The Open Work Ethic (TOWE) is a practice that has been misrepresented by a few. It is not a new concept, having a base in traditional Native American culture, but its modern translation and use in the workplace does require a highly skilled manager with the correct mindset. In essence we see TOWE as a practice of a manager and the practice of the workplace. It is best understood by breaking the understanding down into three main parts.

1. Toleration of nothing that does not want to be part of the workplace in the usual sense. e.g. If a member of staff is there to make up the numbers and constantly at a juxtapose place in their mind to the work effort they must not be employed.

2. No section of the workforce should ever feel that their contribution is without value. Once in the workforce, the contributions are of equal value and collectively make for a complete success.

3. Only people who are qualified can do the qualified roles but all attempts are made for the qualified people to remember their place in the workplace and to see the value in the role of the other team members who do a task of equal importance.

This is a key structure for finding happiness in the workplace. It is also a way of seeing the world in a wonderful way and finding more in people than most believe there can be.

The Open Work Ethic in the character described above is relatively new. It shows a bold stroke for improving the workplace and I'm sure subsequent editors of this page will speak of its positive value.

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