The Nintendo and Sega channel®.Hosting New and Old shows since Setember 15th 2009.In June 2009(Sonic's 18th and Shadow's 8th Birthday)Nintendo Co.Ltd and Sega of America Annouced a new channel called the nintendo and sega channe®l.To show one clip of the new channel,they showed it on Nickeleodeon,Why?Becuase they start with the letter N. Cancellation Name __________________________________________ In April 2007.While Nintendo™ was working hard on Super Mario Galaxy,Sheigru Mymoto and Yuki Naja,General Prouducer of Mario and Programmer of Sonic,Really wanted to call it Videogame wacthers.But On April 28th 2008 while Mario Kart Wii was on sale,Club Nintendo and Sonic Team were pretty much the only companies with famous characters,But Sony has alot so soon they'll have change there channel name. List of Shows

Lego Mario Show=New And going to end in April 2014 Super Mario Bros.Super Show=Old and reruns The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3=Old and reruns Super Mario World(Mario's World)=Old and new episodes The Mario And Diego Show=New and Cancled Sonic's Life=New Sonic X=Old and Reruns Sonic Underground=Old,Got of of Disney XD,and shows reruns on T.N.A.S.C. The Adventures Of Sonic the hedgehog=Old and reruns Sonic the hedgehog=Old and reruns New Updates

Name Will soon be NintendoSegaandSonyChannel=2014 Sonic Show=March 2013 Mario's Life=Janurary 2013 The Little Big Planet=2014 Jak and Daxter's Adventures=2014 Rachet and Clank's Adventures=2015

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