The Mustn't Grumble is a relatively new American musical group from the Boston, Massachusetts area formed in 2004, by charter members guitarist Ben Vigoda, trumpeteer Shawn Hershey, and bassoonist Stephanie Holmes. With a constantly evolving cast of musicians, their music is rooted in improvisation and is strongly influenced by jam band music and gypsy jazz, a kind of swing pioneered by Django Reinhardt in Paris during the 1920s.

The Mustn't Grumble tends to play novel instruments that they have built themselves such as the "magneto-acoustic infinite-sustain gypsy jazz" guitar and the "sing-into-it digital trumpet." Also noteworthy are their incorporation of expository impromptu physics lectures, and the vintage hats that the members of the band often wear in concert.

Listening forms

The Mustn't Grumble invented and continues to experiment with a new approach to structured improvisation which they call Listening Forms. This approach to improvisation is related in spirit to the game pieces of John Zorn, and improvisational theater forms such as Viola Spolin's games for the theater and the Harold form invented by Del Close. Listening Forms begin from an understanding of the relationships of tension and release in the ensemble process, and provide a notation for what might happen in a "jam."

Former English band

'Mustn't Grumble' was also the name of a '70s rock band based in the UK comprising 'Animal' Stuart Hobbs on vocals, Bob Morledge lead guitar, 'Sparky' Ian Harrison keyboards, Lindsay Dalkes on drums, Chris 'Congas' Maidment on percussion & Don Larking on bass. Mustn't Grumble played mainly in Herts & Beds area but did once go on tour, playing original songs and covering bands such as Steely Dan etc. Once at a gig in Luton one fan said he thought the drummer and bass player were on a par with Lake & Palmer, he was obviously no music expert - but he went on to say that when Mustn't Grumble played at this particular venue it was like Luton Town FC playing at home - nice !

Unfortunately the Animal and Lindsay have since died. Animal died in the bath in the early '80s and Lindsay who used to own a music shop in Uxbridge died a couple of years ago. Lindsay was a great supporter of youth music so in his memory a charity has been formed to help young musicians, it is called the Lindsay Dawkes Fund for Musical Development. There is talk of Mustn't Grumble reforming for 1 gig only to help raise money for the charity and playing in memory of Lindsay & The Animal.

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