The Pack (2012) is a horror novel by British author Billy Freeman. It is Freeman's debut novel [1].

Plot Summary

From the blurb;

"In the recession-hit town of Druridge-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, a paranoid recluse has unleashed a gruesome horror on his fellow residents.

Now, man's best friend has turned enemy, possessed by an insatiable hunger and an insane rage. The pack is growing, they're hungry, and they can smell your blood. In a single day of horror, the town will literally go to the dogs.

The destinies of a handful of ordinary people caught up in the events of that fateful day will collide in front of your eyes, and the shocking and tragic climax will stay with you long after the tale has ended.

THE PACK is Billy Freeman's debut novel, and is set in his native North East England."

Publication History

The Pack was published on 21st March 2012 in paperback and eBook using the Amazon Createspace and Amazon Kindle self-publishing platforms, with the paperback initially only available from American distributors via As of June 2012, the paperback edition was made available on European Amazon sites through the company's new Amazon Europe distribution option [2]


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